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Namekian Ritual

Post by Starfire on Fri Apr 30, 2010 6:54 pm

-She woke up that morning with a slight headache. Groaning some she crawled out of her bed and moved to the coffee maker. Turning it on she shuffled away from it to get ready for her day whilst she waited for it to be done brewing. After taking a shower and getting dressed she decided to wait until after she had drank her coffee to brush her teeth. It seemed like a common sense move on her part. She shuffled through the house and back to her coffee maker. Pouring some into a mug and putting the desired amount of cream and sugar into the mug. Stirring it some she quickly drank the coffee before moving to brush her teeth. She was in a hurry as she had a lot of errands to run that day. She took a few pain killers to ease her headache before slipping into some shoes and bustling out her front door.-

-She made her way into town and went into the grocery store. She bought the necessary grocery items and few that she did not need but decided she wanted. After she paid for them she hustled out the door only to find herself startled. A dark shadow had immersed the grocery store she had been in. Looking upwards she saw a rather large ship floating high above her. The ship did not look friendly as she continued to stare upwards at it. She watched it float slowly over the town and land a few yards outside of it. Quickly focusing her attention back to the town in front of her she darted for her home. Dropping the groceries in the kitchen she knew this was more important than putting them away. Changing her clothes she ran from the home out of the front door once more. Running quickly to the area she had seen the ship land in. As she ran in its direction she slowed down significantly as the top of the ship came into her view. It was even larger than she had thought at first. She hid behind a nearby tree and watched the creatures exit the ship.- Namekians… What are they doing here? -She thought to herself.-

-As she thought this she continued to watch the group exit the ship. There was quite a few of them which bode ill for the little town. She turned an ear in their direction and listened closely to try and make out what they were saying.- “Find her you idiots. We need her flesh or we can not complete the ritual! It is the last thing we need in the ritual to save our planet.” -She stood in a thick silence that pierced the air around her.- I wonder who they are talking about. I must know so that I may protect them. -She thought to herself. As soon as she thought this one of the creatures spoke again. She believed this to be the leader of the group.- “The flesh of Starfire is our only hope. Now go!” -Her eyes widened as her jaw dropped. She was sure she had felt it hit the floor as she watched the creatures hurriedly hustle away from the ship and into the forest that they had landed in the middle of.- You have got to be shitting me! Not again! -She thought once more to herself.-

-She waited until all of the creatures had left before she ran from the forest. Staying a safe distance from the path they had taken. Random thoughts of what they meant ran through her head as she ran towards home. She knew they would find her home soon and she needed to get supplies from it before they got there. She picked up her pace, now running as fast as she could towards home. She ran through town, ignoring those that tried to talk to her but smiling to them so that she did not seem rude. Once she made it home she began throwing things into a backpack. She was frantically running throughout her home, making sure she had everything she was going to need but knowing she would forget something. She ran a checklist quickly through her head.- Money, check. Food, check. Clothes, check. Cigarettes, check. Lighter, check. Extra pair of shoes, Check. Phone, check. Charger, check. -She continued to run through the check list in her head. Deciding she had everything she threw the backpack over her shoulders and headed for the trap door in her kitchen. The trap door led to a tunnel underneath the city that she had made for escape purposes years ago.-

-Quickly hustling down the stairs from the trap door she began to dash through the tunnel. Turning where it did and not stopping at the cross sections. She had made them to confuse anyone that found the tunnel but she knew her way through it well. As she continued running she heard the echo of the door opening behind her. Voices of the Namekians traveling to her ears.- “She must have gone through here, find her and do it quickly. Remember, we need her alive to get her flesh while it is still good. Do not harm her in any way that would damage it.” -Her heart beat frantically in her chest at the words. She ran faster and soon after saw the exit of the tunnel. Running as fast as she could towards it she jumped into the air when it ended. The tunnel came out just above a large river. It was clean with no rocks at the bottom so she could easily fall into the water and be fine. Her stomach felt as if it had leapt into her throat as she fell downwards. The force of her form landing in the water had her short of breath instantly. She quickly pushed off the bottom of the river when she felt her foot hit the squishy sand. Swimming frantically upwards she took in a large breath as her head popped up out of the water. Quickly taking in a few more breaths she dove back underneath the water and began to swim with the current that flowed over her form and pushed her some which made it easier on her. It was less work that she had to do to swim.-

