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New Weapon 1

Post by Starfire on Sun Apr 11, 2010 9:56 pm

-The female Neko was wandering around the town. She had made a few small purchases where she saw fit, clothing, food, etc. It was a beautiful day outside, the sun shown brightly high up in the sky. She felt as though she could skip, the thought brought a brilliant smirk to the corners of her lips. She watched as children played in the town, laughing and having fun. It made her remember the bits of her childhood that still hung vivid in her mind, though most of her memories had gone. The female Nekos expression quickly changed when she saw two men in uniform, soldiers of course, with a frantic look upon their faces as they went rushing past her. She quickly grabbed an arm of one of the soldiers and wheeled him around to face her.- “What is it?” -He shook his head some before he began to explain.-

“We have begun to make a new weapon out of an indestructible, energy absorbent metal that is the shed skin of our God Vance. There is rumor that someone is trying to steal it!” -As he finished telling her this she bolted straight for the Polarian Nobility. She ran inside the building where they were located and stopped in front of the group. Her breath short though it did not show nor was it heard when she spoke.- “Tell me of this weapon and if the rumors of theft are true. I stand here ready to fight if a war is upon the people.” -The Nobility had spoken quickly and swiftly to her.- “It is true, there is a Creature Champion trying to steal the prototypes to use this weapon for evil. He wants to reinvent them so that the Creature forces can steal the Ore used in creating the weapons and then use them to destroy us. Please, help us. We have no one else strong enough!” -She was shocked they felt that they even needed to ask for her help.- “Of course I will help you. When is it coming?” -She asked. The Nobility looked at each other and from the look in there eyes she knew she would not like their answer.- “We do not know.”
-A heavy sigh escaped her lips as she had finally caught her breath.- “We should continue our days as normal.” -She spoke to the elders.- “I do not want to alert the children and women to the situation. It would only send them into a frenzy which would further complicate the situation. I will spend the days until the Creature Champion and his forces arrive training some of the soldiers, teaching them what they don’t already know and improving what they do. We should be able to defeat it then, it will be a rough battle and we WILL lose some people, but there is no other option.” -She knew they understand, her eyes said that she was concerned but not enough to back away. The Nobility spoke to her, their voices thankful.- “If you do this, young fighter, we will grant you one of the weapons as a thank you for helping the people. However, if you do not succeed in this mission, just know that you will forever be remembered here.” -The words brought a soft smile to her lips as she moved from the building to assemble the military.-
-She quickly ran to the soldiers, slowing when she passed a pedestrian so they would not be alarmed. She had taken them all to the top of a far away hill before explaining what was to come.- “This will be a great challenge for you warriors. I need your help in this battle, I can not do it alone. I will train you to the best of my ability until the Champion Creature and its military show up, I pray that it will be long enough. Be on your toes, we do not know when this war will happen and you must be ready at all times. If anyone is not up for this, you may go now and no bad will come of it nor will you be shunned or thought weak.” -She waited and smiled once more as none of the soldiers left but instead all stood at attention, their hands resting against their foreheads. She raised her own hand then brought it back down in a salute, they did the same before she started the training. Knowing it had to be done immediately. -

