Arui Gi Join Form

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Arui Gi Join Form

Post by Guest on Tue Mar 16, 2010 3:57 am

Character's Name:
Arui Gi
Character's Race:
Alien(Space Pirate)
Character's Gender:
Character's Starting Job:
(Space Pirate)
Rogue Fighters - From mercenaries to hired muscle, these fighters are the typical problems for planets universally. These few usually have no
regard for what is right and wrong.
Rewards: 400 Zeni 10 Ki

Character's Starting Planet:

How did you find us?:
I used a basic information searching site...aka Google, it really does work wonders.

Sample RP, 200-300 words long (Can be a old RP):

It was dark and misty, the edge like blades of the moon's light flowing with a grimace smile. It seemed to be a honest day's work of pillaging but somehow it seemed different, something seemed wrong maybe it was the feel of the rush but she didn't even notice it was going to happen but it did. It was a sheer moment of time before a large blast of energy exploded in front of her, this was a fight she wasn't going to lose but she had doubts herself.

She had attempted to pillage a famed space pirate by a name she didn't care to remember or even care about, with her crew gone she was scared and full of fear.
"Tsk...this was a bad idea"she said to herself, knowing full way she was screwed the pirate was more then twice her power, she was lucky she had the speed advantage on him though it wouldn't help if she tired out. A sheer echo of pain screamed though her body like a banshee after it's target, the large brute had slammed his fist against her head and crushed her into the ground.

All she felt was a large amount of pain, her body almost going limp from just a single hit. The only thing going through her mind was the echo of herself calling herself a idiot, a idiot for attempting such a stupid thing. She then noticed a nearby group of trees and a plan shot into her mind, she had a chance to escape she just needed to plan it correctly. She rolled over onto her back, a pistol in one hand and in the other..a rifle. The plan was simple, hit him with everything she had and make a dash for the trees.

In a flash of blinding light, both the weapons had launched themselves towards the intended target and hit with a powerful cracking sound, maybe it was a bit to effective but little did she care. She quickly shot up and ran towards the trees, taking cover when she could to avoid the large volley of energy flying her way. It was but a moment of time, her sheer will to escape and the natural instinct to avoid death had given her some speed to further her escape and soon made it to the trees.

It grew silent after a while, but she wasn't to hasty to stick her head out and lose it. She wasn't going to just blindly look out and perhaps get caught in a trap that a more then brilliant pirate could have come up with, but then her focus returned and reminded her that the pirate she was dealing with had more then a few cards short of a deck and even more short of a box of bullets. Why should she be scared, the so called Legendary Pirate was a idiot and deserved no fame for intelligence or logic, he was just a pathetic and mindless brute who just wanted power.

She smiled to herself and with a smart grin she dashes out into the field that the battle had just been fought and lost at, it was silent nothing insight but a few dead bodies and broken weapons. This had turned into a small graveyard but not a single enemy insight, she had escaped and quite simply at that. She let out a small sigh and giggled to herself before yelling out into the field "Idiot" it might seem weird but it was her favorite word, something she called a fellow pirate as a joke and was usually taken out of content more then once in a conversation.

It didn't take long for her to turn her attention to more important matters, it was time to find her ship and she needed to do it quickly just encase the pirate came back for another round. "Let's see if I can remember where it is...."she said to herself, with a low tone her mind focused on the matter at hand and not so much on what could happen if she was attacked again. She then remembered the ship was east of her location and not that far, she had to hurry up and thus she turned and ran off towards the ship.

(717 Words)

Character's Biography (optional):
The history of this young pirate isn't as long as most would think, it only goes back a few years and it begins like this. The moment she turned 15 she had realized the dream of joining a pirate crew, ready for anything the world had and more then ready to fight. It was a simplistic dream she had since she was seven years old, her father was a pirate so she knew she was going to be one as well. She easily showed her skill to the captain, having knowledge about most things only a captain would know she quickly gained trust on the ship and power. The captain had grown to like her over the others because of her basic street smarts and eager fighting style, she'd cut a man down for just looking at her wrong. During the long years on the ship she had gained enough trust to become the navigator and eventually the co-captain, she had the same amount of rights as the captain of ship.

Soon at the age of 21, the ship was attacked and the captain killed as well as many of the crew members though they had won. Seeing as how she was the 2nd in command she instantly placed in the captains seat and shown to be a unstoppable force, in till the day she decided to leave the ship and gave command to a man named Bjako who was her 2nd in command. In till this day she has not been seen.

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Re: Arui Gi Join Form

Post by Buruma on Tue Mar 16, 2010 4:10 am

Don't approve her yet, this is her draft. She'll let us know when she's done.



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Re: Arui Gi Join Form

Post by Taku on Tue Mar 16, 2010 3:22 pm

Approved, she said she was done.


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Re: Arui Gi Join Form

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