Cbox Rules and information

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Cbox Rules and information

Post by Buruma on Wed Apr 07, 2010 6:00 pm

CBox Rules

Didn't think we needed them, but I'm going to put them up for guests and new members.

  • The Cbox is rated X. If you can't handle it then don't partake in it or read it. This is a mature community as it says throughout the site. Cbox can get pretty odd.
  • Keep the drama out. If you have a problem with another member you can contact Bra via PM on the forums. The Cbox is for fun, not for drama. If you insist on drama the mods will do what they must in order to keep the peace. Goku/Katz will review the actions later.
  • NOOOOOOOOOOOO Advertising in Cbox, don't even whine about people not looking at your advertising thread. IF the members of this community want to look they will, but they do not appreciate being harassed on the forums via pm or in cbox. If you break these rules your ip will be banned from Cbox, you might get black listed on our site, etc.
  • Also, some people are in and out of character in Cbox. However this doesn't count towards your character's stats etc if you're roleplaying in Cbox.

The members with Black names are Chatroom mods.
The members with Tan names are Admins
The members with bluish names have registered their username

You now have to register your name.

Why register your user name?
Register your username on the Cbox so it's password protected and no one else can use it.
How do I register my name?
Click on the profile link, type in the password you desire two times. From now on unless the admin deletes your name you can log in automatically when you come to cbox. If it says this name is protected simply click on the profile part and enter your password. If you still have problems contact Goku.



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