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Post by Gohan on Fri May 07, 2010 7:47 am

Character name: Son Gohan

Character age: 22

Character race: Saiya-jin/Human hybrid

Character starting job:

Erand Sprinter - Running back and forth, you are given multiple tasks that involve high speed running to complete.
Rewards: 400 Zeni, +10 Speed

Starting planet: Earth-=sei

How did you find us: Boom-box blasted my ears down.

Why do you want this character, and why do you think you deserve him/her? I have Rped as Gohan before on a previous RPG and found the experiance to be highly enjoyable. I’m also an experianced Rper and have been told a few times that my twist on charecters has been found enjoyable to a high level.

Role-play Example: 200-300 words long. (Can be a old RP)


As soon as the air strip was taken, Gohan had to let out a massive curse. The word rang aroudn the main hall in stero as his copies quickly ran for him, giving the hybrid little, to no real warning, that they where coming back.

His body was flung agasint the wall he was pressed against, letting out a shocked gasp of energy as the power returned to him from his copies as each one entered in to him.

Sinking to the floor, he let out a steady breath as he looked to the one remaining copie that was taking the same postion to him, it was still as weak as when he was originally made, a ninth of the hybrids power.

"Guess we're fucked huh?" It spoke to him, and looked to the floor, it was candescent, light shimmering off dust partical's and off of the blood stained floor. The rubble piles offered plenty of cover if he needed to move. But the hole in the floor and side of the wall wouldn't make things simple on them if they did.

"Guess so.." The real version spoke, sighing softly as static enlaced over his flesh as his power stablized. Runnign a hand slowly though his hair, the hybrid looked at the guns that now lay around him. If some one walked in now, it'd be like he was a massive hunter, never going any where with more then a single gun by his side.

It was strange, considering the creature of darkness that lay inside both of them, the Oozaru transformation should have been something the darker side of Gohan would have loved to unleash, an easy way to cause mass chaos and destruction. Yet it didn't, and that troubled Gohan slightly.

"Why?" The single word was carried over the light charged particales, and made the duplicate look to him.

"Why? Because that damned hairy form is nothing to what we truely have at our disposal ass hole." It's voice was far from nice, and wouldn't say anything that could come close to a compliment of joy.

"True. But a chance to cascade sheer chaos and death on people, you'd love it." The hybrid smirked slightly before pressing his head back agasint the wall he rested agasint.

"Aye, but what's the point if you ain't got the power beyound your fists?" This time it's voice was slightly muffled, like somethign was obscuring it's words. For once, and perhaps the only real time, Gohan looked to him willingly. A ciggertte protrouded from it's lips, a click of his fingers, causing a static spark of energy to burst like a flame agasint the tip.

"You trying to kill us early on in life?" The hybrid spoke with a slight smirk, it was the only real chance the darkness had had a chance to dominate overh is body in a period that didn't involve much more then for a fight.

"Nah, passing the time." It took a deep breath from the ciggertte, held back a soft choke as the cancer instigating smoke filled his lungs, and then let it out slowly in a hushed breath.

"True.." The hybrid stared at it slightly, he'd always thought maybe having a smoke in your lips would make you seem slightly cooler, and so he reached over, the clone smirked and then passed him the stick, and let him take a drag. After taking in a breath, he allowed him self to choke slightly, plumes of smoke puffing out of his lips. "Christ that's strong." He passed it back over to the clone and sighed once more.

Things where gonna be slow for now.


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Re: Gohho's Profile

Post by Taku on Fri May 07, 2010 8:03 am

Looks fair enough in my book. Approved.


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Re: Gohho's Profile

Post by Krillin on Mon May 10, 2010 8:48 pm


^ Here's your wiki page, plase read http://ultimatepride.wetpaint.com/ for future information on the wiki system.


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Re: Gohho's Profile

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