Tares the legendary saiyan

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Tares the legendary saiyan

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Character's Name: Tares
Please include a image url for your character, if
you do not have one.. you will have no picture for the database:

Race: Saiyan
Character's Gender: Male
Character's Starting Job:

Fighters - From mercenaries to hired muscle, these fighters are the
typical problems for planets universally. These few usually have no
regard for what is right and wrong.
Rewards: +400 Zeni +10 Ki

starting planet: Vegeta
How did you find us?: My brother wanted a sparring partner.

Sample RP, 200-300 words
long (Can be a old RP):

Omaru got to his training as usual in
training season with his master. Omaru had done the usual squat
thrusts and back breaking "No I am not sitting on your back"
push ups. As surprising as this may sound, Omaru has never once
complained about it. Omaru had always trained his hardest after
school, and never said "I want to stop" or "Get off my
back, your making push ups harder than they have to be." He took
his training in strife and awarded himself with an unfortunate koi
fish from the bay out front. Using his knowledge on how to remove
scales, and the organs, he roasted the fish on a spit. Then he would
of course offer some to his master and grandma, in which she would
happily accept. For eighteen years Omaru and his grandma trained and
ate the poor koi fish in the bay; yes those we splendid days. I would
like to tell you that the koi fish fought the good fight, and Omaru
eventually left them be, but eating is no fairy tail. The day had
finally come that Omaru set out on his own for his own adventure. He
was to see the world and become a great fighter with the skills that
he processed. His Grandma told him about the day he would leave her.
It had been a long time coming, and the day had come that Omaru had
to leave.

His Grandma of course was greatly
saddened crying dreadfully at her grandson’s farewell,"... And
don't let the door hit you on the way out." Believe me it is as
sad as they come.

Omaru walked off with his Grandma's
parting words of wisdom and took them in stride; by that I mean he
most certainly did not let the door hit him on the way out. Yes Omaru
was going to become a man, and a hero to all.

Announcer: Last time we left our hero,
he was bidding a "fond" Farewell to his grandma, and took
her words of advice, “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out,"
to heart. Now that he was eighteen he was out of school, and out of
his grand mother's care, it was time to find a new place to live.
Will our hero find a new home? Will he do the right thing to find his
own place? Find out here on Dragon Ball!

Omaru started his search for a spot to
start life in the near-by forest. Going through he found a nice place
to fish and eat, but no place suitable to live until he saw the
perfect spot. There was a river was surrounded by a lush meadow
filled with herbs and spices for cooking food and medicine. Then just
above the river, there it was a place to build a great house; there
was twin peaks looming over the river and one peak looked big enough
to sport a house for three. Omaru stopped off at the river he had
found and decided it was time for lunch. Before he got started
working on the house he should eat, or he may get immensely weak from
malnourishment. Fortunate for him, but not for the inhabitance of the
river however, the river was widely dominated by the giant koi fish.
Our hero was excited that he no loner had to offer his food to his
grandma even though he missed her dearly. Shortly after taking off
his clothes he jumped in after the fish. Looking around for a few
minutes he found a large red one between the cliffs. Omaru chased it
around happily as it rushed between the cliffs for non-existent

The large red fish was swimming away
from something and coming straight for Omaru. Omaru was quick to get
out of the way with his head following the koi fish's path; body half
turned, and arms spread out, he turned back to his recent position to
see what such thing could scare a giant koi fish. A huge snake shaped
creature started speeding towards Omaru. Omaru froze for two seconds
with a mildly shocked expression before bolting away. The giant fish
came so close to biting off a leg from Omaru in their high speed
chase. Omaru was able to jump out of the water quick enough to escape
the monster. Omaru escaped just in time or he would have surely died.
Omaru was holding him self in a ragged push up position, regaining
his breath, when the monster exploded out of the water sending water
everywhere. It drenched Omaru, sent small fish everywhere, and a koi
fish got stuck in a tree. Omaru, feeling the great wash onto his back
turned to face the giant face to face. The sheer ugliness of the
creature coming up from the watery deep was enough to scare Omaru. He
looked at the long tendrils whirling from its face; the fully open
eyes of green, and red pouncing on him; the jaw riddled with teeth of
spinning razors. Such a scare until, ber-ratta-tat-tat and the
monster wailed to the sky. Then another ber-ratta-tat-tat and the
beast fell with its head out of the water. There the beast fell, its
head out of water and turned to the side; it half-way out onto the
grass. Omaru stood up and looked at it, poked its head, and kicked
it. Omaru looked down at it weirdly before hearing someone from
behind him yell to him. A woman with black hair with another woman
hiding behind her; the other woman had messy blue hair and looked
afraid of Omaru and the creature.

