New site coming.

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New site coming.

Post by Buruma on Sat May 01, 2010 1:59 am

I know things have been slow around here regarding updates and because I'm on strict bed rest it gets hard for me to do anything. Things are going to change soon though because the RPG will be moving to a new location. I will however try to get to current updates as soon as possible.

What's the point of this message?

Well Chibs is currently working on a new website for UltimatePride. He believes the current look for this site and the use of wiki's is dull and boring so he is working on something that he hopes the current members will like and something that will also attract new members. if things go well he should have the new site finished by next month. This new site will have more of a Rated R/Rated X feel to it or at least border between the two and it will also have more features on it.

I've seen what he has done so far and it looks really good. I get that "fun" vibe when I look at it and I believe that is what he is going for.

Now what I've been told is, there will be new forums which means these will be shut down as soon as the site opens and everyone gets what content they want off of these. He will still be using the C-Box chat room and wiki's will be completely thrown away as he wants to do a different design of role playing profiles.

For the time being when the site is finished, the site will be best viewed in Google Chrome or Modzilla Firefox as he will work out the kinks later that will allow the site to be viewed in Internet Explorer but who still uses internet explorer anyway? I mean really?

Well thats it for now, more to come later.



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