Weekly Winners & Saga

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Weekly Winners & Saga

Post by Krillin on Mon Apr 05, 2010 12:31 am

All-right, we haven't done one of these since moving to the new forum, and now that we've moved back, I'm going to just put the weekly winners for the last 3 weeks so people can go ahead and claim their rewards, in case they forgot.

Week 5 [from the other forum]
Member of the Week: Yamcha
Topic of the Week: Jyuuk’s Island by Jyuuk
Top Fighter of the Week:
Taku with a power level of 3,235

Week 6 [from last week]
Member of the Week: Krillin
Topic of the week: Peach
Top Fighter of the Week:
Taku with a power level of 3,395

Week 7 [for this week]
Member of the Week: Vixen
Topic of the week: Starfire
Top Fighter of the Week:
Killswitch with a power level of 5,285

Congratulations to the winners, you will receive:
+5 SP, +2 MP, +300 zeni for your update!

Saga The saga officially starts now so people involved, RPing their own characters and or NPCs, get active and posting!

Partner Moves: For those who have some PP, you can finally use them!. Some partner moves have been put up, please check the bottom of the Moves/Techniques page. Big thanks to Vixen for suggesting them!


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