The woman looked at him holding an Uzi
in her hand, looking at Omaru stand there stare at her and her
companion," Hey what you never seen a woman before? Come on ya
gotta be what sixteen," she said cocking her gun to the one side
and her spare hand to the other," Ya gotta problem or

Omaru turned his attention away from
her gun and her seemingly frail companion," Uh... hi... I'm
eighteen not sixteen... you came up here looking for something to
eat? They got good koi fish; all of them are round and juicy,"
Omaru turned around to hear the sound of the three fish fall out of
the tree," Well that looks good wanna have some with me? There
is enough for you and your friend."

The woman put her gun into her back
holster and then just looked at Omaru. Her friend had something to
say," W-Well I am k-kinda of hungry let's have s-some mom..."
said the girl coming out from behind her apparent mother," I'm
eighteen too, we were coming out here to look around. I-I'm Fline and
m-my mom here i-is named Alex..."

Omaru looked at the girl as she came
out from behind her mother with and introduction, Kinda frail is she
ok?," Well I'm Omaru I came up here to find a new place to live.
My training is over and so is my school, so now its time for me to
live on my own. If you need a place to stay you can live here I was
just about to make a house here." Omaru took out his capsule and
pressed as usual. When he threw it on the ground from the smoke
clouds appeared a tent for two," Stay here while I get fire wood
and some support for my house." So Omaru left the girls to get
wood to start the cooking on the fish.

Alex watched Omaru leave and then
turned to her daughter Fline," Ok Fline once this guy makes his
house, at night, you will have to do what I taught you ok?" Alex
looked at her daughter for a second as she took out the tents

Fline simply replied with a sigh and
then replied," O-ok..." Then Fline took out a handkerchief,
and looked up and nodded.

Omaru flew forward quickly and knocked
over twenty trees. Omaru started to low them all up into his arms as
he walked back with them. He was incredibly strong not only because
he trained but he was part saiyan. Omaru came back and walked pass
the girls saying hi, and then continued up the side of the cliff.

Fline and Alex just stood wide eyed as
he made it up the hill with ease. Alex turned to Fline," Ok I'll
provide some potential back up," she then smiled innocently as
if Fline would say yes still.

Fline just turned to her shocked and
angry and replied with a large," No! He could kill me with a
flick! I will not do it!" Fline then turned away and crossed her
arms with a glare.

Alex looked at her annoyed with her
daughter," So he's strong! He can't stand against a bullet
right?" Alex made a look of logic.

Fline just returned her eyes to Omaru
on the cliff," Ok I guess your right," Then Fline saw Omaru
create boards from the tree trunks by chopping it with his hand,"
No... Never mind no! Bullets will probably just bounce off!" she
said with Alex just rolling her eyes. Then they just took a seat and
ate koi fish, while watching Omaru.

A few hours later Omaru finished the
house and created a small three person log cabin. Omaru called down
to the girls wanting them to come up. The two girls obliged and
walked up to the cabin with full boards wooden boards. Omaru did what
seven workers do in a week; a fire place, full support beams. The
only thing missing was a kitchen and bathroom set but the girls had
that in a capsule for use. Omaru smiled at them as they liked it.

Fline looked and asked," What
about windows," Omaru then walked over to two sides of the room.
He then proceeded to chop and punch at the sides and windows were
born. The girls looked at each other and nodded, maybe it was better
to have Omaru around.

Late that night Omaru fell asleep in a
full bed; one of the three made in hours. The mattresses packed in
the capsule set they bought in west city were perfect fits. They were
talking about how to beat Omaru out of the house.

