Joining as - Sirach Keem

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Joining as - Sirach Keem

Post by Sirach on Fri Jun 04, 2010 4:38 pm

Character's Name: Sirach Keem
Please include a image url for your character, if you do not have one.. you will have no picture for the database:

Character's Race: Android
Character's Gender: Male

Erand Sprinter - Running back and forth, you are given multiple tasks that involve high speed running to complete.
Rewards: 400 Zeni, +10 Speed

Character's starting planet: Earth

How did you find us?: Looked around for an decent rpg

Sample RP, 200-300 words long (Can be a old RP):
Arriving at a large open field bra noticed the large ceramic tiles laid out in 5 sets in orders of 8 by 10 with various fighters scattered around them so obviously there might be some talent at this event after all. Looking around for an booth to sign up she noticed 3 old men in robes standing beside an punch meter similar to the one she heard stories of her father destroying in the official world tournament.

Approaching the booth bra was well aware of the looks she was getting from the built fighters around her who were easily twice her height & width who were snickering to themselves to see her there.

“ I would like to join the tournament please …” Bra asked the man behind the booth nicely since she knew it would be more effective than an destructive rampage.

The man seemed to be expecting this as he felt the girl looked familiar to another fighter he remembered. “ All right miss this is an open tournament so anyone can join”

Bra smiled at the man as she approached the tiles set out around the field wondering when this would start and if there would be any actual competition as many fighters she knew to be actual weaklings and she had the feeling this might be an large collection of poser’s
At that moment an voice came over the loud speaker

“ 1hr until registration closes, placement will begin with an meter match”

“Hmm looks like I will have to wait” Bra Thought


Notice to all fighters the qualifying round will now begin all fighters who were late to register will incur an penalty to their fight card and will be penalized with an handicap in their upcoming match’s.
Bra looked around as the collection of fighters lined up behind the Punching bag, which was designed to test their strength according to how heavy a punch they could land on the machine. Taking her place at the back of the line bra looked ahead at the collection of fighters noting that unless there was a late fighter she would be the only female fighter in the competition and with a heavy breath she muttered

“ They could have planned this better”

Time passed as Bra watched the collection of fighters match their strength against the machine with some failing to even cause an reading on the meter while others did fine and one caused an 742 reading.

“Step up” the old man said as he called the young sayain up his eyes seeming to sense the power she held within

Bra crouched into an stance as she heard the crowd of passed fighters eyeing her with mixed suspense some were even laughing as she channeled some of here power into her hands as she swung an punch towards the machine stopping just before she hit it extending one of her fingers towards the machine which caused it to explode to the surprise of the other fighters and the majority of the organizers

“ you pass then” the old man said watching the young fighter with increased interest

“ Thanks” Bra said as she smiled thinking ( Boy I am my father’s daughter) …….

At that point an announcement came over the speakers –
“ Fights will begin in half an hour first fight is between Bra and the number 2 contestant Mat”.

Character's Biography (optional):

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Re: Joining as - Sirach Keem

Post by Taku on Fri Jun 04, 2010 4:51 pm

Nicely done, you are free to RP on your selected planet and do missions of that planet. Krillin will create your wiki account when he gets a chance to.


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Re: Joining as - Sirach Keem

Post by Krillin on Fri Jun 04, 2010 6:01 pm
^ There's your wiki page.

Welcome to the RPG, if you haven't done so already, read up on the stuff on the Member Database, to get yourself going with the wiki system.


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Re: Joining as - Sirach Keem

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