Polarian Rescue

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Polarian Rescue

Post by Starfire on Tue Apr 06, 2010 2:19 am

-Once the Female Neko had set foot on the planet she began to ponder ways to impress its inhabitants. While she walked around the planet she heard word that a couple of Polarians had been captured and needed rescuing. She instinctively knew that this was the way she would have had to prove herself to the natives. The female Neko had begun asking questions about the rumor to find out more information. She had seen an older looking native sitting by themselves and determined that they would be a good person to ask. She approached the elder, her voice was soft and un-threatening.-

“Pardon me Madame, I had heard a rumor that there may be some Polarians that could use rescuing. I was wondering if you possibly had any more information on that? I would like to help it if is possible for me to do so. As of now I am not even sure if such rumors are true.” -After she had finished her sentence the elder had looked up to her with her gaze focused directly on my own, when she had spoke her voice was calm and full of wisdom. “ They are not rumors, young one. Indeed there was a creature raid and a few of out fellow comrades were taken prisoner by the monstrous creatures. We have tried to get them back many times but we have failed. No one will ever try anymore. Can you help them?” -The concern in the elders voice has softened her heart to the woman, her response was quick and heart felt.- “ Just tell me what I must do and let me handle the rest.”

-The elder had begun to explain to her that the creatures were not a force to be reckoned with, they were strong and mean and had no sense of respect for others or love for living things. She instantly thought, I am not a force to be reckoned with either. As if the elder knew what she was thinking, she had spoken once more in that calm voice of hers.- “ We have had many young travelers come through here, wanting to help or simply wanting a form of payment. The have all failed so do not be surprised if you find yourself in the same boat as they are.” -The statement had her slightly worried but not afraid as she asked the elder how she would get to where the group was. She began to explain how to get there but had mentioned that she must first go to the leader and explain to him before continuing on her path to help the captured Polarians. Otherwise there were places she would not be able to go that were key to getting there.-

-The female Neko would have continued on her way to look for the leader of the inhabitants of this planet. The elder woman had told her where she could find him but her directions had been somewhat foggy and did not seem to make a whole lot of sense so she had decided to ask a few others. She walked around the planet asking people until she finally found one that knew where she could have found the leader. They had pointed in the direction that she should go and sent her on her way. She would have began walking once more as she kept her gaze straight ahead of her as not to disturbed any of the inhabitants. She finally saw the building off in the distance, her breath caught in her throat some as she had tried to breath from all of the walking she had done. It had indeed been a long travel from the elder woman to this place. She would have slowly walked up the driveway to stop in front of the door after going up some small steps. Her heart pounded in her chest.-

-The doors had swung open when she had knocked, people and what seemed to be dressers flocked around here mumbling about how she was not in proper attire. The female would have scowled some at them but allowed them to dress her anyways. After being dressed she would have swiftly entered into the building and made her way to a larger room nearly right in the middle of the house. She looked upwards and she was able to see the night sky with all of it’s stars. Thinking of how beautiful it was she had begun to look around for the leader. As she had turned it seemed that he had already found her as his optics were focused on her. She swiftly approached him and began to explain her mission.- “ I have come to help the captives that the horrible creatures have taken. I was told that I must first speak with you on this matter so that you are aware of the situation. If it suits you I would like to be on my way now. The quicker I leave the quicker they come back home.” -She had a soft smirk on her face, as she had finished her sentence the larger male spoke.- “Please be on your way and be safe traveler.” -At the exact moment he said this she had already sprung from the room but he quickly called her back.- “Wait a moment, I need to give this to you so you can make it past some of the guards. They have been told not to let anyone through that is not wearing one of these.” -He held up a necklace with a small red pendant attached to it, the pendant would have the Chinese symbol for peace engraved in gold upon it. She turned on her heels and had approached him, taking the necklace and clasping it around her neck she had given him a soft smile.- “Thank you.” -She said before swiftly darting from the building once more.-