-She popped up to the surface once more. Partly to take a few more breaths and partly to see if the Namekians had yet reached the end of the tunnel. Turning her form in the water she lifted her binoculars from her water proof back pack and focused them back on the tunnel. She let the current continue to carry her form backwards so that she was not wasting time while she looked for the creatures. Once the binoculars were well focused she saw the forms of the Namekians. Knowing they could not see her because she was to far from site she laughed some to herself. She also knew that they would not jump into the river and would instead go around. Though it amused her because they had wasted so much time going through the tunnel. They would have to go back towards her home and around from there. Putting her binoculars back in the water proof backpack she took one more deep breath before she dove back under that water once more. She began to swim a bit faster. Though she had a large gap between them she wanted to get as far away as possible so that she could rest for a few moments later on.-

-She made her way to a shallow part of the river and quickly stood up. She raced through the water towards the waters edge. Once she felt the cool sand on her feet she darted into the forest that it lead to. She knew the forest just as well as she had known the tunnel so it was easy for her to maneuver through. She determined that this would be as good of a place as she was going to get to hide from the creatures. She could mostly see them coming but she knew the area well enough that they would not see her coming if she felt the need to attack. Though, for the moment, she decided to lay low until she had a plan to get rid of, or kill, the Namekians that had been sent to kill her. She would watch them for awhile before deciding what needed to be done. She slithered her form up a tree so that she could see when they arrived. She slumped back against it to rest as she waited for their arrival. Unwrapping some food and eating it as she would need her strength. Quickly smoking a cigarette whilst she could, seeing as she could not when they arrived or they would smell the smoke and know she was there. Though she could out run them easily anyways she would rather not run into that problem. Throwing the trash in her back pack she continued to wait for them as she watched the setting of the sun.-

-She heard the group enter her area of the forest. Though she was sure they thought they were quiet, her ears picked up the smallest sounds as though they were crashes. She slipped down the tree and moved her form to one closer to them. She slithered into this tree just as she had the other and watched them closely. Her eyes pierced the shadowy cover of the night as her focus on them was as clear as though it were the middle of the day instead of being the middle of the night. She listened closely to their conversation though it was nothing interesting or full of information that she already knew. Apparently they needed her flesh, and her flesh alone, for some ritual they needed to perform to save their planet. She thought that it probably wouldn’t work but she would rather not loose her flesh to find out. She remained in the tree she was in, watching them. Once they had lit a fire and sat around it to sleep on the ground she decided she could relax. Though she stayed in the tree she was currently in she lay back against it and allowed her optics to close. She fell into a light but yet heavy sleep. She would rest but the softest sound of the creatures rising would awaken her.-

-She slept soundly through the night and frowned heavily when her ears perked as the sounds below her reached her ears. The creatures were awaking and cooking. She opened her eyes to watch them and grimaced at the breakfast they had made. It looked and smelt disgusting but they all seemed to be enjoying it. Watching them closely once more she waited for them to pack up and leave their campsite. Once they did this and were a safe distance away she shimmied herself silently down the tree. Once her feet touched the ground she made sure not to make any noise as she moved her form over to the encampment. She looked around for anything useful and sighed inside her head as she realized there was nothing of use to her. They were smart and experienced in hunting other beings. They had cleaned the place out and nothing but the ashes of their fire remained. She though one simple word to herself, though it said enough.- Bastards.