Alex talked to Fline and thought of a
plan," So why not you try to trick him with your... feminine
charms,” Alex looked over at him,” He’s kinda cute right and
he’s got a good head on his shoulders,”… and below that he has
a pretty good six pack right? If I was just ten years younger,”
Fline looked at her mother with wide eyes in such disgust,” I was
just kidding… now go over there”

Fline sighed and walked over to Omaru’s
bed and accidentally tripped over. Omaru woke up and yawned. Then he
saw Fline sprawled over his chest and looked down at her; she was

Omaru questioned what was going if
something was wrong or not,” Hey Fline are you ok? Something

Fline looked at him and remained quite
then turned back to her mother. Alex furiously waving her hand
forward caused Fline to think of something to say quickly,” Omaru
could you sleep in my bed with me? I get scared of the dark.”

Omaru looked at Fline and shrugged,”
Ok I’ll make that windmill for power tomorrow ok,” Helping her
back to her bed Omaru laid there with her. She was blushing the whole
time. She had no clue he slept in nothing but shorts, and did not
know he was as muscled as her mother said. With his hands behind his
head she laid on his elbow like a pillow. Omaru turned his head to
her,” You ever think there is something out there for us? Like
something we don’t know is there for us? A quest or a personal

Fline stopped blushing and looked down,
accidentally looking at his chest again. She blushed quickly before
answering him,” Yea I think there is someone out there for us. You
just have to find them.”

Omaru nodded in what little space he
had, then paused,” I was talking about a objective in life not a
lover,” Fline blushed and looked down at his chest again, uh oh she
was caught,” Are you ok? You’re looking incredibly red
frequently? Is it because of me?”

Fline looked at Omaru,” Oh I’m just
blushing a lot, I’m sorry it’s not your fault you just attract me
with that muscled chest of yours,” she tried to do her best to make
that sound seductive.

With Alex smacking her face incredibly
hard it drew Omaru’s attention shortly. Alex quickly went back to a
fake sleep and Omaru disregarded what he saw and looked at Fline,”
Well I’ll try not to if you want… well good night,” Omaru fell
asleep with that note.

As Omaru got up he looked around there
in the chaotic sounding of his mind in complete abstract of color on
white. The faces of those entire he knew; including a man a far way
away from him in whom he did not know. Tares at first thought it was
Turles because of his tail but as he approached the man looked

The man spoke to him turning around,"
You have found me have you? Wandering around on Earth like a mortal,"
The man turned to look at Omaru. His skin was almost as dark as

Omaru looked at him in question.
Unraveling his tail to meet up with this mysterious man's," Who
are you?"

The man turned to Omaru and smiled,"
Isn't it obvious?"

Omaru looked at him with widened eyes,"

The man lowered his head and smacked
his forehead," No I am your ancestor... Tares the Spirit Spare
Reaper," Tares put his hand on Omaru's shoulder," I am your
great, great grand father; Saiyan Elite."

Omaru looked wide eyed at him still,
his mighty old armor with shades of dark grey blue. It was
incredible; with the man's hair down; he looked like Omaru ten years
later. Omaru opened his mouth but nothing would come out until
eventually he could say his mind," You are dead, are you not?
Also you are not... old."

Tares smiled yet again at his
grandson," Why thank you, I try to keep the decades of age below
the belt, I am actually near two hundred; Life eternal is my gift
until you take the sword into your grip."

Omaru tilted his head," What
exactly does that mean? What does "the sword into my grip"

Tares looked at him," Come and I
will tell you a story like none which you have ever heard. Know first
that when I was young and with in my twenties I fought the greatest
of warriors; Kashidic the spirit destroy reaper," So Omaru told
his story of great conquest against Kashidic.

Deep below the Earth's crust lies the
ancient evil known as Kashidic, the evil that was imprisoned long ago
by all the Kais' great ancestors. Now his freedom is soon to come now
that the seal has been broken. Due to the great training Tares has
had, and the title of the Heaven's Soul, it is now up to Tares to
take down this evil below the Earth...

