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Razor join app

Post by Guest on Mon Mar 15, 2010 8:41 pm

Character's Name:Razor
Please include a image url for your character, if you do not have one.. you will have no picture for the database:
Character's Race:polarian
Character's Gender:male
Character's Starting Job:protector
Farmer - Farms the various planets and lives a rather peaceful life. They don't fight and take it easy most of the time. After four weeks of farming, a farmer will recieve a Bag of Senzu Beans.
Rewards: 400 Zenny, +10 Dexterity

Corporate Employment - A comfy office job, these employers range from scientists, to secretaries, to lawyers, to more white-collared living.
Rewards: 400 Zenny, +10 Intelligence

Erand Sprinter - Running back and forth, you are given multiple tasks that involve high speed running to complete.
Rewards: 400 Zeni, +10 Speed

Protector - Fighters that have come to respect life and sanctity, these fighters believe in upholding the laws and order. They are highly rewarded by the planet for their services.
Rewards: 400 Zeni, +10 Endurance

Rogue Fighters - From mercenaries to hired muscle, these fighters are the typical problems for planets universally. These few usually have no regard for what is right and wrong.
Rewards: +400 Zeni +10 Ki
Character's starting planet:earth (until polaris is approved if it even is)
How did you find us?:lance the retard
Sample RP, 200-300 words long (Can be a old RP):Lance is kind when not in battle, but when he enters battle he goes completely berserk. Even though he is kind he hceas a hidden lust for power.The reason behind this hidden lust for power is he was always pushed around. When Lance is around girls he blabbers a lot of unessery things. Lance doesn't do anything else really.As a human he enjoyed playing basketball, but that doesn't matter now that he is a hollow.

Role-play Sample:
Sand blew into Lances eyes as he walked through the desert.Lance rubbed his eyes constantly thinking that the sand would never stop blowing in his eyes.Suddenly the wind stop blowing sand into Lance's eyes.Thats when something caught Lance's eyes.Lance started to walk towards the object.The closer he got to the object the more it looked like a person.Lance started walking closer and closer to the object.Finally Lance got close enough to confirm that the object was a person.The stranger looked at Lance and unsheathed a zanpakuto. Lance smirked knowing the person didnt come to talk.Lance then took off a large shuriken off his back.This large shuriken was his zanpakuto. Lance threw the large shuriken at his opponent. The person deflected the large shuriken back a Lance.Lance caught the large weapon in the metal ring.Lance then charged at his oppon with the weopon at his side.The person charged at Lance with their zanpakuto which was a katana.Lance slashed at his foe, but the opponent easily side stepped the attacked and slashed lance's back making a large gash.

"you can do better than that huh," said the opponent.

Lance nodded his head representing he could do much better.Thats when lance realized his opponent was a woman.Lance was shocked he had been out done by a woman.This was impossible lance had to do much better now.If he didn't he'd be a laughing stock.Lance's oppenent stood there looking at him as his spiritual pressure increased his mask expanded into a full foxes face, his arms,legs,feet,and fingernails turned into white bone like structures.Lance raced at his opponent with amazing speed his bone like arms and bone like claws lagging behind him.His oppenent charged back at him just as fast.Then lance slashed at his opponent with his right claw and stabbed at his opponents stomache his left. The opponent easily blocked the slash with his zanpakuto, but when he went to grab lances his other hand so she wouldnt get stabbed it was too late.Lance had successfully stabbed the opponent this fill him with joy.


The flashed stepped about 5 feet away from lance.Then the woman sprinted away from Lance.Lance looked at her as she ran away.The woman soon fell to the ground as a really bad sand storm occured.The storm didnt last very long,but when it was over the womans body was no where to be found.Lance wondered if she got up and flashed stepped away or was buried alive.This question rattled through lances head until he got back to the castle.
Character's Biography (optional):


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Re: Razor join app

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^ That's your wiki page, you should know what I would usually say here, lol.


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