Weapon Of Mass Destruction (Completed RP)

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Weapon Of Mass Destruction (Completed RP)

Post by Starfire on Sat Apr 24, 2010 4:04 pm

-She woke up that morning and decided to lay in bed for a few extra moments as she still felt sleepy. She heard her coffee maker going, thankful she had set it to brew automatically the night before. She smiled softly as she finally decided to crawl out of her bed. She moved to her dresser and pulled some morning pajamas from it. She didn’t sleep with clothes on so this was a daily routine. She stepped into her black fuzzy house slippers before she drowsily made her way to the kitchen. She retrieved a coffee mug from one of her cupboards and waited for the coffee maker to stop running. It was done soon after and she quickly poured some coffee into the mug. She went to the fridge and got the creamer from it. Pulling the sugar down from the cupboard she had it in. She poured one creamer and two sugars into her coffee and grabbed a spoon from the drawer to stir it with. After stirring the coffee she decided to go have it out on her deck. She set the spoon in the sink and moved out to her deck. Sitting in a chair she set the coffee mug down on the table before her after taking a drink from it. The coffee warmed her stomach and she smiled as she took a cigarette from the pack she had brought out with her. She realized she forgot her lighter and sighed heavily. Still drowsy she went back into the house and retrieved a lighter from her bedroom. Making her way back to the deck she lifted her coffee mug with her right hand and took a drink from it before setting it back down. She parted her lips and lifted the cigarette to them. She lit the lighter and allowed the flame to lick at the end of her cigarette. Once it was lit she inhaled deeply on it and blew the smoke from her lungs, setting the lighter down on her cigarette pack on the table. She sat back down in her chair and drank some more of her coffee before she thought about her day. The sun was in the sky but it was not to bright yet, the colors of the sky were blue and orangeish yellow. She watched the sky and listened to the birds chirping. She always enjoyed the mornings and sitting on her deck. The temperature was cool against her skin but not enough to bother her just yet. She ran her finger across the table and smiled at the morning dew that now resided on her finger.-

-Her ears twitched slightly upon her head as she finished her cigarette and coffee. She dabbed the cigarette out in the ashtray and picked up the coffee mug, making her way back into the house. She put the coffee mug in the sink before moving to her closet. She picked out an outfit for the day. It would be her black leather halter top that had red designs across it, the halter coming to a V upon her stomach, showing 3 inches of skin on either side, her black leather pants would match the halter. She grabbed her silver pendant from on top of her dresser before making her way to the shower. She adjusted the water to the warmth she wanted before moving to get a towel. Returning to her shower she would strip from her pajamas and slippers before slipping into the shower. Letting out a soft groan as the warm water trickled over her form. She closed her eyes and just enjoyed the warmth for a moment. A few minutes later she reached her hands into her hair, tousling it around to make sure it was covered with the water. She grasped her bottle of shampoo and squeezed some into her palm. She lathered it into her hair before rinsing it out. After the shampoo was rinsed she reach for her bottle of conditioner. Squeezing some of it into her palm as she had done with the shampoo she lathered this into her hair as well. She paid close attention, making sure all of her hair was covered. She did not rinse this out yet but let it sit for a moment. She grabbed her soap that smelled of vanilla and caramel and squeezed some onto her loofa sponge. Lathering her body with the soap she loved the soft feeling of it. Rinsing it off she would apply it once more to make sure that the scent would linger on her skin before she reached her hands up into her hair. She took extra care to rinse out the conditioner from her hair before she washed all of the soap from the sponge. Reaching around to shut off the water she opened the shower curtain to step out. She stepped on the rug before the shower so that she did not get the floor wet. Grabbing a towel from the rack She dried her face and hair with it before wrapping it around her hair. Leaving it there she grabbed a second towel to dry her body with, this she wrapped around her form before stepping forwards to the sink.-

-She retrieved her tooth brush from the cup it had sat in, soon after she got her mint toothpaste from the middle cupboard of the mirror. She applied some of the toothpaste to the toothbrush and turned the knob on the cool side to turn on the water. She wet the toothbrush before bringing it to her parted lips. She inserted the toothbrush into her mouth and maneuvered it around until she felt all of her teeth were clean. She leaned over the sink and spit out the excess toothpaste. She cupped her hand and put it under the faucet, letting her palm fill with water before she brought it to her lips. She slurped the water into her mouth and swished it around before spitting it back into the sink. She smiled into the mirror and approved of her teeth before taking the towel down from her hair. She placed it neatly on the towel rack to dry before she tousled her hair a bit. She stared into the mirror for a few moments before she chose her deep purple hair clip from the cupboard underneath the sink. She quickly brushed her hair and pulled it back into what seemed to be a pony tail. After the pony tail was secured in place she twisted it then put the clip in it so that her hair hung over the clip. Satisfied she would smile to herself before she retrieved her box of makeup. First applying her cover up she did so with the brush, smoothing it out with her fingers afterwards to make sure that it was even. After she had applied the cover-up she decided on a purple eye shadow to match her hair clip. She closed her left eye and gently applied the purple eye shadow to that eyelid. Deciding it was good enough she did the same with her right eyelid. After the purple eye shadow had been applied she picked up her black eyeliner and applied it neatly. After the eyeliner was on she searched for her mascara. Finding it she would pull the brush out of the container and lean forward closer to the mirror. She applied the mascara to her eyelashes. Closing the mascara she set it down before picking up her black lipstick. She applied the lipstick gingerly before applying a layer of gloss over it. Blotting her lips together she would smile softly, approving of her look this day.-

