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Post by Vixen on Sun Jun 06, 2010 12:51 pm

Quest Name:Creature Wars
Quest Powerlevel requirement:Any (Must of Completed Creature Battles and have at least two ruby creatures or 1 ruby creature and 1 sapphire creature)
Quest Difficulty: Hard
Quest Planet:Namek
Required Alignment: Any
rewards: 3000 Words - 600 Zeni + 4sp + 30 all stats +2PP OR 1 Demi Core + 1 Sapphire Training Room
Information: A month after you fierce battle against those polarians who had creature pets in that Creature Battle game you receive yet another invitation however this one is inviting you to Creature Wars in which three competitors team up and compete against other groups of three to claim a fabulous prize. Seeing this as a way to make quick money you set off.

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