My book Chitso Samake

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My book Chitso Samake

Post by Guest on Fri May 14, 2010 1:22 pm

Hallo I'm a recent publisher, who possess the recent release of Chitso Samake. Sorry no blurp or description of it exists of now, but at best it's about.

"Chitso Samake is a water elemental, who lives in a world where other people can also control a vary of different elements (Even if they aren't actually elements). Four years ago he was accidently cursed by his lover, Kiwizoe. He has a chance to remove the curse and amend the mistake and so he sets out on his quest to make everything right again. However, he is one of the only people to have survived the curse, which makes him valuable and before long poachers, bounty hunters and all sorts begin to hunt him, driven by their lust for money and power. It is a question if Chitso Samake will survive and succeed in his goal?"

I know I know practically none of you here and you probably all hate me, want to call me names and oh rip by gut out, but before you do could you please help me with the dream of becoming a successful author by purchasing and very mostly reading one of my books if you could, it would mean so very much.

The book can be obtained here:


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