-She removed the towel that was wrapped around her form and hung it neatly next to the first towel. She slipped on a bright red bra, closing the four snaps in the back after she had it around her form. After the bra was on she stepped into a pair of black panties, they were lacy because she found it to be more comfortable against the leather outfit. She pulled the halter top over her head and down her form. She situated it until it set right upon her form. She slid on the leather pants, buttoning the top of them and moving them around some until they were in a comfortable position. She grasped her silver pendant and put it around her neck, clasping the back of the necklace closed. She pulled it down to sit properly upon her chest. Cursing under her breath she realized she had forgotten her belt. She quickly made her way back into the bedroom and retrieved the belt. It looks as though bullets were attached to it in a single file line. She pulled it around her form, her pants did no have loops so she clasped it closed in front and allowed it to sit freely around her waist. She moved to her closet to pick out a pair of shoes. She had decided on her favorite pair of black boots. Though they had a heel they were still comfortable for her to walk in. She preferred them over tennis shoes. Pulling the boots onto her feet she began to lace them up the front. The laces were red so that the shoes matched her outfit with perfection. Smiling some as she got them on she moved back to the bathroom. She put her makeup box back where it had been and picked up her pajamas. Moving to the clothes hamper in the bedroom she placed them in it and vowed to do her laundry soon. Deciding she needed another cigarette she would move to the place she had set them down at. Pulling a cigarette from the pack she would lift it to her parted lips just as she had done before. Picking up her lighter she flicked it so it lit. She watched the flame lick at the open air for a moment before she moved it to her cigarette. After it was ignited she let go of the trigger on the lighter and set it down atop her pack once more. Inhaling deeply from the cigarette before exhaling the smoke on a soft sigh as she looked around her home.-

-After taking a few more hits off the cigarette she moved to lay back down on her bed. Laying down she looked up at the ceiling blankly. She tried to determine what she would do today.- Maybe I will go into town and get groceries today. -She thought to herself. As she thought this she turned her head to look around the house once more, when she did so she saw a dark shadow quickly cross her living room. Quickly sitting straight up, she had no idea of what or who was in her home. Moving swiftly to her dresser she would pull her sword from its hiding place there. She slipped to her door though she did not step out it. She peered around the corner of the door frame and saw the figure rummaging through her house. It was looking for something though she did not know what. She had things of value in her home but this did not seem to be a robber. She noticed the sword he had sitting loosely on his back. She decided not to sneak up behind him because she was not aware if there was more than one. So instead she simply moved into view of the creature and coughed softly so that it turned around. The creature immediately jumped and began running towards her. She realized there was not talking to it so she took a fighting stance, her sword gripped tightly in her hands. The creature lunged at her with its sword now secured in its hands as well. She was able to easily step to the side of the blade. She kicked out her left foot as she did this. The creature tripped over it and was sent stumbling to the ground. She snickered some before she pinned it down. Its arms pinned above its head, she placed all of her weight upon it.- “What are you doing in my house creature? What is it you are seeking?” -The creature did not answer so she sent her right fist flying for its face. It hit the creature directly in the nose, causing it to bleed. It simply laughed and said.- “I will never talk, you might as well kill me.” -She rolled her eyes some.- “No, I don’t think I will but I do think you will talk by the time I’m done with you.” -She pulled the creature to its feet. As she did this it grasped a small dagger in its hand and quickly slit its own throat before she could stop it. It fell to its knees on her floor before it died.- “God damn it! And now there is blood all over my carpet.” -Disgusted she picked up the body and tossed it outside. Cursing as she went to her kitchen and grabbed some cleaning supplies. She began to vigorously scrub the blood stains from her carpet. As they were still fresh she managed to clean them out. The thoughts of who the creature was and what it was looking for began racing through her mind. She decided to begin asking around. Someone was bound to know the answers she sought.-

-She quickly grabbed her cigarettes and lighter, as well as anything else that she may need. Running out the door she made her way into the town nearby. She pulled a few of the shop keepers off to the side but they knew nothing. She ran all through the town and no one seemed to know anything of the creature in her house. She screamed out in frustration.- “God damnit!” -She decided that she would ask the elders. Surely they MUST know. She began to make her way up the cobble stone streets to the resting place of the elders. She knew that she was welcome on this ground so she had no fears. Finally reaching her destination she would step into the building. She quickly dropped to one knee when she approached the elders.- “What is it my dear? Something deeply troubles you young warrior.” -The oldest of them all stated.- “Yes elder. I was getting ready this morning when I found a creature in my home. It was searching for something but I can not find out what. I was hoping you might be able to shed some light on this for me.” -She spoke respectfully, her head down.- “Unfortunately young warrior we have heard nothing of this yet, however, the moment we do you will most certainly know.” -They said sincerely.- “Thank you.” -After saying this she stood and bowed some before she turned on her heels and left the building.-

