Layout + Upcoming Patch

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Layout + Upcoming Patch

Post by Buruma on Wed Mar 03, 2010 6:39 pm

New layout, it's not so generic.. and since some people wonder why I decided on Frieza and Vegeta for the banner allow me to explain.

1. Frieza won the best bad guy of DBZ on our poll.
2. Think about it! Frieza destroyed Vegeta's entire race (almost). You know.. the race that brags about pride and being warriors?
3. And Vegeta always whined about getting revenge and how powerful Frieza was etc.

And yes there's blood on the banner.

So everyone remember.. when you face the impossible never forget your pride and never run from a fight.

Now unto some actual news!
Welcome new members to the site, we're glad to have you.

I will be coming out with a patch of sorts soon to try to explain the missions vs. personal roleplays more clear. There are a lot of things on the site that are confusing new members and it's hard to explain things the way they are written. If you have any things you want to have cleared up on the site please post them here so I can look everything over and try to clear things up and maybe organize things better.

Remember to vote for us on the topsites!

That's all for now,
<3 Bra



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