-She had quickly made her way to the first group of soldiers. They had looked her over a few times and she wrapped a finger underneath the chain of the necklace, she had held it up so that they could see it in a good view. After showing them the necklace they had let her pass through easily. Making her way to the second group she had found this one to be more stubborn.- “How do I know that the necklace is not a fake or replica?” -The soldier had asked her this in a rough and quite rude manor. Her response had come snapping back at the soldier, it was harsh enough to force him to take a step backwards.- “How would I know what the necklace was supposed to look like you big oaf! It’s not like someone gets captured every day!” -The soldier had taken a few more steps backwards as she continued to yell at him.- “Let me pass through here or your comrades will be looking for the pieces of your body that I deem fit for ripping off of you.” -The soldiers voice came scared and rang of submission.- “I do not understand why you have to be so cruel about it but please... go on your way.” -He had stepped to the side and she let out a soft growl.- “You were rude first, I just happen to be better at it.” -She said this in mid-stride up the slope to the final group of soldiers.-

-This group of soldiers had been a good mixture of both nice and cruel. She had quickly gotten an odd suspicion of one of the female soldiers as she had sat off by herself. The other female had given her an uneasy feeling and usually, she had been right about most people when she was put off by them. After speaking with the other soldiers and them telling her that she may pass she had mentioned to the head of that group that he may want to keep a close eye on the female soldier, she was up to something. The head of the group had thanked her and was walking over to the female as she had continued on with her mission. Pressing forward though her legs grew tired of the walking.-

-As she walked up the slope she had come near to her destination but saw another group of soldiers. Her mind quickly raced with the thought.- What is this... There was only supposed to be three groups...He must have forgotten about one. -As she neared the group she had quickly realized that something was off, they were not in uniform and they had all carried weapons. The head soldier she had spoken to moments ago came racing up behind her, out of breath he spoke quickly.- “ You were right she was a fraud. She set up an attack for y--” - He had stopped in his sentence realizing that he was far to late as the first foe came racing towards them, a sword in his hand. She quickly stepped to the side which had caused him to loose some of his balance, though he had quickly regained in and spun on his heels to race towards her again. She had not wanted to turn her back on the rest of the group so she had sent the ally soldier to take care of that one. Her ears laid flat against her skull as she took a fighting stance, waiting for the others to approach her. As she had suspected they had all come racing towards her at once.-

-She had taken the first that reached her and picked him up, throwing him into the side of the cliff they were standing on. She heard the crack of his body hit the stone as her focus had moved immediately to the next foe. This one held a small but not weak dagger in one hand as he lunged forward. She had grabbed his wrist and twisted hard, forcing him to release the dagger. She had heard the metal clink against a rock as he dropped it before she rose he knee to his gut. Her knee had hit him hard in the gut causing him to loose his breath as he toppled over onto the ground. The final foe came speeding towards her with what looked like a long stick made of bamboo. She recognized the Kendo Stick and had swiftly stepped to the side. She had caught a glimpse of the foe and found herself frozen as he seemed to be nothing but a child. Her focus temporarily lost he managed to hit her back with the Kendo Stick, this had caused her to topple forward and land face first on the ground. She quickly sprung back to her feet, her focus regained though she still felt mercy for the child. Instead of injuring him to much she had decided to send one fist for his jaw. It hit him in just the right spot to knock him unconscious.- “He’s going to feel that in the morning.” -She said as she had turned her focus behind her to see that the soldier had well taken care of the first foe.- “Thank you for warning me, even if it was late. I appreciate the help.” -She said, looking to the foe he had killed. The soldier had thanked her for the warning of the female soldier before returning to his post and letting her be on her way.-

-She made her way to the top of the hill where she had spotted a rather large building. She had seen a few of the Polarians being pushed harshly into the building. She had admired them for their faces were stern and they had obviously not screamed for help. They remained strong despite their situation and her already heart felt respect only deepened for the people. After a look of admiration had spread over her face she turned her optics to focus on the beings that held them captive. She had thought them to be weak and the elder to have been exaggerating but was soon disappointed as she had looked at the creatures only to realize that they were indeed not a force to take lightly. They stood at approximately eight feet tall, their skin was a yellowish green color and they smelled awful. She quickly wrapped a bandana around the bottom of her face so it would cover her mouth and nose as she made a face of disgust. She had further examined the creatures and had come to the conclusion that they looked like a shorter version of ogre’s.-

