Custom Character (Usagi Shinama)

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Custom Character (Usagi Shinama)

Post by Usagi on Sat Apr 10, 2010 3:27 pm

Character's Name: Usagi Shinama

(A rough image... Without the cloth over her hair, or the weapon she is holding.)

Character's Race: Saiyan
Character's Gender: Female
Character's Starting Job: Rogue Fighter
Character's starting planet: Earth
How did you find us?: A button and a click.

Sample RP, 200-300 words long (Can be a old RP):
The Omnipresence of the clouds in the sky fortold an oncoming storm throughout the engulfed land. Trees were swaying from side to side, some leaves even being ripped right off of the arms from which they once extended in elegance. It was under a certain Oak tree that a teen aged girl could be found, fingering the linen bandages on her hands out of bordem.

"It looks like hunting our next meal could be harder today than it has been, Mumu..." murmured the girl in a soft, precious voice. She was speaking to a small animal, in the figure of what seemed to be a squirrel. It popped it's head out of the girls grey, cloth, v-neck t-shirt. Out of inbetween her 'moderately-large-for-her-age' breasts, the small animal squeeked in what seemed to be an agreement.

Standing up and dusting some debris off of her ripped, black leggings, and extra short, flowing skirt, the young saiyan girl embraced her present actions with a tightened fist. Her clouded memory seemed to be similar to the storm that was now brewing overhead.

And single raindrop was felt as the girl finally tied her long, black hair in a ponytail, using a piece of the small bandages on her arms. With as much speed as she could muster up, the lost saiyan stomped her heeled boots across the grass and dirt floored forest in search for food and shelter.

Character's Biography:
With a past not being too clear to Usagi, not much can be told about who she is, or was, or where she came from. The young girl feels as if she is slightly different from the beings that inhabit the planet she currently travels across, although her comfrontation with the human beings has been very minimal until her recent travels.

The only memory she can recollect of her past was her blind father, who swore to do anything to protect the life of his daughter. She can still picture a man in a brown, rugged cloth type of Gi uniform, and a tail that he would always keep wrapped around his waist. The image of her katana wielding father was strange, as she had no tail of her own in present times.

The only clue as to where she came from was a small, single unit capsule pod in which she emerged from when coming onto the face of the planet Earth. Upon her arrival to this planet, she seemed much lighter than normal, and capable of performing tasks much more easily than from where she came from.

It has been this young girl's mission to find out where she originates from, and what happened to the only person she can remember in her past; her father.


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Re: Custom Character (Usagi Shinama)

Post by Guest on Sat Apr 10, 2010 4:35 pm

Approved, Krillin or one of the other staff will get your wiki profile all set up.


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Re: Custom Character (Usagi Shinama)

Post by Goten on Wed Apr 14, 2010 9:09 pm

Sorry no one got back to you sooner... not sure what people are doing. o_O is your link. Feel free to edit the misc information such as your age and bio. You can also change your image or colors at anytime. If you haven't done so already apply to be a writer.

Thanks in advance and sorry about the delay.

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Re: Custom Character (Usagi Shinama)

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