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Post by Starfire on Thu Apr 15, 2010 4:49 am

-She had been sitting in front of her computer when all of a sudden the computer screen flickered. She became frustrated because she could not figure out why it had done this. Then the computer shut itself off randomly. She sighed and attempted to turn it back on, as she did this she saw the dreaded blue screen. Her voice had come in obvious irritation.- “You have GOT to be kidding me.” -She smacked the side of the computer monitor before shutting it off once more. Upon turning it back on she saw the blue screen again.- “You piece of shit. WORK, I demand it!!!” -The words came as a heavy growl before she shut it off a few more times. Turning it back on the result was the same other than the few times it had gotten to start up before shutting down again. She smacked the computer a few more times.- “Fine you mechanical piece of shit, I’m calling Capsule Corp! What do you think of that!?!” -She screamed.-
-Grabbing the phone harshly she quickly dialed the numbers and waited for an answer. After selecting English she went through the drawn out system of questions and no answers before finally getting an operator.- “Hello?” -The voice was foreign but she thought nothing of it.- “Yes, my stupid computer isn’t doing what it’s supposed to. I also keeps shutting off and I get the damned blue screen every time I turn it back on!” -She listened closely only to find that the being was not speaking a language she understood.- “I’m sorry, I don’t believe you caught it when I selected English? I don’t understand you.” -She said this politely yet he continued speaking another language.- “Look asshole, let me say this in a way you MIGHT understand. YOU MAKEA NO SENSEA TO MEA.” -She had exaggerated her words with a’s to annoy the person, yet once again, they did not speak English. Though she now understood this part. He had said he does not know English.- “You sack of shit. You sell computers to Americans but you don’t bother to learn our fucking language! Get me someone that speaks English and do it NOW!” -The worlds growled out of her mouth as her hands rose with frustration.-
-Another voice soon came over the phone.- “Hello?” -She sighed with relief, finally.- “Thank the lord. Yes, listen, this guy doesn’t understand English and I have been trying to explain to him that my computer is broken. It isn’t doing what the sales person said and I’m getting the blue screen of death. How do I fix it?” -She asked this, her eyes got wide and she let out a loud scream of frustration. This fucker didn’t speak English either.- “Alright I’ve had enough I’m coming down to Tech Support to show you cock blockers how to do your jobs!” -She screamed into the phone before hanging up and throwing it across the room.- “GREAT, Now I broke my damn phone! Gah!”
-She had just gotten out of the shower so she quickly threw on some clothes and shoes. She stormed out of the house to her car before she stopped in front of it. She had just now thought about the fact that Tech Support was quite a ways away.- “God damnit.” -She said as she looked at her car before storming back into the house. She arranged for a plane ticket and lucky for her there was a plane leaving in 30 minutes. She ran out to her car and got in. She slammed the door behind her form before starting up the car. Peeling out of her driveway she drove with a furious rage all the way to the airport. As she boarded the plane she shoved headphones into her ears and blared the music. Her fingers taped impatiently on the side of the plane whilst she sat in her seat.-
-She watched the destination come into view and felt a jerk as the turbo kicked in on the plane, she grumbled to herself as she braced for the landing. The plane jerked around as the landing gear touched the ground and it came to a halt at last.- “You call that a landing? What a hunk of rusted heap.” -She stated before kicking at the plane as she departed and made her way for the taxi she had arranged to be waiting. She got into the back of the taxi.- “Tech Support please.” -The taxi driver answered in a foreign language which only made her mood worsen so she decided to scowl at him. Wanting to do much worse but deciding better of it as she currently needed his services. The taxi driver decided to drive at ten miles an hour for no freaking reason so she spoke up.- “Hey buddy, I’m not in a very good mood think you could hurry it up?” -The driver responded with.- “I do not understand,” -She growled.- “FASTER! You imbecile!” -She knew he had heard her because he sped up and quickly ripped around a corner, throwing her to the other side of the cab she smacked her head against the window.- “Ow! Be careful you dimwit!” -He stopped the cab and turned to face her.- “I would appreciate it if you stopped calling me name.” -Her face turned a bright red as she screamed.- “You understood me that whole time! You dick!” -He laughed at her which only pissed her off more so she leaned back and sent her foot flying at the plastic between them. She kicked it hard a few times before it cracked. He simply looked at her and said coolly.- “You’re paying for that.”
