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Yukio Junshin

Post by Yukio on Tue May 11, 2010 2:48 pm

Character's Name: Yukio Junshin
Please include a image url for your character, if you do not have one.. you will have no picture for the database: http://public2.tektek.org/img/av/0810/d18/1339/3b3875.png

Character's Race: Human/Spirit
Character's Gender: Male/Male
Character's Starting Job:
Farmer - Farms the various planets and lives a rather peaceful life. They don't fight and take it easy most of the time. After four weeks of farming, a farmer will recieve a Bag of Senzu Beans.
Rewards: 400 Zenny, +10 Dexterity

Character's starting planet: Earth
How did you find us?: Stumbled onto the site
Sample RP, 200-300 words long (Can be a old RP):
(old rp post is old and a little speech heavy... sorry >.<)

Yukio was taking a stroll, his little white stick tapping carefully back and forth as he navigated without the aid of Kuro. He smiled happily to himself, his eyes staring at pretty much nothing, the dead grey eyes randomly caught others by pure chance as he meandered down a busy street. The boy was somewhat confused since he had called for Kuro twice so far and nothing had happened. Normally the spiritual guide dog would show up almost straight away when he was called.
“Kuro... Kuro! Where are you?”
Yukio paused as his stick clipped someone’s leg and he instantly gave his apologies. He had never been one to offend and hitting someone with his stick was pretty bad in his mind.
“I.. I’m sorry i didn’t mean to...”
“It’s no bother kid, I shouldn’t have gotten in the way.”
Yukio blinked a little shocked, this had to have been the first time someone had actually apologised to him when he walked into them. He was somewhat grateful about it, it was a pretty rare experience for him.
“Damn, where’s Kuro when I need him .“
“Ya just bumped into me...”
“Oh... That was you.”
“Of course....”
Yukio seemed to slump slightly at that, Kuro was smiling to himself, knowing how much he had just disappointed Yukio. It always brought a slight amusement to Kuro, making Yukio slightly disappointed about humanity as a whole always brought an amused smile to Kuro’s face. He snickered a little before Yukio’s head snapped down to look at him.
“What’s on your mind kid.”
“Why where you away so long? I called for you...”
“Hey... Just cause I can make it here instantly, doesn’t mean I can always make it... I do have things to do afterall...”
“Well... Next time, please try and make it here sooner... I was somewhat lost without you.”
“Sorry Yukio, I didn’t mean to cause you problems.”
Yukio shrugged and quietly asked.
“Remind me, where is the gig tonight?”
Kuro hmmed for a moment or two. Then nudged Yukio.
“Yeah, it’s .... The Rose Tavarn. I think.”
Yukio shrugged and then yawned loudly, he quickly slipped his guitar from his back and strummed it as he tried to think. Slowly picking out a faint tune, Kuro starting to hum along as he recognised the tune.
“Ya know one of these days, I’ma have to drag you along for some of ma friends for you to play. They’ll just eat you up.”
“.... The way you say that.... Worries me a little.”
Kuro chuckled and then burst out laughing.
“Kid, you are too easy to wind up you know that? ”
Yukio blushed heavily and turned away a little, Kuro just chuckled quietly to himself before gently placing a hand on Yukio’s shoulder, his wings casting their useual shadow over him.
“Come now, you know I won’t harm ya Yukio. You are the only reason I’m able to do anything. You are in no danger what so ever, I’m here to protect you.”

Character Appearance:

Starting from the top, Yukio has fairly messy whitish grey hair, it seems like some effort has gone into combing it down but by someone not quite able to see himself while getting ready, so odd strands stick out and the hair doesn’t always get brushed quite in the right direction each stroke, causing some odd splits in his bangs. He has a cheerful and slightly rounded face. A slightly small angular nose and a thin pair of lips, his eyes are the give away though, he is blind. His eyes are pure grey, and the iris is missing from them. His physique is fairly average, there isn’t any obvious muscle but he’s far from being unhealthy. He has a very lightly tanned complexion and a cheerful smile to boot, he almost always seems to find something to smile about.

His clothing tends to vary but the most consistent outfit is a rather smart set of clothing, a short sleeved shirt under a waistcoat, colours vary and rarely seem to go well together, either he doesn’t know what colours he’s wearing or he has someone with no dress sense helping. Both items are buttoned and the waistcoat has two very small pockets on the sides, the shirt having none. He adds to this a pair of tight fitted trousers that seem to have been custom made for him. Not to forget his buckled shoes, so used because laces are more difficult for him to tie down, just underneath eh shoes are always a pair of white socks, same as the trousers are always the same black pair, the only thing that seems to change is the colours of the waistcoat and shirt with his most often worn outfit.
Kuro: As a standard, Kuro doesn’t wear clothing. He may wear something fitting for certain occasions however.

A slightly too bulky Siberian husky is all you can see with normal sight. It has a sharp angular face, the lips rarely pull back but it's clear to see a healthy set of jaws, someone takes good care of their companion is mainly the impression one gets, the fur is medium length and nearly silky to the touch, a slight shine from the condition when it catches to light. The hound has brilliant blue eyes, they seem to pierce you as if they can even see through to your very soul.