-She began to make her way down the path that the creatures had traveled. She remained a very safe distance behind them as she leapt from tree to tree. She had decided that air was better than ground in this situation. It would be an easier escape as she could hide herself well in the trees, not as easily done on the ground. She followed them for what seemed like miles in the day until the sun set once more. She had come up with a plan while she had followed them. She did not like it but she knew that her only option was the element of surprise. She would have to kill all of them before this would stop. She decided she would have to take out their leader first. It would confuse them for a few minutes and give her that element of surprise that she so needed. She knew they would not know what to do without the leader barking orders at them, at least, she hoped this was the case. Once the sun had set and the night sky shown she smiled as her clothing was dark and she was nearly invisible when the darkness of the shadows surrounded her. She waited until all of the creatures had gone to sleep before she leapt from the tree and onto the ground of the forest. She landed in total silence and made her way around the campsite in the direction of the leader which she had watched enter a tent before. They had decided to set up tents this time, as though they felt safer. It had made her chuckle inside her head, they were anything but safe as this was her territory and she would prove it to them.-

-She snuck up to the leader of the group and quickly pulled her knife from the sheath at her side. She had decided instead to take them out one by one instead of all at once. It was a smarter move and she would start with him. As he was sleeping on her back it made it easy for her to quickly slit his throat. She pressed the cold knife against his throat and waited for him to open his eyes and see his killer. As he did this she slid the knife quickly against his flesh before he had a chance to yell out for help from his comrades. The knife cut his flesh open in a clean professional line. The blood began to rush down his neck into a deep red pool around his form. She quickly darted back into the tree and hid herself well within it so that they would not see her when they awoke and searched for her. As she was sure that they would do. She decided not to sleep so that she would be at her full awareness when they awoke. Her eyes focused harshly on the group as the awoke and found their leader lying in a pool of his own blood. A few of them yelled out and other just had a look of very serious anger spread across their faces. They began yelling at each other, some asking what to do others ordering that they search for her. It brought a smile to her lips as the panic increased and they became enraged and set out to search for her. Though none of them seemed to be looking upwards in the trees.-

Morons. They really are lost without him.
-She thought to herself as she watched them. They moved forwards though they continued their search they seemed to be giving up on it as it got later in the day. She listened as they spoke.- “Maybe it was just a hoodlum or something. We would have found her if it was her, she would still be around.” -A smile curved to her lips as they said this. Thinking once again of their ignorance. She watched as the sun began to set once more, ready for the night to be there so she would be able to take out another of the group. She watched as they set up their camp once more. This time lying under the stars without tents once more. Once they had eaten and were all settled upon the ground and sleeping she slid down the tree once more. She remained completely silent, her footsteps unheard as she moved to the closest foe to her. It did not matter which she took out from now on so she would use the closest body as a target. This time not waiting for him to awaken when she pressed the knife to his throat as she had done the one before him. Sliding it across his throat he would slowly bleed out, awake but unable to scream. She quickly stood upright as a noise was heard behind her. One of the others had awoken and was staring right at her. She swiftly pulled the gun off the dead body behind her. Thankful it had a silencer on it she would aim it for him. Realizing a couple more had awaken she squeezed the trigger and let a few rounds pop from the gun. It made no noise as all of the men feel before they could even yell for help. She knew it had been close and she quickly moved back into the shadows. This time she ran forwards from them to a tree that was far out of site. She could still see them with her binoculars if she felt the need, which she would. She did not sleep once again as she sat on her heels in the tree, waiting. As the sun rose and she heard the commotion once more it made her snicker. They could not hear her as she was to far away from them. She took the binoculars from her back and focused them on the group. This time they knew it was her which only made her laugh more. Though she laughed very quietly she laughed hard. Watching them as they searched for her again, once more unable to find her they began on their way in her direction. She heard one of them say.- “We will find her, and when we do, she will pay for this.” -She shook her head some as there was now only a handful of them left.-