"I...am...free," exclaimed
Kashidic as he finally ripped through the barriers placed on top of
him to keep from escaping.

The entire world could feel the great
explosion that was created. The seas shifted, the crust of the Earth
shattered, and the cities of the world were destroyed at the very
wake of its turn. Tares could feel the great power level; more
powerful than Tares.

"Tares do you feel that,"
Said King Kai to Tares telepathically.

"Yea what the hell was it? Is it a
saiyan coming to Earth," replied Tares using his own telepathic
powers to communicate with King Kai

"Kashidic has awakened. He is the
great evil we told you about when you completed you training with me
and the rest of the kais" said King Kai with fear," you
must go now Tares and you must win. Pity the world if you fail Tares
for if you do the world and it's inhabitants will be enslaved..."

"I shall not fail you,"
Replied Tares as he powered his power to its limits then blasted off
to face Kashidic.

Tares’ Power Level: 15,000,000

Kashidic's Power Level: 15,500,000

Kashidic stood in front of one of the
last humans in all of west city having destroyed so many," This
is supposed to be one of the strongest cities? I am disappointed,"
said Kashidic with a frown as he put his hand over one mans face.

"P-Please I-I'll do any t-thing
y-y-y-you want," said the small human fearing for his life over
the great cruelty shown by the evil known by many names, Kashidic.

Kashidic just had a look of disgust on
his face," Humans don't even die with dignity what a shame,"
said Kashidic crushing the man's face with his bare hands.

"Hey what have you done to this
town, Kashidic," yelled Tares landing a few yards away from
Kashidic with the man in his hands.

Kashidic threw the man from his hands,
and faced Tares," Could it be? No you are only a man who has
trained as a mystic; you are not the man I am looking for. Your race
had so many mystics from my time but none of them quite as strong as
you." said Kashidic. Kashidic thought about it for a minute and
replied," you are strong but I am stronger."

Sensing her friend was in danger; Lily
alerted her army and ordered them to prepare for the fight of their
lives. Lily raised her staff and it began to spark and glow, Ice
joined his sword to her staff to give it more power and blue-white
light enveloped the entire army.

A few minutes later, the army arrived
on earth, not too far from the city where Tares was with Kashidic.

"Huh no those fools I cannot
believe they came," said Tares as he was punched in the face.
Tares flew towards a building crashing with a sharp yell.

Tares crashed in to a building and it
crumbled on top of him he was left unconscious as the arm arrived to
the city ready help his situation.

He gave a great sigh of happiness,"
More to kill he this will be fun, said Kashidic looking at the army
heading his way.

"More to kill; hah, you think you
can stop the Queen of Dragule and her army,” she laughed in his
face bravely and continued,” I will teach you to fear the Draco.
Tares where are you," Lily looked around and used her telepathy
to find Tares; he was under a pile of rubble," Alright Draco,
show him what true power is," As the army flew towards Kashidic,
Lily flew to help Tares. Using the magic of her staff she lifted the
rubble away and moved Tares from under it to healed him," Are
you alright," she asked him as he came to.

Tares awoke and looked at her with
fear," You guys have to get out of this place; he is more
powerful than even your father. I am the only one who will be able to
defeat him; if you die I will never forgive myself. I am Tares the
Mystical Supreme I am the only one who stands a chance. Please go
now; you must go live free with Ice. I know might die in this battle,
but that is a risk I take not you," said Tares passionately.

"Not if I can help it. You see
this," Lily held up her staff so that Tares could see it in all
of its glory," A gift from my father. It has more power than you
know; if you fight alone then you will be killed. I'm a lot stronger
since we last met. If all else fails, I have a backup plan. My armies
fight as one so it shouldn't be a problem, there are over fifty
million of them altogether, and there are more on their way. Ice
should be here, I don't quite know what happened; I hope he shows up
soon," Lily helped Tares to his feet. "I'm going to help my
warriors now. There is nothing you can say to stop me, rather you
than me." Lily flew off towards Kashidic and hovered in mid-air.
Blue lightning began to pulsate through her staff as though she was
charging ki energy through it.