The best starting description is that of a stone gargoyle, hunched over and walking on all fours. Large stone wings arching out over its back and often or not one will be outstretched and looming over Yukio protectively in bright sunshine or rain, causing odd effects in both weather. Either strange shadows or an aura where no rain falls for those with normal site. He often or not is a deep purple hue, though the marble like veins do run through his body regardless of the colour. His front paws bare claws, they are of a yellowed hue and actually catch the light with the bladed edge.

His `stone` body depicts muscles irregular to how he moves and acts, seemingly the muscles shown have no impact on how he moves and seems to prowl forward on all fours, his rear legs are inverted in their joints giving him a slightly odd gait at times. His eyes have a dim red glow, it raises sometimes when he’s excited or angry. His mouth is filled with needle teeth and they mesh perfectly when he smiles at something.

Character's Biography (optional):
Yukio was born blind, it wasn’t the best of starts in life, it could have been worse however. Yukio, was mostly a happy child, having no real idea of just what he didn’t have. He wasn’t even aware that people could see until much later in his life when his parents allowed him out and about. In general, he was raised by his mother. His father worked in the facility, though it was something both Yukio and his mother never found out. He was very careful to never let the pair of them discover it. His job was somewhat frivolous but payed enough for them to live comfortably.
His mother mainly homeschooled him, treasuring the innocence that he had yet to discover how everyone else could see. He was taught to read brail and how to find his way around with and without the aid of a white stick. He was mostly kept within the house and didn’t really even know much about outside. He was allowed out with his mother supervising him and with a steadying hand on his shoulder, had to tell him of cars and after some of his more awkward questions finally told him that everyone else could see the world. He didn’t really understand the idea as yet, having never had any sight he couldn’t really understand the idea of what sight was.
He forced himself to go out a few more times after that and almost made his mother enrol him into a normal school, despite having never actually mentioning the lie she had kept him under the whole time. He was soon was at a normal school, finally able to meet real people and explore the World around him. It was a little hard going at times and he almost got run over a couple of times.
He persevered none the less and often or not would be seen talking to others that the regular people couldn’t see. While Yukio didn’t know about it he was capable of talking to and interacting with the spiritual World, often or not he’d ask bored spirits for help getting around. It may have seen odd but he never found any shame in asking people for help getting around in areas where his lack of sight actually caused a problem.
It was in this way that he met Kuro, the odd spiritual person had actually approached Yukio and struck up a conversation. Yukio was a little lost in general about what was going on but got the gist that Kuro wanted to help Yukio out by acting as his spiritual guide dog. In exchange Yukio would take part of his spirit in order to allow Kuro to act in the World. (This is a lie Kuro could already act in the real world.) Yukio, happy to have a friend and someone to help with his blindness.
Yukio over time found Kuro such a connivance, he’d tell him about incoming obstacles as well as seeming to know so much about the World, Yukio went to places he would never have stumbled into. He found music, and had an aptitude for playing the guitar. He took Lessons with Kuro’s help, reading the notes for him after having learnt each of their names and hand positions. He played a few small gigs, nothing special and not exactly paid for but he enjoyed it. Kuro never really told him though how he was choosing these clubs but Yukio didn’t mind much, he was just happy to play and hear the applause of those listening.

As for Kuro... Well I'm leaving his history a mystery for now.

Character Personality:
Yukio is one of those people who never seems to be too down about anything, everything always has its silver lining. Nothing seems to slow down his cheerful mindedness most of the time. Even when kuro possesses him too often he never really seems angry at him. He’s probably one of the warmest friendly people he knows, having no real way of distinguishing people and spirits by sight and not really being aware of the ideology clash going on, he treats everyone the same as a kind person, it rarely occurs to him that people have horrid intentions or plan on harming others. A little naive yes but then he rarely sees or hears of anything like that so it’s not something that has ever troubled him before. He’s very trusting of Kuro and will often or not listens to his spiritual guide dog without much in the way of question. Unless what he says sounds really out of place, and even then he’ll probably only double check if Kuro is sure before going ahead with it.

Playing his guitar
Finding an unexpected friend
Making someone feel better after meeting him
Warm days
Low background noise

Sudden loud noises, they make him jump.
People asking him how he copes with being blind.
Kuro not explaining why he possessed him.
Braking parts of his guitar. Mainly the strings, it happens often enough.

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Re: Yukio Junshin

Post by Taku on Tue May 11, 2010 2:54 pm

LMFAO!!! The whole Gaia Pic threw me off but that's fair enough. Lots of info to go off on about your character so you, my friend are approved. Krillin will have your wiki file up as soon as he can


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Re: Yukio Junshin

Post by Krillin on Sat May 15, 2010 7:40 pm

^ There's your wiki page.

Welcome to the RPG, if you haven't done so already, read up on the stuff on the Member Database, to get yourself going with the wiki system.


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Re: Yukio Junshin

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