-She got out of the cab and nearly strangled him but decided it was best not to have him call the cops. Seeing as she was on her way to murder tech support. She threw money at him through the window before storming away and making her way down the street. Not knowing where she was going she stopped a pedestrian and spoke in a calm voice.- “Hello there, can you tell me where I would find Tech Support? I am sort of lost.” -The female responded sadly.- “I am sorry, I do not speak English other than this.” -She frowned before moving her way to another person. They had also not understood her. She stopped a few more people and none of them spoke English. She sighed heavily in frustration before getting out the phone she had bought before getting on the plane. She quickly brought up mapquest and found the directions she needed. Though the street names made no sense she continued on her way by using the navigator equipped on the phone. Turning it on she quickly threw it across the street as it had begun giving her directions in another language.- “God damnit! I can’t find anyone that speaks fucking English and technology is betraying me now!”
-A voice came from somewhere behind her, she swiftly turned on her heels to face the direction it had come from.- “Ah, but technology fails us all, no matter the situation, which is obvious you should know since you are going to Tech Support.” -She found the figure the voice came from and looked upwards. The individual was an overly tall male. He towered over her and she was forced to look upwards to speak to him.- “Well, this is true… Sorry you had to see that. Uh, can you help me?” -He had laughed softly before speaking in a deep masculine voice.- “Do not apologize, you obviously have a reason for being so infuriated, besides, I happen to think it’s a good look on you.” -She had bit down on her laughter and attempted a scowl.- “Gee thanks. Look, are you going to help me or not?” -He had laughed once more.- “Calm down lady I am friend not foe. I will help you get to where you are going.” -She huffed some.- “Finally! Thank you!” -He replied with a simple answer.- “No problem.”
-She listened closely and watched his hands as he bantered about where she needed to go and pointed around the city. She sighed in frustration.- “I can pay you if you would show me the way? I will never remember this.” -He had let his hands fall down to his sides before he responded.- “Alright, come with me and please do keep up. I will try to walk slower than my usual but if you get lost behind me you are pretty much sol.” -She narrowed her optics on him in a soft glare before extending her hand.- “Let the way o great jerk.” -She laughed some as he laughed, knowing she was joking he began walking swiftly. She kept on his heels until she saw the building come into view. He turned to face her as she reached into the pouch at her side and took some money out. She extended it to him with a smile.- “Thank you so much for all your help.” -He took the money from her hands and slid it back into her pouch.- “There is no need for payment, I was glad for the walk anyways. You are not bad company.” -She laughed softly as she watched him make his way back into the crowded streets.-
-She began to make her way the last half mile to the front of the building. She let her anger rebuild and remembered why she was there. Her emotions fuming once more as her face turned a bright red color before she stormed up the steps of the building. It was tall and had many exits which she quickly checked out before making her way into the building. She needed to have options for escape if things went badly. As she made her way into the building she stormed up to the woman sitting behind a counter. The woman saw her coming and must have known she was angry because she hustled away and to the nearest manager. The manager approached her in mid stride before speaking to her.- “May we help you?”
“No, you can’t. Which is why I’m fucking here. I have a bone to pick with you.” -The manager began speaking in another language which made her furious. She let out a loud scream as she glared at him.- “Do any of you stupid bastards understand ENGLISH!!” -The whole room and now turned to look at her but she did not care nor did she pay any attention to them.- “Find me someone that speaks English NOW!” -The manager quickly ran away and she stood there tapping her foot loudly against the floor before quickly swirling around to face the people.- “What are YOU staring at?” -The all turned around just as quickly and acted as though she wasn’t talking to them and they knew nothing. She scoffed some before turning to see the manager approaching with a large man in a navy blue suit at his side.-
-Her gaze drug upwards as her jaw dropped nearly to the floor. It was the man that had shown her the way here.- “Well, nice to see you again… Why didn’t you tell me you worked here?!?! Who are you!?!?!” -She demanded. Yet his response was calm and clear.- “I am assistant to the vice president. My name is Raul and I didn’t tell you I worked here because I didn’t want you to kill me in the middle of the street. You WERE quite pissed.” -He had laughed some but stopped when he saw the glare on her face.- “Oh come now, don’t be angry with me. Could you honestly blame me after I watched you throw the phone across the street and nearly kill the cab driver? Please, come with me where we can be un-disturbed and you can tell me what the problem is.” -He extended an arm towards another room of the building. She grunted some.- “I suppose not.” -She said before she began walking, allowing him to lead her to the room.-
-He opened the door for her and she made her way into the room. He pulled out a chair for her after closing the door.- “Please have a seat.” -His voice crisp and professional, yet still deep and masculine. Her own sounded meek after his.- “Here is the deal, I called the other place trying to explain my issues with my computer but none of them spoke English so I came down her to tell you its ignorant. You can’t sell shit to Americans if your workers can’t even speak their language! How do you expect us to FIX anything?” -After stating this he sat in a chair behind a desk and leant back in it.- “Well, this is true, however, I speak English.” -Her voice lashed out at him.- “Do YOU answer the phones? Do YOU come running down when someone who speaks English calls? NO! I think not!” -He rolled his eyes at her some before speaking.- “No, I suppose you are right. I do not.” -She smiled.- “Yeah, I thought so. Now, tell me how to fix my god damn computer or replace it.” -Her statement cold as she watched him.- “Unfortunately for you, I know nothing about these computers.”
