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Weekly Awards

Post by Buruma on Sat Apr 17, 2010 1:06 am

Weekly member and Weekly RP for this next week is up. You can include it in your update for April 25th.

Congratulations to Killswitch and Usagi.

We are no longer doing voting for member of the week (formly member of the month). The voting was a popularity contest and every member deserves to be featured no matter how good or bad they are at roleplaying. We will honor the most active Roleplayers of the week who have given a lot to the community regardless of their roleplay skills.

As for roleplay of the week. Every week you guys will post roleplays. The mods and creative staff read them or at least know what's going on. The staff then will decide who encouraged the most player interaction and provided us with a entertaining idea or story.

Those who win these honors weekly will get a special stat bonus. +5 SP, +2 MP, +300 extra Zeni. - To be included in your next update.

Remember you get stats if you refer a member and they stay active for a week. We are not a competing DBZ site..this site is simply a place for friends to roleplay at without having to follow strict rules and being able to be mature. This is not a kiddy site so be sure to remind your friends of that fact.

Happy Early Birthday Tapion, please remember to claim your birthday present on the 25th update as well. If you get active.

When the forums tell the admin it's your birthday you get a present for that week!
You can either have 1,000 Zeni
Or +5 SP and +2 MP

The strongest list will be updated monday or tuesday.

Thank you for your continued support.



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