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Asking a question

Post by Buruma on Sat Apr 03, 2010 11:30 pm

Note: This site is rated M. We're not here to babysit you. Be mature guys, don't take everything so serious. IF you can't handle the mature rating Get the Fuck out. =) Somewhere while I've been gone.. people have been forming clicks and alienating others. Not acceptable.

Concerning asking staff questions,

Sometimes people don't always know the answer to the question. Our staff members vary on their knowledge in different subjects.. one might not know what the other knows. If you have a question when you're joining please ask in Cbox.. we welcome all guests and interested future members to ask us questions about the joining application.

However, members...

Please from now on direct your questions to the question forum if you have them, one is fine.. but if you've got a whole list please direct them to the suggestion/question forum... That way if one staff member doesn't know the answer another one can answer it.

Staff, if you cannot handle answering member's questions please let me know and I will remove you from your responsibilities. This is a warning to you as well. The handling of things like this while I'm away is disappointing. Take my suggestion wisely.

Members -- WE are Rpers too.. remember that. We might not always be in the mood to answer 1,000 ?'s in Cbox because we've had a long day or we're busy writing our own missions. However I promise you if you post on the questions forum and the other staff do not get back to you right away... I will as soon as I am able to get on. (I'm on bedrest 90% of the time)

From now on Goku will be informing me of Everything. So have fun, but remember I'm still watching you. =D



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