Princess Chichi

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Princess Chichi

Post by Guest on Sun Feb 28, 2010 8:32 pm

Character name: Princess Chichi
Character age: 25
Character race: Human
Starting planet: Earth
How did you find us: Taku showed my boyfriend the forum and then he showed me.
I’ve been a big fan of Chichi since I was a little girl. Many people say I look like her as well. She has a strong personality and is not afraid to show her feelings. I’m more interested in her fighting capabilities in dragon ball than her marriage to Goku. I’m sure she would have been a great Z fighter if given the opportunity. Her history is also an unknown, which puts more depth into the character. In journey to the west, her character equivalent, has powers and was strong. I just know everything about Chichi and I’d be honored if I could role play her and revolutionize her personna.


Role-play Example: 200-300 words long. (Can be a old RP)

Chichi had remained her defensive stance, and she listened to everything 18 had to say. 18 could hear her begin to laugh because she found it humorous. Her defensive stance should have been familiar to 18 because Goku had done it many times before. She kept a smile on her face because 18 had threatened to kill her. "Well, that is it I don't kill you first." She said with a calm tone in her voice.

She realized that 18 was only trying to intimidate her, but it was not working. In fact, she was not nervous at all. 18 would not kill her if she had found out who she really was. The breeze from the cars blowing by blew her hair. It made her feel calm and at ease. Any second now, 18 would attack her head on. She was prepared for anything 18 would throw at her. She had to be because 18 was a master at martial arts herself. SHe was like a street fighter, but with class. That is what impressed her the most about 18.

It was then that she heard 18 speak about how she had figured out her secret identity. A smirk had appeared behind her maask once again. "Are you so sure about that? I'm not. I never knew blondies were that smart." Just as she had said that 18 rushed at her with a violent speed. She sped backwards herself, to give herself some leeway between her and 18. 18 began throwing rapid punches at her, she used the palm of her hands, elbows, forearms, and knees to block several of her punches. However, she was not perfect. Some of 18's rapid punches were able to sneak in and hit her in vunlerable spots.

Even when she was hit by some of 18's punches she was able to shake off the pain and continue going. She too decided it would be smart to counter 18's punches with a few kicks of her own. She attempted to throw off 18's attack by sending a few counter fists into 18's. When their fists slammed together ,they created powerful shockwaves that sent a few civilians flying back. This made her somewhat laugh. "18 you are so bad!" She said with a playful tone.

A few spectators were watching the whole thing. "The..they are aliiiiieeeens. the POLICE!" Some people took out their cell phones and began calling the police for assistance.

Suddenly, 18 had jumped back. No longer was 18 trying to do any combination attacks, instead, she had begun firing pink ki blasts. The first several ki blasts that came at her surprised her. She began to fade side to side, she even had to do several spins and kartwheels to dodge 5 of them. The next few had hit her, making her feel a burning sensation. She shook it off, and waited for the last 2 ki blasts t ocome at her. "18 check this out."

Seeing the last 2 ki blasts come at her, she did a no handed kartwheel straight in between them. They barely missed her, but it was an agile manuever that left many people in awe and wonder. Her eyes had lost sight of 18 from doing her no handed kartwheel. This was bad because she could not sense 18's life force.

Her black orbed eyes looked side to side until she had felt 18 reappear behind her. By the time she felt it, it was too late. 18 had taken ahold of her, and now she was unable to move. 18 had threatened to take off her mask, but she was not phased by it all because to her surprise, 18 hadn't taken it off. This was to her advantage. She was released from 18's grip and was now let free to attack.

"You should have taken off my mask when you had the chance. I won't let you get that close agian." With that said, she jumped off the sidewalk and landed on a truck that was speeding by. While she was on the speeding truck, she sent 4 purple ki blasts straight at 18 so she would follow her. If 18 would follow her, she then sped at 18 who had landed on the truck. When she reached 18, she did a flexible handstand. Her legs wrapped around 18's neck, and then with one quick flip motion, she attempted to send 18 into the top part of the truck. It was metal, so it would hurt if the attack was successful.


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Re: Princess Chichi

Post by Taku on Sun Feb 28, 2010 8:35 pm

Awesomely done. Welcome aboard.

Either Krillin or Bra will create your wiki page.

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Re: Princess Chichi

Post by Buruma on Mon Mar 01, 2010 9:43 am


You've been added to the Wiki
Is your personal page. Feel free to change the image as it's simply set there by default.
Apply to be a writer, go to...
Character Profiles ---> Humans ---> Chi Chi

Do your weekly updates on Sundays for the updaters and you should be able to update by Mondays.

If you have any questions you can ask us in CBox or on the question forum etc.



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Re: Princess Chichi

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