-She stared blankly at him for a moment before she stood slowly. She did not say a word before her hand balled to a fist and she sent it flying at his face. Her fist connected hard into his nose and she screamed at him as it bled.- “You ignorant mother fuckers! First none of you speak English, now you have some buffoon in a high command that doesn’t know shit about the computers? What is WRONG with you people!?!?!?!” -She continued screaming when he stood to tower over her. He took her arm and held her in place before paging for the security team. She wiggled against his grip.- “Fuck your rent a cops you stupid bastard! I demand you find me one competent person to speak to you and you better do it right now or I’m taking out everyone in this god forsaken place!” -The security team showed up and tried to take her arms but she quickly managed to escape them, she pulled her sword off her back and in one large swoop had sliced through the three of them. Her optics focused coldly on the man.- “I said now.”
-He ran past her from the room and got the president of the company. He came down face to face with her. His face said scared but his eyes said she should be careful.- “What is the problem?” -He asked without looking at the bodies.- “The problem is, if you don’t fix my fucking computer and get some competent workers I’m kicking all your asses, starting with you!” -Her voice said this to be true but the man did not budge.- “I will replace the computer, I will also look over what you have done here but if I do that you must leave and do not come back here or I will take you out with my own hands madam. I am not easy to kill as they are.” -She knew his words to not be false so she dropped her sword on the ground before him.- “That was all I wanted to begin with.” -She watched as the male turned his optics onto Raul.- “And you, you ran from a woman? You pathetic weakling.” -She nearly fell in laughter but managed to bite it back as Raul glared at her. His eyes beautiful yet very cold as he growled and left the room.-
-She focused her eyes back on the president, her hand extended towards him.- “I am Starfire, may I ask of your name?” -He replied upon a chuckle.- “My dear, you would not want to know for you could not pronounce it.” -She laughed softly as he shook her hand. She let it drop back down to her side afterwards.- “Probably for the best then.” -She smiled some as he spoke.- “Please come with me so we can set up your plane ride back home with your new computer, which I am going to let you pick out seeing as you have gone through so much trouble. Also, please allow me to provide you with a new phone.” -She raised a brow some.- “Alright, but I’m kicking Raul’s ass for telling you I threw my phone.” -They both chuckled as he spoke.- “I can live with that. Only him though, I need the rest of my workers so that people have someone to blame other than me when we piss them off. It does tend to happen often.” -She nearly fell in laughter as she responded calmly.- “I can’t say that I do not know or understand why.”
-She held her new computer and phone that she had picked out tightly against her form as she got back onto the dreadful plane once more. The turbo kicked in as they took off from the airport. She lay back in her seat and had fallen asleep on the flight but was quickly awakened as the Turbo kicked in once more when they were landing. This time was a bit harsher than the last which means they had the same pilot. She laughed some to herself before she waited for the landing gear to touch the ground. She was jerked once more as they did, after the plane stopped she clasped her new items and stood, departing the plane with ease. A soft smile rose to her lips as she kicked at the plane.- “Piece of rusted metal!” -She laughed softly as the pilot turned in his seat to smile at her. She made her way home and quickly set up her new devices when she entered the house. She nearly jumped out of her skin when her phone rang and the caller id said Tech Support.-

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Re: Tech Support

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