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Post by Warpbolt on Mon Jun 14, 2010 12:30 pm

Character's Name: Karash
Please include a image url for your character, if you do not have one.. you will have no picture for the database: http://www.nautiljon.com/images/perso/miniatures/Ghost_in_the_Shell_Stand_Alone_Complex_2nd_GIG/saito.jpg
Character's Race: Android
Character's Gender: Male
Character's Starting Job: Rogue Fighter
starting planet: Earth
How did you find us?: Zeron invited me
Sample RP, 200-300 words - To many the darkened sky blocked out the few hidey holes that were left on the now barren wasteland. To Creed however the last glimpses of moon light was enough to show off what was left of his work. Buildings big and old laying idle as dust settled on what was left of years of work. It was a good feeling to him to have such a power and to use it in such a manner was nothing short of ecstasy. For him the many defenders lying dead or dying was nothing just weaklings unfit to face him in the forever changing lines of warfare. All he knew was war but nothing was to prepare him for what was coming.
"Hey" came a whisper from the shadows causing Creed to turn in fright, he could see perfectly and nothing was there.
"Hey ya stupid" rang the sound again causing the man to shift around again in panic, was he going mad?
"Didn't ya hear me stupid."
"Who are you?" Creed yelled at nothing in particular the shadows of the surrounding buildings seemed to close in on the bulked out warrior making him feel claustrophobic despite the moonlit setting.
"Nothing special... but then again nothing normal." came the voice again this time followed by a fist knocking the warriors head, jolting him forward his, right temples ringing. He yelled with anger as his vision blurred he hadn't escaped his testing lab to be beaten by shadows.
"Though I suppose you can call me Karash." it was then Creeds body failed him his knees collapsing as a second massive blow hit his skull forcing the fighters eyes to first lessen then eclipse as the shape of a young man's boot slammed into view.
Character's Biography (optional):


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Re: Karash

Post by Taku on Mon Jun 14, 2010 12:44 pm

Looks pretty good to me, Approved, welcome aboard Karash, now why don't you do us a favor and change your name to match your character. Other than that, you are free to RP on your selected Planet and do the missions there.


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Character Information
Character Name: Taku
Character Location: Earth
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