-She continued to follow them as she had done before this time stopping before the sun had set. She decided that after two days she should probably eat something. Waiting for them to be out of her site she quickly removed some food from her back pack. She quickly at the food and drank something before she realized she needed a cigarette very badly. Not caring if they smelled the smoke and came after her she quickly put one to her lips. She needed it to badly to care. She lifted her lighter with her right hand and flicked it so that the flame would emit from it. Holding it to the cigarette until it was lit. She took a long drag from the cigarette before placing the pack and lighter back into her back pack. Sucking down the cigarette as quickly as she could she would put it out on the tree she sat in and toss the cigarette butt behind her and behind the group as well. The sun was starting to set now and she had ground to make up. She quickly began jumping through the trees towards the group. She slowed down significantly once they came into view. It was dark now and they had already set up camp. They had not gone to sleep yet and she frowned as she realized they had set up a couple of them as guard watches. The others quickly fell asleep and she slowly slipped down the tree she was in as she had done twice before. She moved in the shadows to hide behind a tree just a few feet from the guards. They both stood in the same area which would make this easier for her. She jumped out from behind the tree once they had turned their back and pulled her sword from its sheath. It made no noise as she quickly spun around once she was in range. The sword sliced into them both and as it did so she grabbed her dagger and slit their throats before they had a chance to scream from the pain. The others awoke as the bodies fell.-

-She groaned some as they surrounded her in a circle. There was only six of them left. She took a fighting stance and glared at them. Her eyes shifting between all of their forms.- “You want my flesh boys, come and get it.” -A rather demonic smirk rose to her lips as she said the words. They all charged her at once with uttered grunts from each of them. She waited and waited and waited until they were just about to hit her. She leapt high into the air at the last moment and they all crashed into each other. She flipped her form over in the air and landed behind the group. Laughing harshly as the sword of one had stabbed another.- “And then there were five.” -The words came on a hissed tone from her form. She watched as they approached her once more, this time a bit more slowly. She laughed directly at them and decided she would use that element of surprise once more. She began to charge at them. Two of them stepped backwards in surprise but the other three came rushing at her. Meeting her halfway she quickly spun herself on her heels in a circle. Her sword slicing into one of them, as his body fell she grabbed another by the shoulders and forced her knee into his gut. He grunted in pain as she put her foot to his chest and kicked him backwards. The other of the three catching her off guard by pulling a small gun from his boot. He pulled the trigger and shot a bullet into her shoulder. She grimaced some but did not scream and quickly shoved her sword through his stomach. It came out his back and as she pulled it out and watched his form fall to the ground she leapt into the air. Coming down on top of the one she had pushed over, her sword coming down with her and embedding itself into his stomach. Without stopping to pull the sword out she charged at the remaining two. Knocking one of them over as she shoved her fist into his face. The other tried to run but she grabbed its leg. Taking it to the ground she quickly put her hands on either side of its head. Twisting hard until she heard it snap and felt the snap against her hands as she broke its neck. Letting the form of the creature fall to the ground she turned to face the last of the group. A demonic look spread across her face as she felt herself loose control. Her finger nails extended to claws as she lunged at the creature. Pouncing into the air she came downwards on top of it. She quickly grabbed its neck with her claws. They sunk in deeply as she lifted its form into the air. Letting go of its neck she spun herself in a circle once more. Her sword cutting the creature in half as it fell. She began to breath heavily as she came back to her normal self and looked around at the bodies that surrounded her. A smile rising yet again to the corners of her lips as she wiped her sword off on one of the dead creatures and moved her form to a standing position once more.-

-She began to make her way back home after she had sheathed her sword. The journey was not as long now that she was not following a group of idiots. She ran quickly but not to quickly up the trail that she had came from. Reaching the water she ran around the river instead of trying to swim through it against the current. Once reaching the wall she had leapt from, where her tunnel came out at, she shimmied across it. Reaching a doorway she flung it open and ran inside. Closing it behind her she ran up the stairs that led back to her tunnel. Racing down the tunnel until she reached the trap door into her home. Swinging it open she raced inside and slammed it downwards. Locking it she moved slowly to the shower. Her breathing quick and heavy as she showered. Stepping from the shower her breath was slowed and she was calmed. She changed to pajamas and flopped down on the bed. She was asleep only moments after.-

Word Count - 4, 070

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Re: Namekian Ritual

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Graded, great job. ^^

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