-She had begun to plot her attack because obviously just dropping down in the middle of the group was not going to work in her favor. She had decided to take them out one by one for as long as she could before the others finally realized what was going on. She had waited until all but one of the ogre-like creatures had entered into the building before she had picked up a twig and broke it in half. The creature hearing this had begun making its way towards her. She waited until it had gotten within a foot of her, which she had known by how strong the stench had gotten, before she lunged herself into the air and came down onto the head of the creature, her fist in a ball with the knuckles pointed outwards had come crushing down upon its skull. This had the creature unconscious, she had not been worried about the fall making any noise, though the creature was large she had made sure that it fell forwards onto a medium sized patch of grass that would had muffled the sound of the creatures body hitting the ground. She quickly looked around to make sure no-one was within range of her before she had slipped to the entrance of the building. She had looked into the doorway though her body was hidden and, to her joy, had found that there was only one creature guarding the hallway that led from the door.-

-She had slipped her form around the doorway when the creature had its back turned. Her form entered the doorway and she moved to a dark corner nearby. She began the think of how to destroy this creature and had started looking around the hallway for some type of weapon that she could catch it off guard with. She had smirked widely as she noticed a display of old and new weapons of various designs on the wall across from her. She had waited until the creature had turned away from her once more and had pounced into the air, her body flipping over before she landed silently on her feet in front of the display. She began to look at it, trying to figure out how to get to the weapons before she had noticed that the glass came off. She had swiftly removed the glass and chose a matching set of long daggers, which could also be referred to as a short sword, from the case. While the back of the creature was still turned she swiftly made her way behind it. Without making a peep she had jumped on the back of the creature, she had quickly placed a dagger to each side of its neck and sliced through it easily before it had a chance to call for help. She knew there was only two creatures left and that they would find the body eventually as it was so she pulled a lighter from her pocket and lit the dead creature on fire. She had hoped this would draw at least one of the creatures from the room down the hall and away from the captives.-

-Her wishes had been granted as one of the creatures came running down the hall at her. She had already moved her form back to the dark corner she hid in the first time so that she had the advantage. She watched as the ignorant creature looked around and seemed dumb-founded that he could find no-one. She watched as the flames of the creature she had lit on fire quickly died down. The room now full of smoke she had stalked up to the new creature, catching it off guard she had sliced the dagger across its back. She had no worries of it screaming now because the other creature already knew she was there and she had known that it would not leave the captives for fear that they would escape. After slicing open the back of the creature she made a face of disgust once more as its blood oozed out, yellow in color. She had known the creature would die from the wound so she left it on the floor after it had fallen forward and quickly ran forwards to the room the captives were in. She kicked the door in and watched as it fell right off the hinges.-

-The creature had been standing directly in front of the door to her surprise. She nearly toppled over in laughter as the door she had kicked in fell directly onto its head. It had been knocked to the ground and she had decided to have a little fun for herself and began to jump on the door that had fallen on top of the creature. She allowed herself to laugh softly before she focused her gaze on the captives. Jumping off of the door she made her way to them. She had lifted her right thumb under the chain of the necklace once more as she held it up for them to see before she spoke in a soft and calm tone.- “I am here to help you. Everything has been taken care of but we should still move swiftly incase they send more creatures after you.” - She had noticed that the captives were not tied up, just simply stuck in the room with the creatures. Though her back still hurt from the Kendo Stick hitting it, she showed no signs of pain. The captives had quickly risen to their feet and followed her out the door. She had run but not to quickly as she had to make sure they could keep up with her. She carried the young child that had been captured in her arms. She did this only because she knew he could not keep up... or so she told herself.-
-They had made their way back to the home of their leader, the captives all out of breath but none of them further injured than minor scrapes and bruises caused by being pushed around or falling. She spoke to them once more before they had gone back to their homes.- “ I just wanted to say this before you left. I deeply admire how strong you all were and have a deep found respect for every single one of you.” -She leaned down to ruffle the hair of the small child she had carried.- “Even you.” -Laughing softly she let them be on their way before she turned her focus to the leader. He spoke to her in a grateful tone.- “I appreciate your help and am happy that they can now return to their families. Thank you kind traveler, you will always have the friendship and respect of the Polarian people and I am deeply impressed with how you handled all of this.” -A soft smile had risen to her lips as she completed her mission and turned to begin the journey back to her own home. Glad to finally have the chance for rest.-

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Re: Polarian Rescue

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