-She began by teaching the group a few of her foot maneuvers. She swept her leg underneath one of the other soldiers. He thought he had outsmarted her by not falling but her other foot had come swinging at the shoulder of the unsuspecting soldier, knocking him to the ground. She stood her form up slowly and laughed.- “That is a move that I created some time ago whilst fighting something much quicker than I. You must always have a backup plan if your first attack does not succeed. This back up plan should not stall your attack in any way. It should be a swift move that comes from your original blocked attack. Like I just showed.” -She helped the soldier to his feet before she continued. She sent her fist for the jaw of the soldier, knowing he would block it she brought her knee up lightly into his gut. Straightening her form she spoke to the others.- “Another valuable lesson. Always expect your attacks to be blocked. If you try to punch them and you see their arm barely move to block yours, a quick knee to the gut is all it takes to knock the breath right from them. Also, don’t worry, I’m not landing my blows hard on the fellow, he is fine.” -She laughed some.- “Now that I have taught you a few offensive moves, it is getting laid and you should all get some rest. We will be up with the sun tomorrow where I will teach some defense.” -She watched as the drowsy soldiers shuffled towards their homes. Her head shook slightly as she spoke to herself whilst she walked back towards the town.- “May Vance be with them.”
-She woke earlier than the rest of the town. The sun not quite up yet she crawled from her resting place and got dressed in a tank top and shorts. She knew the day would be long so she wanted to be comfortable. She jogged up to the hill top and began doing some personal training whilst she waited for the soldiers to arrive. Not noticing their arrival until one of the soldiers coughed she turned to face them.- “Ah, glad to see you are all up as early as I had liked you to be.” -She smiled some.- “Now then, let’s get started. No time to waste.” -She motioned for a soldier to stand in front of her.- “Swing a punch at me, do it as if I were an enemy.” -The soldier hesitated but did as instructed. She quickly moved her hand up to block the punch and stepped to the left before he could raise his knee, her own knee rising and connecting with his gut.- “Defense, you always want to move from the second attack and follow through with an attack of your own. This wounds your opponent and gives you the upper hand in the battle. Now, try kicking me.” -The soldier groaned some at the thought but once again did as instructed. His foot swung for her gut, she grabbed it with one hand and pulled it outwards from his form, her other hand raised to block her face from the other leg that came at her. She quickly yanked his leg, knocking him from balance he hit the ground. Her form straightened.- “You usually know what your opponent will do next, even if you don’t realize it. Anticipating your opponents moves will be your greatest offense and defense.”
-She stretched out her form some.- “Alright, time to go for a run around the town, the exercise will do you good.” -She began running back down from the hill. Not needing to check and see if they followed because she knew they would. She ran right through town and continued running for a few miles. They made a large circle back up to the top of the hill before she dropped down and began doing pushups. The soldiers did as she did. She rolled over after a handful of pushups and began doing sit-ups at that time.- “I want all of you to do this at least once a day. Run a few miles, pushups, sit-ups and any other exercise you can think of. I need all of you to be as strong as you can. The running will help your quickness in the battle.” -She heard an assortment of groans from the soldiers which made her laugh softly. She continued the exercise until the darkness of the sky and the brightness of the moon fell around them. The soldiers were visibly exhausted as she stood up.- “Alright, go get some more rest, we will pick it up again tomorrow.” -The soldiers thanked her before they drug their feet back to their homes and beds. She decided some sleep would also do her good so she returned to her residence.-
-The next five days went smoothly with training. She taught the soldiers a few more moves and had begun training them with weapons. She let them choose their own whether it be sword, gun, or any version of either. Most of the women chose a sword or a bow. The bows’ would be useful in their great battle against the creatures. After another day she began to talk strategy with them. Where they would stand, who would do what, etc. She had decided that two archers would stand at each hill that surrounded the town where the creatures would arrive. They would wait for her signal before shooting. The guns would go out first at the moment of charge. They would pick off as many of the first few lines of creatures as they could. Then the swords would go in blazing to destroy the rest. She explained that she would take care of the Champion Creature whilst they were occupied with the smaller creatures. She did this because none of them were strong enough, though they had come far in the days she had trained them, to do much damage to the beast. She wanted as little lives lost as was possible. After her explanation they went back home once more to rest. She was tired but she could not sleep for she knew the Creatures would be coming soon.-
-Upon daybreak of the following morning she watched the soldiers practice attacks on different inanimate objects, trees, rocks, whatever was close to them. She had spent the day with the soldiers, just watching. She had warned them to do nothing that involved to much physical labor for they could not be tired if the Creatures appeared. She was grateful they had listened to her when she heard the screams of a few villagers in the town below them. She swiftly turned on her heels to face the town, to her astonishment the Creatures where rampaging through the town, this was not what surprised her. What surprised her was the giant Champion Creature that towered over the people. It was at least 15 feet tall. She felt a small lump in her throat but showed no fear as she ordered the soldiers to their fighting positions. They quickly obeyed and she went racing down the hill. Never losing her balance though the soldiers behind her were not even half her speed and had trouble staying on their feet. She ordered them not to rush themselves to much before they had arrived at their predetermined positions.-
