Joining as ChiChi

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Joining as ChiChi

Post by Guest on Fri Apr 16, 2010 3:38 pm


Character age:
Character race: Human
Character starting job:
- Farms the various planets and lives a rather peaceful life. They
don't fight and take it easy most of the time. After four weeks of
farming, a farmer will receive a Bag of Senzu Beans.
Rewards: 400 Zenny, +10 Dexterity

Starting planet: Earth
How did you find us: I'm old 18 aka old Bulma from UP XD
Why do you want this character, and why do you think you deserve him/her?
I have always loved the character Chi-Chi and I find her to be highly underrated in every aspect, as no one ever seems to chose her to roleplay. I hope to bring some elements and elaboration to this character that the series never went into detail about. I look forward to roleplaying Chi-Chi, as I see her a very important character within the world of Dragonball and I know I'll have fun being her as well!

Role-play Example:

The sun shined through an open window within the
dome-like forest home, beaming down upon the woman as she hummed softly, amongst
the clicking and clacking of pots and pans within the kitchen.

Within the hand of the dark-eyed woman grasped a large wooden spoon. As one of
her arms worked itself within circular motions, stirring a large pot of white
rice, the other hung to her side casually.

Letting out a small gasping sigh her fingers released the cooking utensil,
leaving it to drop loosely into the steaming bowl. “Ah… There is nothing like a
nice meal with the family! I really hope this will be enough for dinner… I
swear those boys are like bottomless pits!”

The toned arm of the female then reached over to the other side of the counter
for the two large, purple oven mitts. Placing one upon each of her small hands,
the lovely housewife made her way towards the oven.

The fine aroma of marinated tyrannosaurus tail emitted throughout the kitchen.
She could see that her roast was just about ready, as she crouched down peeking
inside the red-hot oven. The dark-haired female was sure that at any moment now
her son and husband would be storming into the kitchen, demanding for their
hungry stomachs to be fed.

Opening up the blazing oven carefully, she began to reach her gloved hands
within, pulling out the juicy meat which she worked all day to prepare. Chi-Chi
strongly prided herself within her cooking.

“Goku! Gohan! Dinner is ready!” She yelled out, wondering why they had not been
seated at the table yet grasping onto their forks and knives. Rolling her eyes
to the side, she let out another sigh once more, placing the roast carefully
upon the kitchen counter.

“Goku! Gohan! I said dinner is ready!...” She stood there with her eyebrow
raised. “What could be taking them so long….” She wondered to herself. Throwing
the lilac mitts off from her hands and beside the pot of rice, Chi-Chi carefully
removed her apron then brushed off the skirt of her lavender cheongsam dress.

Peach-colored boots began to tread within the direction of her son’s bedroom,
as she was sure that was the last place where he and her husband were seen.
Placing her hand gently upon the doorknob she turned it, opening it. “Goku!
Goha-!” Her eyes widened…

Toned arms crossed over the mother’s chest as she let out a small growl. The
room was empty, amongst the open schoolbooks scattered throughout the young boy’s
desk. Chi-Chi’s quick wit then swiftly noticed the opened window, the wind
blowing against its curtains. “Oh no they did not!”


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Re: Joining as ChiChi

Post by Taku on Fri Apr 16, 2010 4:04 pm

Approved. Now dun go givin everyone hell....Ahhh what the hell Welcome Back and have fun


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Re: Joining as ChiChi

Post by Buruma on Fri Apr 16, 2010 10:32 pm

You know the drill, welcome back.



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Re: Joining as ChiChi

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