-As she made her way out of the building and to the brightness of the day outside she let the thoughts race through her mind. She continued to ask herself what it could be but came up with nothing every time. A look of harsh disappointment spread across her face as she blindly walked through the town. She decided to go on her day as planned until she heard something from the elders. She needed food, her stomach had been growling for hours now. She made her way to the market in town and began to look around it. She picked up a few vegetables and fruits before she moved to the meat section. She decided to grab some steak, chicken, and burger meat whilst she was there. Picking up a salad for something quick to eat she would grab a few more things before making her way back home. Once she was back at her home she put away her groceries before sitting down at her table to eat her salad. As she ate the salad she began to wonder about the creature again. She could not for the life of her figure out what it wanted. Whatever it was, she must know she has it, or at least did not know what it is. She continued to ponder over this until her salad was gone. She stood from the table and moved to the sink. She washed off her fork in the sink before she placed it in the silverware drawer. Throwing away the plastic salad bowl she pulled a cigarette from her pack. Lighting it she would inhale deeply as she drummer her fingers against the countertop, thinking about the creature yet again. She tried to push the thought from her head when one of the elders came knocking on her door.-

-She quickly ran to the door and opened it.- “Please come in.” -She said with a bright smile upon her face as the elder entered her home. He turned to face her. “I have found what the creature was here searching for. It seems that some time ago you purchased a book while you were traveling… In the book there lies a map, a map to one of the deadliest weapons this planet has ever seen.” -Her face went pale as she felt a lump in her throat.- “Wow, I most certainly did not expect that… What can I do?” -The elder stated plainly.- “You will have to fight my dear. There is no other way for this to work, if they get the weapon we will all be doomed. You must achieve this weapon yourself and bring it to the elders. We will dispose of it there. We can not have this weapon out and about in the world.” -She nodded softly as she understood. The elder turned and left her home with a silence she had never seen. Her mind was racing from the things she had been told, she quickly grabbed the book as she knew which one he was talking about. Placing it in a safe under her bed she vowed to never let it out of her site until she left to find the weapon.-

-She determined that it would be best for her to leave as early as possible so she moved to her closet and grabbed a back pack from it. She began putting random clothing into it. Regardless of what she was doing she would need clothes. After she packed few pairs of clothes she quickly moved to the bathroom, grabbing deodorant and other toiletries, she grabbed some make up just in case. Throwing them into the backpack she moved to her fridge. Thankful she had bought food earlier she began grabbing anything that wouldn’t spoil on the trip. Throwing that into the backpack as well she decided she was going to need cash. She didn’t want to risk going out to get it so she called a friend. When she heard her friend on the other line she spoke.- “I have another one of those problems. I need you to get some cash for me and bring it to my home, can’t risk going out that way.” -Her friend didn’t ask any questions, just hung up the phone. After she put the phone on the receiver she went to look at the map. Examining it she realized it would take weeks to get to her destination. A groan escaped her and just as it did her friend knocked on the door. She had created a certain knock so that she knew whether it was friend or foe. Moving to the door she opened it. Her friend handed her the money and though she said nothing she saw the worry on her face and in her eyes. She wrapped her arms around her friend and hugged her.- “I will be fine. It will only take a couple of weeks and I’ll be back before you know it.” -She reassured her. Though the worry didn’t leave her friends eyes the woman hugged her back before turning on her heels and walking from the home. A soft sigh escaped her as she watched her friend leave. Once she was out of site she quickly put the map in the backpack and grabbed her cell phone. Though the battery would probably die because she wouldn’t be able to charge it for days at a time she felt it was a good thing to have with her. Putting the charger and cash in the backpack she would put in on and make her way forwards to the door. Stopping once to look around her home, a frown crossing her lips as she opened the door and locked it behind her when she left.-

-Looking around, she became thankful that it was now dark outside. She made her way into the shadows and because her outfit was all black and red she was not visible in the darkness. She was practically a ghost considering she walked without making noise. She took the map from her backpack and looked at it closely. It said she needed to go north so that was the way she headed. Step by step she began making the long journey to her destination. After a few hours of walking she sat down upon a rock to eat. Opening her backpack she took out a diet coke and some food. She looked around at her surroundings whilst she ate, she was on a tall cliff with rocks at the bottom, she didn’t let this bother her. She heard someone coming down the patch and shoved her last bite of food in her mouth, picking up the soda and placing her backpack in a hidden spot she pressed tightly against the wall. It happened to only be a traveling family but she couldn’t take any chances. She waited patiently until they were passed her before her form moved from the wall and sat back down upon the rock once more. As she sat upon the rock a figure jumped from a higher part up on the cliff, it had tried to surprise her but she had turned at just the right moment to see it. Quickly grabbing her sword she thrust it upward so that the falling figure landing directly on it. She threw the sword towards the edge of the cliff and jerked it. The body went flying off the end of the sword and the edge of the cliff soon after. She smiled softly to herself.- “Dumb ass” -She stated simply before finished the diet coke and throwing the can off the cliff. She pressed forwards up the cliff, her backpack slung onto her back and her sword in its sheath at her side.-