-She watched at the Creatures came running towards them. She quickly spun in a circle and slammed her own weapon, which was of course a sword, into the ground. When she did this the archers quickly fired their first group of arrows. Knocking out a good portion of the creatures with the first round. They fired off the second round, these arrows would be flaming. It injured quite a bit more of the creatures than the first set. From then on they were to fire at their own will until they ran out of arrows, then come down with other weapons to join in the fight. As the creatures lined up in their positions she screamed.- “Charge!!!” -Her line of soldiers with guns fired off a round, destroying the first row of creatures, the second row of guns would fire off doing the same. The soldiers now fired at will as her and the soldiers with swords went running towards the group of creatures. They made a loud clashing sound as metal hit metal. She destroyed as many of the weaker as she could whilst she made her way to the Champion Creature. It was at least 15 feet tall with thick armor covering a good eighty-five percent of its form. She quickly sent her sword for the foot of the creature. It had easily stepped from her attack and grabbed her up with its massive hands. She struggled to get free of it and realized she could not. Thinking quickly she swung her sword down into the hand. It quickly yelled out and dropped her. She landed hard on the ground but regained herself with a swiftness she had not known was in her. She sent her sword once more for the creature. This time the sword connected directly onto the creatures forearm, which was not covered by armor. It yelled out once more before swinging its massive tail towards her form. She was unable to escape it as the armored tail smashed into her form, knocking her backwards and injuring her left leg. She stood up at a slight tilt before running at the creature. The pain in her left leg searing as she caught it off guard. It had thought it destroyed her and she was able to leap into the air behind it. She swiftly lunged her sword downwards as her form came clashing down onto the back of the creature. Her sword inserted itself directly into the spine of the creature. It gave one last sharp yell before falling to the ground. She jumped from the back of the Champion Creature and watched as the remaining few handfuls of smaller creatures went running in retreat. They had defeated the enemy.-
-She looked around at the soldiers, they had not lost many. A smile rose to her face as she limped upon her injured knee. She made her way back to the Nobility. They had decided to have a celebration in her honor for the destroying of creatures and the protection of their new weapons. She had entered the celebration in a gown as they had instructed her. Her wounds were bandaged though they still stung. She looked around at all of the soldiers that had fought by her side. They had all cheered at her entrance and her heart swelled inside her chest before she moved to the microphone to make a speech.- “I want to thank every single one of you for what you did today. You defeated something but it is so much more than that. You worked as a team to complete a common goal amongst you all. I am deeply proud to have stood with the soldiers I did today and I would gladly do it again. They are not just good soldiers, they are a wonderful group of people and they have my deepest respect from every bone in my body.” -The people had cheered for her speech as she made her way to the food. She was exhausted and needed the nourishment of the food. After she had eaten a small amount the Nobility approached her and asked her to step back to the place she had made her speech from. She groaned some.- “Not another one, please, I’m far to exhausted to do another speech, besides, I don’t know what more I could say to these brave people.” -Her heart swelled once more as she looked around at the people, the families. The Nobility had gently pushed her back onto the stage and asked her to get on one knee. She did this but made sure her right knee supported her weight instead of her injured left.-
-As she got down on one knee the Nobility began a speech of their own.- “For her bravery in this battle we would like to reward this young fighter with one of the weapons she tried so hard to protect. She succeeded in a mission we all thought impossible, she deserves this as a token of our gratitude for her efforts. We truly could not have done this without her.” -After saying this one of the Nobility pulled a sword from a black case and held it with both hands out to her.- “Will you accept this honor?” -A wide smile crossed her lips as she took the sword from his hands. She stood and held up the sword, facing the people.- “It is my honor.” -As she said this the crowed cheered once more. She turned as the Nobility spoke once more.- “We would be honored if you would agree to fight with us in all of our battles. You are truly a great fighter and a wise one as well. We could use you on our side the next time we run into a problem as such we did this time. You would be rewarded greatly of course but if truly would be an honor if you would agree to fight at our side and remain training our soldiers.” -She smiled once more, her voice came full of glee and a deep respect.- “I accept.”

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Re: New Weapon 1

Post by Killswitch on Sun Apr 11, 2010 9:57 pm

Whoa, font change was rather weird. However good job, you are approved.

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