Tapion Form (Switch)

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Tapion Form (Switch)

Post by Tapion on Sun Mar 14, 2010 5:02 pm

Character name: Tapion
Character age: 18
Character race: Alien (Konatsian)
Character starting job: Errand Sprinter
Starting planet: Earth
How did you find us: On the site already
Why do you want this character, and why do you think you deserve him/her? Okay, so this is my first switch, I apologize. The problem is I have never really rped a good character, and I am on other rpgs, but I am always evil. I am just losing that evil rp edge and want to try to rp good. Tapion is one of my favorite swordsmen good characters, and I think I could rp him pretty well and interact with some people.

Role-play Example: 200-300 words long. (Can be a old RP)

“Brother, please settle down,” a pointy eared alien stood tall next to his fidgety brother, both suppose to be at attention. All around them hundreds more pointy eared aliens stood with the same posture. Tapion and his brother though stood out from the rest. Their hair was long and spiked up, like a Mohawk. They also each had red hair. Most Konatsians have black hair, and being born with red hair was a gift from god, and meant you where destined for greatness. Tapion and his brother where the first two of their race in the last millennium to be born with such features; yet to have two in the same family was something even more epic.

In front of the crowd of people a tall and muscular built alien towered above them, the King of their planet. “I come to address you all! As you know we have been attacked b—“Tapion flinched, his keen eyes had picked up something strange, and the King seemed to have stopped his speech. What is going on? No one else seemed to have noticed, but as the King fell to his knees, and blood erupted from his mouth as he fell unconscious, they began to panic. Tapion instinctively grabbed the hilt of his sword that hung horizontally around the back of his waist and glanced to his brother.

“Run Minotia!” Tapion pulled the blade from its sheath and leapt into the air just as a massive explosion sent the ground below him into utter chaos, massive earthquakes shook the entire city. Mother, Father! He rose into the air to see that half the city was in flames, and in the center of the flames a massive monster towered over the city wreaking havoc.

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Re: Tapion Form (Switch)

Post by Buruma on Sun Mar 14, 2010 8:31 pm

Accepted, but you already knew that.



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