-A few days had passed and she became weak, she had not slept in days. She had made her way up the cliff and was coming back down it. Most of the way there she continued to press forwards, not wanting to stop for a break just yet. It was daytime now and moment after she reached the bottom of the cliff she saw a town ahead of her. Thankful for the town she made her way to it. She found a hotel nearby and claimed a room under a different name. The hostess was nice and did not seem to know anything of her. After getting the room she made her way to the market of the town. She stocked up and food and drinks, also buying a pack of cigarettes since hers had been gone for some time. Lighting a cigarette immediately she inhaled deeply. Exhaling the smoke she moved to a clothing store and bought a few new outfits. She could just wash hers but she would rather just get new ones. Paying for the clothes she made her way back to the hotel. Finding her room she walked into it and looked around. Checking every corner of the room for any foe. Seeing nothing there she set down the things she had bought and immediately moved to the shower. Stripping of her clothes she turned on the water. Waiting for it to get warm she quickly jumped in. When she felt the water a heavy sigh of contempt came from her. She began to wash herself, feeling the dirt and grime wash from her form felt like pure heaven to her. After she was clean she turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. She wrapped a towel in her hair and one around her form as she had done at home. Making her way back to the main part of the room she heard a knock at her door. Raising a brow some she opened it with her sword in her hand behind the door. There was an absolutely gorgeous man standing in front of her. “Housekeeping” -He stated. She let her sword fall softly to the floor before she spoke.- “Oh, I don’t need anything but thank you.” -She gave him a bright smile but noticed his eyes wandering over her form, a soft flush came to her cheeks as she looked down realizing she was still in only a towel.- “Oh my word, I am so sorry, I forgot I was just in a towel!” -He laughed in a friendly tone before he spoke.- “Oh I’m not complaining, anyways, have a nice day ma’am. If you need anything just call the front desk and you’ll be at the top of my list.” -She knew he meant this in more ways than one by the sound of his voice. She gave him a soft smile.- “Thanks.” -She said before closing the door. She let out a deep breath before picking up her sword and moving to the bed. She plugged her phone charger into an outlet and let her phone charge. She knew she needed sleep so she flopped down onto the bed after making sure the doors and windows were locked and the shades closed. She pulled the covers over her form on a soft groan. The bed the most comfortable thing she had ever felt at the moment. She quickly fell asleep.-

-She tossed and turned before she knew she could not sleep any longer, she reluctantly opened her eyes to stare at the ceiling. Thankful nothing had come in and woken her rudely whilst she slept. All of a sudden the rooms phone rang. It had caused her to jump, she quickly picked it up and answered.- “Hello?” -The voice on the other end masculine, one she recognized.- “Hey, it’s your house keeper. We met earlier.” -She smiled softly.- “Yes. What is it?” -He spoke once more.- “I hope I didn’t wake you. I get off of work here soon and I was just wondering if you might want some dinner? My treat of course.” -She smiled once more before she answered.- “That would be wonderful and no you did not wake me. Give me fifteen minutes and I’ll be down.” -His voice came happy and friendly.- “Oh good, see you soon.” -She hung up the phone and quickly moved to her bag. She picked out an outfit that she had purchased earlier and quickly threw it onto her form. Moving to the bathroom she hastily applied makeup before putting on shoes and jewelry and dashing out the door. She made her way quickly down the stairs, she never took the elevator. She saw him standing by the door and calmly made her way to him as though she hadn’t just ran the whole way there. He smiled to her and held out his hand to her. She smiled back and took his hand, shaking it softly.- “I am Malik.” -He stated.- “I am Starfire.” -She responded.- “What a wonderful name.” -He said with a soft smile.- “Thank you.” -She wrapped her arm in his in a friendly gesture as they made their way out the door. He spoke once more.- “My car is right over here, the restaurant is just a few blocks away.” -She smiled softly and focused her optics on him.- “Well, if it is only a few blocks and it is so nice out would you mind if we walked?” -He had smirked at her, his ice blue optics on hers.- “Not at all. I was thinking it myself.”

