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They Said It.

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     Global announcement:
    As you older members know I am currently on bedrest due to my pregnancy. I only have 5 more weeks to go (thank God).. but in my place my husband has been plotting. Soon you will see some drastic changes to the system. Some you may like and some you may not. Our focus in these changes is to allow players to have more creative freedom without the burden of stats.. while maintaining our mature rating.

    We will also most likely be doing a canon restart... since a lot of the canons we had are currently inactive.

    Be patient my friends.. it's coming. =)

    by Buruma - Comments: 12 - Views: 676
  • 20100405
    Blog 2

    Ahhhh geeze what can I say...I'm mad as hell and I'm gonna take it anymore!
    I knew going to see her family was a bad idea. I should've voiced my opinion! And now my Vixie is dead. Killed by some big white haired suma bitch that claim to be our son from the future. Here me thinkin, any kid of Vixen and I's is gonna look like us but this little freak of nature looks like a saiyan robot type thingy. Reminds me of those damned Electrodes back home....Oh what I would pay to wipe out their entire race myself. Now I'm left with AI cause the other one ran off with that White haired...

    by Taku - Comments: 0 - Views: 110
  • 20100402
    well...roshi had just installed wi fi in his house and i saw him use this for a couple days before i realized they call it is a finger work out machine. i guess this is a new workout machine, master roshi is such a wise old master. someday i wanna be just like HIMM!!!

    anyways when i turned it on i noticed alot of little pictures on his files and when i accidenlty clicked on them i saw pictures of things chi chi and bulma were doing to roshi.... i'll skip that

    anyways i click this little E button on the desk bar thinggy and whatever i type it pops up....

    by Baki - Comments: 1 - Views: 115
  • 20100402
    Sex. sex sex sex sex seeeexxxxx.

    Puar i'm going to rip her small little floating self into next week.
    All she does is float around and turn into her naked form! And then suck Taku's dick??!?!?

    ARGH! This smell is going to drive me batty. I swear, If i go into heat because of this I'm going to go rape someone..

    [eyes twitching]

    jane..Jane..I dont have any words for that slutball. She's a fucktard who doesn't know left from right.

    And as for Vixen! Vixennnn you can do so much...

    by Anika - Comments: 1 - Views: 128
  • 20100402
    Day 1

    Ok...I've got like about an hour before Sluty Mc Slut Slut and her gang notice I posted a video of them on the internet..

    Ok so yeah let me run you through my day cause you all know it was perfect as usual <3

    First when i woke up i got serve breakfast in bed by the broken robot aah don't you just love the mentally retarded easy to control

    Taku was bitching as usual ugh sometimes i wonder how Sluty ever got with him...wait what am I saying we ALL know how she got with him <3

    Jane was well...Jane..shes been so nice...

    by Vixen - Comments: 5 - Views: 151
  • 20100401
    Day 1 Blog 1

    Welp...Today in the house absolutely sucked. Not only is Vixen on her period but also Jane and Puar. And you can already guess the hell I'm going through. And Anika gone on a full blown rampage with drankin all my damn apple juice.

    They do it to spite me I tell ya...And those damn little robots.....If only they had "Asses" I'd be breaking my foot off in them.

    (Something breaks in the background.)

    Ahhh god dammit....Here we go again.....

    (Taku yells out to Bot and AI threating to whoop their metal asses.)


    by Taku - Comments: 2 - Views: 119
  • 20100401
    Thread used to talk about my day-to-day thoughts
    Hey Guys!

    Ok, wow. Heh, the internet world. Who would've thought there was actually a world like this beyond the one we live in right? People getting on these fancy computer boxes and pounding away at these little square buttons with the letters on them and believe me, I have to tap these keys veeery lightly so I wont end up breaking Gohan's black button board.

    Gohan is actually the one teaching me how to do this world wide web stuff and MAN! It sure is complicated. Lots of pictures and words - Some that are big words and I have to ask Gohan what they mean. He's very smart...

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