Concerning the new forums...

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Concerning the new forums...

Post by Buruma on Sat Jun 19, 2010 8:04 am

You are allowed to transfer over. There is no system in place yet for personal rp awards, but I understand the anticipation and boredom of waiting more than you know. So go ahead, get your mojo going. Start your new stories and get to know each other. We are however not open for new members just yet so hold off on advertising. I should have site 99% done by MONDAY and I'll let you know when to go forth and spread the word. Right now I'm still hammering out the moves/missions sections.

I have completed a lot of stuff. Goten is going to be doing the Battle system.. which is the most vital part of the new system. So give him a little time to do that. The main site will hopefully be descriptive enough to explain everything. =) If you're a returning old member and want a canon...

Videl and Gohan are the only canons taken at this time. <--new forums



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