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Sigmaz Jehuty

Post by Sigmaz on Sun May 02, 2010 5:44 pm

Character's Name:Sigmaz Jehuty
Please include a image url for your character, if you do not have one.. you will have no picture for the database
Character's Race: Android
Character's Gender: Male
Character's Starting Job: Rogue Fighter (+400 zeni +10 ki)
Character's starting planet: Earth
How did you find us?: Taku told me about this site
Sample RP, 200-300 words long (Can be a old RP):

Sigmaz Jehuty vs Gohan...

Sigmaz laughed as Gohan arrived on the scene in the destroyed city. There was a flair in Gohan's eyes. To Sigmaz, it meant nothing to him. A white aura bursted around Gohan's body, his power level steadily rising.

"First Piccolo, then Vegeta, Goten, and Trunks. How many of them will you kill before you stop!?" gohan asked, enraged.

"Life is meaningless to me. Your life, or their life. I don't care which one I take." Sigmaz said, staring at Gohan coldheartedly.

Gohan tore his shirt off, revealing a purple gi instead. He began to let out a howl of anger as he powered up.

Show me what you've got, Gohan...

Gohan's aura turned yellow and electric sparks had surrounded him. A few seconds later, there was an explosion of white light, and Sigmaz was blinded. As the light faded and the dust began to clear, Sigmaz could see Gohan standing there, a super saiyan 2.

"Good, Gohan. I wouldn't want to kill you without you having given a decent struggle." Sigmaz said, laughing.

Gohan teleported, coming in behind Sigmaz. Sigmaz's eyes widened as Gohan took him from behind and knocked him into the air. Sigmaz turned around in the air, outstretching one arm and launching an energy blast at Gohan. Gohan's eyes widened.

That blast..!?

Gohan outstretched both arms, taking the blast head on. The explosion created a cloud of dust which gave Sigmaz the cover he needed. Gohan flew up and out of the smoke, and as he did Sigmaz came behind him with both hands above his head. He knocked Gohan down. Gohan hit the ground, landing on his knees. Sigmaz flew in for another attack, but as he let out the punch, Gohan teleported. Sigmaz hit the dirt, and turned around as Gohan powered up an attack.

"Masenko-HA!" He shouted, unleashing a wave of yellow energy at Sigmaz.

The attack raced toward Sigmaz, who could only smirk at Gohan as he put two fingers on his forehead.

"Special Beam Cannon!" Sigmaz shouted, releasing Piccolo's attack at Gohan's Masenko.

The two attacks met head on and exploded, creating a giant cloud of dust. As the dust faded away, Gohan stood there with his eyes widened.

"No way....he knows all our attacks...!" he said.

Sigmaz laughed.

"I know everything about the warriors on this planet, Gohan. I know my strength far exceeds yours, and I would run circles around you even if I wasn't fighting seriously. You never stood a chance." Sigmaz said, letting out another coldhearted laugh.

Gohan teleported, hitting Sigmaz in the face. However, the attack had no effect. Sigmaz grabbed Gohan's arm, throwing him far into the distance. He released several energy beams after Gohan. Gohan's body crashed into a building. Sigmaz floated into the air, appearing a few feet away from Gohan. He cupped his hands at his sides, a blue orb appearing.

"Stop me if you've heard this one before....Kamehameha!" Sigmaz shouted, killing Gohan with the blast.

Almost simultaneously, the whole universe seemed to flash in a white light...

The terror of Sigmaz was as real as ever...

Character's Biography (optional):

Sigmaz was born in the lab of Dr. Gero. After the failure of the Cell project, Dr. Gero's computer was tasked with finding the perfect android fighter. Thus, Sigmaz was created. He was born with the DNA of the saiyans, and the perfect body of an android. He knew the saiyan's weaknesses, and had learned only a few of their signature techniques. However, this was not enough for Dr. Geros computer.

On the day that Sigmaz Jehuty was released, he was given one goal: Eliminate all of the saiyan race, and any other life forms in the Galaxy.


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Re: Sigmaz Jehuty

Post by Taku on Sun May 02, 2010 5:45 pm

Looks good Sigmaz, Approved, Welcome aboard.


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Re: Sigmaz Jehuty

Post by Sigmaz Jehuty on Sun May 02, 2010 5:46 pm

forgot the image URL, there it is

Sigmaz Jehuty

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Re: Sigmaz Jehuty

Post by Krillin on Mon May 10, 2010 9:01 pm

^ There's your wiki page, please read the wiki / Member Database / How to do an update topics for information on the wiki system, what to use it for, and how to uise it, thanks.


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Re: Sigmaz Jehuty

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