Vance's Test

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Vance's Test

Post by Vixen on Sun Jun 06, 2010 1:26 pm

Quest Name:Vance's Test.
Quest Powerlevel requirement:Any (Must of
completed Elite Creatures)
Quest Difficulty: Legendary
Quest Planet:Polaris
Required Alignment: Any
Quest rewards: 5000 Words - 1000 Zeni +5sp +50 all Stats + 2mp +4PP + God's Core (if not Polarian) + Ruby State (if Polarian. It is the Polarian Transformation in which the Polarian's PL doubles for 4 turns as well as their Core turning bright red and giving off a Crimson aura. They also gain the ablity to eat ki blasts to regain fatique during the period)
Quest Information: After battling the Five Elite Creatures you are teleported to an unknown arena were Vance The Polarian God is standing before you. He offers you a deal if you can defeat the Four strongest of his creations he will offer you a gift beyond your imagination. You accept and he summons for Warriors each having perfected a specific stat. Pyro who is rumored to have 5000 in his Ki stat alone Hydro who is rumored to have 5000 in her Intellegence stat alone Geo who is rumored to have 5000 in his Endurance stat alone and Aero who is rumored to have 5000 in her Speed stat alone. Before Vance leaves he give another condition. You will have to fight each on of them. At The same Time.


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