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Ahhhh geeze what can I say...I'm mad as hell and I'm gonna take it anymore!
I knew going to see her family was a bad idea. I should've voiced my opinion! And now my Vixie is dead. Killed by some big white haired suma bitch that claim to be our son from the future. Here me thinkin, any kid of Vixen and I's is gonna look like us but this little freak of nature looks like a saiyan robot type thingy. Reminds me of those damned Electrodes back home....Oh what I would pay to wipe out their entire race myself. Now I'm left with AI cause the other one ran off with that White haired freak. I swear it when I get my hands on that guy, he a dead man.

On the other hand, I get to slay off as many Polarians as I want. Rage is a hell of a drug. And now I'm cooped up in the ship with AI. I think we should just go back home to Earth but I got plans before I do anything like that this time around. First thing is first....I gotta find a way to talk to my wife and the only way to do that is.....Keep the afterlife packed with fresh souls.


"Survive....If I let you.."

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