Posting my character

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Posting my character

Post by Dymon on Sun Apr 11, 2010 9:40 am

Character's Name: Dymon
picture for the database:
Character's Race: Demon
Character's Gender: Male
Character's Starting Job: Rogue Fighters - From mercenaries to hired muscle, these fighters are the typical problems for planets universally. These few usually have no regard for what is right and wrong.
Rewards: +400 Zeni +10 Ki

Character's starting planet: Earth
How did you find us?: It just happened i don't know?
Sample RP, 200-300 words long (Can be a old RP): Goku stood face to face with Vegeta. The two young saiyans prepared to do battle. Goku placed his right arm in the air and slowly lowered it to Vegeta, Pointing his index towards Vegeta, Goku announced ‘’VEGETA, I pledge to defeat you and prove once and for all I am the better saiyan!’’ Vegeta chuckled. ‘’I am the prince of all saiyans.’’ His aura kicked up mid sentence ‘’ And you are nothing Kakaroooooot!!!’’ Vegeta lifted up off the ground and with enormous speed rushed toward Goku.
Vegeta swung with unbelievable might but Goku defended it with a forearm. Still holding Vegeta right arm at bay, Goku dipped low and went up slanted and side kicked Vegeta in the stomach. Vegeta went flying away into the air disappearing behind clouds. This gorgeous day was being used as a temporarily recollecting spot for Vegeta. Goku eyes moved back and fourth and up and down. “BIG BANG ATTACK!!!’’ from the sky a big ball of golden energy came hurling towards Goku. Goku looked up terrified for a moment ‘’Darn it Vegeta…KamehameHAAAAAAAA!!’’ Goku unleashed a wave of bluish energy at the big bang attack swiftly. The two collided and pushed and pushed for minutes. Looking like both sides was going to win. Finally Goku erupted into a golden light of energy. Transforming into a super saiyan the kamehameha pushed Vegeta’s attack out of Earth’s atmosphere and into space. Obviously Vegeta avoided it, flying down slowly, Vegeta stood eye to eye with Goku. Vegeta smirked and in a flash of an eye he transformed into a super saiyan also. ‘’Looks like we got a fight on our hands’’ Goku said in a deeper angrier voice. Vegeta nodded. The wind begins to blow and kick up dust around the two mighty warriors.

Character's Biography (optional): Dymon, his orgins are unknown even to him. He arrivaled on the planet Earth when he was still a child unable to walk or talk. Years passed and Dymon named himself. He was walking around in the cities of Earth and heard some girls in a conversation; talking about how much they love Diamonds. He loved the way they put so much good emotion towards Diamonds. Unable to spell he assumed daimond was spelled Dymon. Years passed and Dymon attended school. And soon graduated from his high school. Now eightteen years old and wanting to discover more about himself. And why sometimes he feel as if he want to kill and destroy everyone and everything around him, Dymon is embarking on a journey to fullfill his vacant room of knowledge.


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Re: Posting my character

Post by Taku on Sun Apr 11, 2010 10:42 am

Looks good to me, Approved


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