Baki discovers the internet.

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Baki discovers the internet.

well...roshi had just installed wi fi in his house and i saw him use this for a couple days before i realized they call it is a finger work out machine. i guess this is a new workout machine, master roshi is such a wise old master. someday i wanna be just like HIMM!!!

anyways when i turned it on i noticed alot of little pictures on his files and when i accidenlty clicked on them i saw pictures of things chi chi and bulma were doing to roshi.... i'll skip that

anyways i click this little E button on the desk bar thinggy and whatever i type it pops up. I typed "super extreme hardcore workout" and when i started wacthing this video it was on a website called...Rawtube... where it shows a bunch of guys and girls working out toghter. I was like WOW! i mean i never knew some of these existed. I rember a few postions from high school wrestling but when these people wrestle they do it naked like the greeks and romans did. They forgot to rub olive oil on themselves though. Anyways wheni start wacthing these videos Roshi wacthes them with me grinning like a wildman. I think he likes ths type of training, I asked him if he could teach me the basics of the people on the screen and he asked me if i was gay. What is gay? is it a fruit? anyways...

he says i have to do that with a female so any females out there need a workout i'm always willing. I just wonder what the word "Cum" is. I think it's a technique guys use. It looks like a kamehameha but it shoots out the weiner instead, and it's white.

anyways Anyone need a special workout budy let me know. ^^

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Baki discovers the internet. :: Comments


Post on Mon Apr 05, 2010 4:13 pm by Baki

hey! i forgot all about this blog, i was too busy training and such. Anyways...Roshi bailed on training me agian today but decided to take me and Destiny out shopping. Afterward, we went to eat. I was hungry and Roshi was smart enough this time to get us the all you can eat special. I got at least twenty full plates for the appetizers but by that time the store ran out of food and Roshi said he "Saved a fortune..."

I just found out there are games on the computers! my personal faviote right now are 1st person shooter to test my reflexes. Even now just TYPING increases my speed and thought processing. look at this...1...2...1..2...1....2..1..2

pretty intense training huh? i am sayin evey word i type for some reason and Roshi stares at me. I think he waits until im asleep to do some midnight training on the computer. Cause when he does get on he always goes to the same naked excersise sites and wacthes the woman work out in front of the camera. I thin he is looking for a weakness in all their stances. I found at least three so far. :3

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