Patch 1.0 is now LIVE.

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Patch 1.0 is now LIVE.

Post by Buruma on Sat Mar 06, 2010 8:35 pm

The Patch is live for the most part. I think I'm officially going nuts.

Concerning Masters:

  • Masters have changed a lot. They are now used more like items than something complicated.
  • Once you reach the required prereqs and the power level requirement you can train with a master.
  • The master will give you weekly training bonuses. No more personal RPs for the master, simply be active with normal personal rps and/or missions on the forums.
  • Some masters teach certain moves that you're unable to learn otherwise.
  • Some masters cut the MP cost of learning a certain move by nearly half if you're training under them.

Concerning Moves:

  • Moves are now much more clear.
  • Added over 30 new moves.
  • Move Points are now easier to get.

Concerning Stats:

  • You can now save 20 SP for 1 MP, For every 20SP => 1 MP
  • Added a Solo Training option.

Concerning anything else:

  • Take a moment to look over the Stat information page found on the right hand navigation menu. You are now able to see how exactly you can gain stats on the forums.
  • New Forum layout - Done last week.

There's many options.

Other than those major revamps the site content forum is gone. All of the site content has now been condensed onto the side menu. (minus the stores because forumotion wanted to be a bitch).

Also if you've been unable to edit your wiki please let me know via PM. I reset the settings so I have to manually change your permissions. Sorry about that. Thanks for letting me know Frieza.



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