-They made their way down the street, she looked at the surroundings out of habit, she made it seem as though she was just enjoying the new things but in truth she was looking for exits and enemies. They soon after reached the restaurant. It was extremely nice and she wondered how he could afford it. Deciding not to ask questions as they entered the restaurant. The waiter looked at them and smiled.- “Ah, Malik. Your table is always ready, please, follow me.” -She was slightly amazed that the waiter knew him and he had his own table. She looked to him raising a brow some, he simply smiled at her and began to follow the waiter. She walked with him and sat down on the chair across from him. The waiter asked what they wanted to drink and Malik ordered a glass of wine. She decided that wine would be good for her as well so the waiter hustled off to the kitchen.- “So, how long are you here for?” -He asked her.- “Oh, just for tonight.” -A hint of sadness in the words as she spoke them.- “Well then, we better make it memorable so you come back some time.” -A soft flush rose to her cheeks at his words. The waiter returned and asked what they wanted. She had told Malik to order for her because she was not sure what was good. He ordered for the both of them and the waiter quickly hustled off to the kitchen once more.- “Do you live here?” -She asked.- “Yes I do, I always have. Born and raised.” -She smiled some.- “Must be nice.” -He grinned.- “If you say so.” -She laughed softly and they continued learning about each other until their food arrived very shortly after. She smiled to the waiter and thanked him as he set her plate in front of her. The dish was some sort of chicken dish. She cut into it and took a small bite, her optics fell closed for a short moment.- “Good choice this is absolutely amazing.” -He had smiled at her as he took a bite of his own steak dish.- “Glad you like it.” -The continued asking each other questions as they ate. When they were done eating he paid and left a tip before standing and offering his arm to her once more.- “Time to get you back to the hotel so you can sleep before you depart tomorrow.” -She smiled softly and took his arm. They made their way back to the hotel and he walked her to her room. She used the key to open the door but didn’t walk in just yet. Turning to him she said.- “Thank you for tonight, I needed it.” -He simply smiled and said.- “Any time.” -He turned and walked away. She was thankful he had not tried to push himself upon her. Making her way into the room she turned on all the lights. Also thankful that no one had interrupted her night nor been in her room when she came back.-

-She had decided to lay down for a few more hours until the early morning hours came. She turned on her heels and began turning off all of the lights. After doing this she moved to lay her form upon the bed she still found so comfortable. She pulled the covers over her form and let her optics fall to a close. Her head propped upon the pillows as she slowly drifted into sleep. She was awakened moments later as she had gotten the feeling of being watched whilst she was sleeping. Her hand clenched around her sword which she had left at her bedside. She quickly stood and turned on the main light. Though she saw nothing she moved her form around the room, turning on the rest of the lights. Still seeing nothing she sighed softly.- I must be going crazy. -She thought to herself. It was either that or she was worried, it could very well be both. She decided it was best to leave anyways, just in case she really was being watched and she simply could not see the culprit. Quickly throwing her things together she slung her backpack onto her form and made her way out of the room. She ran down the steps and made her way to the front desk. Evening her breath some before she reached it. She set the card down on the countertop in front of the hostess.- “Checking out.” -She stated. The hostess looked to her and took the key. Typing some keys on the keyboard before responding moments later.- “You are free to go on your way.” -She smiled softly before turning on her heels and quickly but not to quickly as to alarm anyone, she made her way to the door. Stopping once to look around the lobby as she thought about Malik. She made her way back to the desk and wrote her number down on a piece of paper. She handed it to the hostess along with a small amount of cash.- “If you see Malik, please make sure he gets this.” -The hostess nodded but she was already headed back towards the exit. It was still dark outside as she opened the doors and took in a heavy breath of the fresh air before making her way around the corner to a dark un-inhabited area.-

-She pulled the map from her bag and skimmed over it with a low flashlight. Figuring out which way she needed to go she turned around and headed North East. Still tired though not nearly as badly she allowed a yawn to escape her lips, she caught it with her right palm before she let it settle back down to her side. She continued walking towards her destination. She saw a large mountain in front of her and no way around it that was safe. She groaned softly as she got closer to the mountain. She looked upwards.- “You have got to be kidding me.” -She stated before continuing on her way. She began the long climb up the hill, removing a diet coke from her backpack. She did not stop walking but opened the diet coke and took a long drink from it. Placing it back in the backpack she retrieved a cigarette. Finding her lighter she lit the cigarette but kept it cupped so that the flame could not be seen by anyone or anything watching or looking. She continued to smoke the cigarette whilst she walked. Her optics flickered around in the darkness, watching carefully for any signs of life forms. Though she was calm she felt her mind racing with worry. She knew nothing of what was to come when she reached her destination but she did know this, the odds were harshly against her at that very moment. She huffed softly though she did not make a sound. Hearing a rock fall down the mountain behind her she quickly turned on her heels. Though she was to late and a large rock came flying at her head. She wasn’t able to dodge it and as it hit her she fought for consciousness. It was a losing battle for her. She saw a tall dark figure lingering over her and that was all she remembered before everything went black.-

-Her head throbbing with pain as she awoke, her eyelids struggling against her to
open. She remembered what had happened and quickly sat upwards. The pain in her head had her dizzy and falling back down. She realized that she was on a bed, one she recognized from the hotel. Her optics opening she looked around the room.- “Well now, good morning sleeping beauty.” -The voice came from the figure sitting in a dark corner of the room across from her.- “Malik?” -Her voice weak and full of pain when she spoke.- “Indeed, it is me.” -She groaned some.- “What is going on?” -His voice cold with his response.- “You have the map to something I want sweetheart. Hand it over or I’m getting it myself. Play nicely and I just might let you live.” -His words stung her deeply, she had trusted him and he was a foe. How could she be so ignorant.- “You will have to kill me before I just hand it to you, you lying sack of shit.” -He laughed at her before crossing the room to her and grabbing her by her hair, yanking her off the bed. She struggled against his grip as he pinned her up against the wall by her throat.- “If that’s how you want it.” -She kicked at him but he only tightened his grip on her neck. Her head still throbbed but she knew he would kill her if she didn’t escape. She thrust her knee forwards, hard, into his groin. She felt it hit and her form fell to the floor as he did. He rolled around in pain. She kicked him in the ribs multiple times to make sure he stayed down. Quickly grabbing her backpack and sword she ran from the room. Running directly out the exit of the building she ran two block to a busy building. Running inside she hid amongst the crowd so that he would not see her. She watched him run past the building and look in before he kept running forwards. Once he was gone she ran from the building and back to the mountain. Her form clung tightly against it’s edge as she hastily made her way up it.-

