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Æsir Star RPG

Post by Crosshea on Thu Apr 08, 2010 12:25 am

Hello everyone my name is Crossheart, owner and founder of Æsir Star RPG. I'd like for you all to take just a moment and think to yourself...."What if I could do just about anything I wanted, what if I don't want to be the good guy? What if I want to use a gun?" That line of thought often crossed my mind when playing a myriad of RPG both professionally and armature made. But you CAN! Æsir Star RPG was founded on the idea of player freedom in every facet imaginable, from the way you incur stats, how you handle said stats, and most everything else a player can imagine.

Here is the message the greets you on the ASR homepage.

Æsir Star RPG is a multi-dimensional where you can roleplay as any character you desire, all in a
detailed, in-depth universe with infinite options. Take your character
to the ends of the worlds while slaying all in your path, or relax and
kick back a few ales in a pub with your friends surrounding you. The
choice is yours -- and the interactions are endless!

To help Summerize the vast wealth of information available at Aesirstar.com we have listed some of the finer points of ASR:

  • 10 playable races
  • 8 playable classlines (24 specific classes) each with unique techniques not found anywhere else.
  • Primary and secondary class systems for mixing and matching skills.
  • 15+ customizable weapon types to suit your character.
  • 13 playable sidejobs with varying bonuses (EX: Creating weapons or pharmaceuticals).
  • A dynamic and expanding economy built to thrive around players in 3 key ways.
  • A vast and expansive universe including 5 separate 'systems', 20+ planets with specific locations in themselves.
  • '6 base stats, 2 pool stats, 1 over all measure of power' statistics allow the players to determine exactly how they want to play.
  • Varying battle types: NPC v. Player, Player v. Player, Party v. Party, Player v. Ship, Ship v. Ship and much more A
  • Helpful staff, filled with devoted writers, including working authors
    Chad Rhoads and Brian Barbour.
Feel free to join us at your leisure, and remember have FUN!


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Re: Æsir Star RPG

Post by Taku on Thu Apr 08, 2010 12:37 am

Eh...Your already an Affiliate.


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