-Once she was at the top of the hill her optics flickered around her surroundings, though she was hidden in the shadows. Seeing nothing that alarmed her she started her way down the mountain. It was steep and she had trouble but still made no sound. Knowing her foe did not know her destination because she had the map she did not worry about him. She kept her focus on the other creatures that she knew would soon show themselves. As soon as she thought this a group of the creatures came racing up the hill towards her. They stopped a few feet from her. She took a fighting stance and unsheathed her sword. She held it tightly in her hands as she waited for the creatures to approach her. They all ran at her at once and surrounded her in a circle. Though they circled her it seemed as though they would take her on one by one. She was glad for this as the first approached her. The creature held a whip in his right hand. He let it uncoil down to the ground before snapping it at her. She had underestimated the quickness of the whip, before she could step from its range the whip cracked her hard on the shoulder. She let out a small groan of pain before lunging her sword at the creature. Though it dodged she was ready and raised her foot to its skull. The force of her food had it on the ground with its head bleeding. She smiled some to herself before she thought.- One down, five to go. -The next creature ran at her with no weapon. She knew why when he jumped in the air and flipped his form around. Coming down directly above her. She stepped to the side and he landed on the ground, unfortunately on his feet. Whilst he was distracted she shoved her sword into his gut. Pulling it out the blade would drip with blood as she held it out to the side. Her feet spread apart in yet another fighting stance as she awaited the next foe. This one female had come walking slowly to her. She held a gun in one hand which worried her greatly. She might dodge a sword or another weapon but not a bullet. Before she had a chance to fire the gun she quickly lunged herself at the female creature. It fired but to late and the shot just missed her as she had the creature tackled to the ground. She lay her sword across the creatures throat and pulled it across. She had slit the creatures neck in a painless death before she stood. Brushing off her form the other two decided to attack her at the same time. This proved not to be a large problem for her. As they approached her she leapt into the air and came down spinning. Her sword had sliced both of the creatures open and they fell harshly upon the ground. She straightened her form once more before wiping her blade against a mossy rock to clear the blood from it. Returning it to its sheath she began the steep walk down the mountain once more.-

-As she made her way down the mountain again she saw some lights far in the distance. Though, these lights, were not that of a city. They were splattered in groups all along another mountain side, she knew this meant they were campfires. She also knew that this quantity was not friend but foe. Continuing on her way until she could get close enough to figure out a plan she would sit down for a moment. Her body was tired but she knew that she could not let this get to her. Once sitting down she pulled her backpack from her form and set it on the ground in front of her. Unzipping it she would pull out a thermos that contained hot coffee as the moon was in the sky and the wind was bitter cold against her skin. She also pulled a sandwich from the backpack. Zipping it back up she removed the lid from her thermos and poured some coffee into the cup like lid. After she had it poured she removed some travel sized creamer and sugar. Putting the desired amount into her coffee she took a sip from the cup. Letting it warm her stomach before she unwrapped her sandwich. As it was cold and well wrapped it had not spoiled which she knew it wouldn’t. Taking a medium sized bite from the sandwich she chewed upon it. She continued to eat and drink while she watched the camp fires and her surroundings. Hearing nothing that frightened or alerted her she decided she would wait to approach further until tomorrow night, as the sun was already starting to rise and she did not want to be seen. She looked around for a good place to sleep and saw a forest just feet from her. She finished her sandwich and placed the wrapper back in her backpack. Drinking the rest of her coffee she put this away as well. Making her way down the side of the mountain to the forest. Picking a tree closer to the middle of the bunch she tossed the backpack upwards with a great force. The backpack caught on a branch as she had hoped and hung in mid air. She quickly began to climb up the tree to her backpack. Grabbing hold of the backpack she continued climbing to a higher branch. Finding one that way sturdy enough to support her form she lay back upon it, hanging her backpack off the end of the branch. She allowed her optics to fall to a close as she quickly drifted off the sleep. Though even the softest sound would wake her from her slumber.-

-Her eyes flickered open some as she heard something rummaging around the forest near her. She quickly but quietly rolled over on the branch so that she now lay on her stomach. She saw a group of the creatures on the mountain where she had been hours ago. She watched them carefully as she searched for her. They knew she would be somewhere near given the time since she had killed a few of their friends. She hoped none of them were smart enough to search the trees and was soon thankful when they looked at each other and shrugged. She watched them as they turned around and began to make their way back to camp. Relieved she waited another few minutes until she was sure they were gone before she lowered herself from the tree, branch by branch. She made sure not to many any noises. Looking up at the sky she saw that the sun was nearly down and it would be dark again soon. She decided to have a cigarette now before she could not because they would see the red burning. Quickly removing a cigarette from her pack as well as her lighter she remained hidden in the trees. She knew that the creatures could come back at any moment and she needed cover to escape if they did. Slowly flicking the lighter so it made less sound she held it up to her cigarette until the end was lit. Inhaling deeply she smiled some to herself as she thought.- You know, this isn’t going to badly yet. Let’s hope it continues this way. -She knew that it probably wouldn’t but hell, here’s to hoping. She continued to smoke her cigarette until it was right down to the butt. Lifting up her right leg she would put it out on her shoe and place the butt in her backpack. She did not want any evidence of her being there whether they knew it or not. The sky was dark now so she began slinking her way through the forest towards the camp fires.-

-She caught her shirt on one of the branches and it pulled her backwards. She grabbed hold of another tree so that she would not fall, which would cause a loud noise that was sure to alert the creatures. She untangled her shirt from the branch and glared at it some before she continued on her way. Soon after she came to a halt and peered from behind a large tree, it was easily three times wider than herself so it hid her well. She was but twenty feet from the fires and she squinted her eyes some from the brightness. There was at least one hundred creatures camped there. She looked around for a route around them but there did not seem to be one. She was unsure of how she would get through them as she began to plan it out. She decided that it was possible this was where the weapon was located as well so she would have to search around the site. As soon as she said this she saw a few humans walking around the camp. She saw a symbol engraved on each of their arms which she determined must signify that they are part of the group. She smiled some to herself as she knew what was to be done, though it was going to hurt. She learned what the creatures were wearing and figured out that she could also cut her outfit to match theirs. She moved from the tree and out of site from the fires. She took a hunting knife from her backpack and began to trim her clothing. She made it look ragged and used so that it would match. Taking a deep breath she moved the knife to her arm. She began carving the symbol into her arm and bit down on a piece of leather that she had cut from her outfit so that she would not make a sound. Blood dripped down her arms as she carved though she did not stop. Once the carving was finished she knew she had to make it look older. At the moment it was easy to tell that the wound was fresh. Taking her lighter from her backpack she hid behind a tree so the flame could not be seen when she lit it. She let it warm the tip of the knife before she retraced the carving on her arm. She felt her skin searing. It nearly brought tears to her eyes from the pain but she remained strong until the symbol was fully burned into her skin and now looked as though it were a scar.-

-She made her way to the path on the mountain knowing it would be to suspicious if she had come from the forest. Taking a deep breath as she approached the guards. They looked her over before they spoke to each other and her at the same time.- “My my, don’t we have a hot one.” -The other creature nodded before smiling at her. She spoke in a firm tone, as though she had a right to be offended.- “I will take that as a compliment, now let me through. The creatures laughed before the moved aside some.- “Where did you go woman? It is late and you were told not to go out. That woman could have been out there and killed you.” -She simply smiled to them before she said.- “I had to go to the store and get more cigarettes, if she had run into me without me having them it would have been her regret very quickly.” -The three of them laughed and they continued to laugh as she made her way past them. She let out a heavy breath, glad that they had been fooled by her statements. She made her way into the camp and began to look around for the weapon. She did not make it apparent that she was searching but telling others she had lost her wedding ring. A few of them even helped her search for the “ring” but had gone their separate ways. One of the creatures approached her, the look on his face made her weary.- “Well now, what do we have here?” -He asked in a rough tone, looking over her form.- “I’m sorry?” -She said, as though she was confused at his statement.- “You my dear. I think I would like to have you join me in my chambers.” -She felt a lump rise in her throat at the thought but her voice was calm when she spoke.- “I’m sorry but I am not interested in that kind of entertainment.” -She allowed a chuckle to pass through her lips, she felt the eyes of others upon her.- “Well that’s just to damn bad. For you that is.” -The creature said before grabbing hold of her arm and twisting it hard. She did not fall to her knees but instead sent her fist for the creatures throat. It hit him hard and had him on his knees gasping for breath. She pulled her arm from his grasp.- “If you ever touch me again it will be your death next time.” -She hissed. The others that were watching her simply laughed, muttered words of “Good for her” and “He had it coming” could be heard from the group. She was relieved that they had no suspicions of her. She soon after continued her search for the weapon.-

-She saw a rather large tent a few feet in front of her. It was bigger than the rest and she knew this must be where the sword is. She walked into the tent as though she belonged there and was greeted by a rather large male. He smiled some to her.- “Hello, may I help you?” -She looked around once and saw a large chest in the corner, there was a padlock on the front of it.- “Evening Sir, I have come to take the weapon for its cleaning. The girls and I flipped a coin to see who’s turn it was and unfortunately it is mine this week.” -He chuckled some before he spoke.- “Why unfortunately?” -She answered him, keeping her head bowed in respect and wanting to laugh that she had guess that it got cleaned and she was right.- “Well, you some what scare us Sir, no offence. You are much stronger than us and we always hope to not catch you in a bad mood.” -He laughed once more before he moved over to the chest. Taking the key from the necklace around his throat as he spoke.- “Do not worry young one. I would not touch any of you women in that way. You are all far to good to me and I need every one of you anyways.” -As he opened the lock and removed it from the chest she allowed a smile to cross her lips.- “Thank you Sir, it is appreciated.” -He smiled some and removed the weapon from the chest. It was a large sword that seemed to glow with a bright green aura. The sword had obvious powers beyond was she was told and she reminded herself to yell at the elders when she got back, but right now she had other worries than that. He turned on his heels with the sword in hand and carefully handed it to her. She took the sword from him, just as gently as he had handed it to her and smiled softly.- “I shall return it as soon as I can Sir.” -He chuckled some.- “Take your time, I need it spotlessly clean for its upcoming events.” -She nodded some before turning on her heels to leave the tent.-

-She sighed heavily as she left the tent and began to plan how she would escape
with the weapon. She quickly came up with an idea and made her way to the blacksmith they had there, making weapons for their battle that if she had anything to say about it, would not be fought. As she made her way into the tent she spoke with authority.- “I was ordered to instruct you to make an exact copy of the weapon. His highness has a plan to keep the weapon from that woman that is after it.” -The blacksmith nodded some before he stopped his work and began doing as she asked. She chuckled in her head but not out loud at his ignorance. She made her way from the tent to the tent of the humans she had seen earlier. She rested the sword against the tent before she entered.- “His highness has had me take the sword to the blacksmith. He is to make an exact replica of the sword so that we can fool the ignorant woman. We will have no need to clean it until it is finished.” -The humans all nodded to her as though they understood. She turned on her heels and made her way from the tent. She picked up the sword and moved to the shadows behind all of the tents. Placing the sword in a duffle bag that she had found before making her way to the mountain path. She approached the soldiers calmly.- “We need some cleaning supplies for the store so I must run to town. His highness has given me permission to go alone.” -They looked downwards to her duffle bag.- “What is in there?” -She responded with a soft smile.- “The money to pay for the supplies, it’s fairly expensive as it is illegal I will also need the bag to carry it back safely.” -They nodded and moved aside so she could get through. She smiled though they did not know she was smiling at how easy it had been, she began to make her way down the mountain path.-

-Once she was out of site she moved into the forest. It was daylight out now as she pulled the map from her backpack. Now that she had the weapon she could find a quicker way back to her town and around the one she had been in earlier, when she was betrayed by someone she felt she could trust. She found a route quickly that would shorten her time drastically, in fact, she would make it home in no more than three hours. She knew well that she could make it before the group of creatures were sent after her. She put the map back into her backpack and flung the duffle bag over her back so it was easier to carry. She began to run towards home, she picked up speed until she was running as quickly as she could. She would not stop running for those three hours no matter how short of breath or in pain she was. Two hours later she pulled the map from her backpack once more. Though she continued running, looking at the map she figured out that she was still on track and closer than she expected. She would be in here town in less than an hour. Smiling to herself she continued to run as fast as she could. An hour later she saw the town and was relieved to know she would be safe there. Running towards it she slowed down to a walk as she entered the town. Jogging towards the building of the elders she dropped to her knees once inside. Breathing heavily she pulled the duffle bag off of her back and pushing it to the elders. They quickly picked it up and pulled the sword from it, standing in awe for a moment before speaking.- “We don’t know how to repay you young warrior. Thank you, so much. Go get some rest then come back later tonight. We have a surprise for you.”

-She stood slowly, her bones sore from the running before she bowed slightly to them. She left the building and began to make her way back home. Once home she lazily pushed her door open and crawled to her bed. Not bothering to pull of her shoes or change she dropped down upon the bed. Groaning some as she did so she quickly fell asleep. Waking up hours later when it was dark she stood up and stretched. Still drowsy she made herself a pot of coffee and showered as she waited for it to finish brewing. After taking a shower she put on comfier clothing and moved to her coffee pot. Pouring some of the hot liquid into a coffee mug she added her preferred two sugars and one cream to the mug. Drinking it quickly she put on a pair of flat shoes and made her way out the door. Remembering the elders had told her they had a surprise for her she made her way to the building. Once she walked inside she quickly knew what her surprise was. Everyone from the town was there and there was music, food, and decorations all around the building. She smiled to the elders.- “Welcome to your celebration warrior. This was the best way we could think to thank you. We hope it pleases you, now go get some food, I’m sure that you are starved.” -She smiled softly to them before thanking them and moving over to the large table of assorted food. She piled a bunch of random things onto a plate and did not even bother to sit down before she began to eat it. A bright smile rose to her face as the food settled in her stomach. She moved out to the dance floor after eating and began to sway to the music. Realizing she still held her plate she set it down on a table and then began to dance once again. The music was the rock genre that she greatly preferred which only made the already beautiful not better. She was happy as she knew that she would not have any more trouble with the creatures as we had the weapon and they knew that, at least for now, they weren’t going to get it back. At least not by brute strength, which at the moment, was all that they had.-

Word Count : 10,004

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Re: Weapon Of Mass Destruction (Completed RP)

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Great job, really enjoyed the read. Especially the battling, epicly awesome. Graded ^^

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