"Wait Lily," said Tares as he
rushed up to Lily," Thank you and enjoy your last few seconds of
consciousness," said Tares as he gave her a quick chop to her
neck," I learned it from a man in the afterlife you will fall
asleep for as I want you to good night," Then rushed off to stop
them as he laid lily onto the ground carefully.

"Puny mortal such emotion shall
drive you to your death. You know I think that’s today." said
Kashidic as he walked over to him and picked him up by his neck,"
You should have heeded your friends warning.”

Tares blasted out of Kashidic’s grip
while Ice arrived on the scene. Tares turned towards Ice,” Take
lily and the men out of here I can deal with him,” Just as Tares
said this he was pulled back into Kashidic’s grip. Ice then picked
up lily and took her back to the ship. He then commanded the
remaining troops back to the ship as well.

"Ok now I am angry!" yelled
Tares," Prepare to face... my ultimate power,” Exclaimed
Tares... I have never used this before but I have to now," Tares
began to focus his energy," Spirit Spare Sword… Come to me!"

"It is the one sword that has been
able to defeat me, that won't work this time, Spirit Destroy Sword
come to me," A huge sword conjured it's self in the hands of
Kashidic," This is the exact opposite of your sword now that our
power levels are matched let's fight for this pathetic planet,"

"I couldn't have said it better my
self," said Tares charging at him. The final confrontation
between Tares and Kashidic was to be decided by this last strike.
There stood Tares and Kashidic at the final points of attack. Tares

"Hah I told you no one could,"
Interrupted by a sharp pull at his waste,” No this... this… is
impossible,” Kashidic yelled out as he was sucked into the great
darkness. The mighty Kashidic was cast to the endless darkness he was
spawned from. Tares stood strong against the dark Kashidic as he flew
into the darkness. Tares fell to the ground exhausted, but proud.
Then Tares was transported to King Kai where he was congratulated by
the other Kais for his bravery...

Omaru stood shocked as he hear of all
of this," There is no way I am this powerful from the way you
described it... you... were,"

Interrupted Tares finished his
statement," A super saiyan." Tares smiled and looked at

Omaru retorted quickly," Well I
was gonna say a super hero but that is good too." Omaru laughed
with Tares as his dream started to fade into morning," No, I am
waking up," exclaimed Omaru as Tares started to disappear,"
Wait I have so many questions!"

Tares smiled," You will find them
on your own, I believe in you. You are a saiyan after all. Oh and a
good place to train would be the desert Omaru. That was the second
best place I had ever trained at when I was your age. There is a
master there who can help you," Then the dream faded and Omaru
awoke to morning's light.

Later that morning when the girls woke
up and had koi with a sorted herbs they talked about it," So you
actually saw your ancestor in your dream last night," asked
Fline finishing her fish," This fish is really good!"

Omaru smiled at her comment then went
to answer her question," Yea he was... He told me this amazing
story; you need to hear it. First of all my ancestor is immortal
until I take this sword or something,"

Soon after the incredible story was
retold to the girls they stood mouth open, in awe. The first to break
the silence was Alex asking a question," Your ancestor is a
immortal protector who's sword destroyed an ancient enemy older than
sin," Omaru nodded," Now you say that your not completely
insane and you want us to come with you to the desert to find this
old man who is going to train you?"

Omaru nodded again and this time added
in," Not completely and indeed I do," Omaru smiled at them
looking down at his koi fish and finished it.

The girls turned to each other and just
shrugged. After all the things the girls have seen; men in weird
armor, with tails; and freak-ish weird red and purple men. They tend
to try anything less than the "norm" around there. So the
packed and headed out to the desert plains. One wouldn't find this
sort of thing a vacation, but after that rather rough fight against
Janemba, the three of them supposed anything could be possible. Omaru
had heard of an Oasis town somewhere in the desert, a town where a
martial arts teacher was offering karate lessons, something Omaru
desperately needed. However, the girl’s capsule car had broken down
a good ways down the road, and now Omaru and the others was walking
in the road, in the desert heat, shouldering a backpack with a few
provisions. One of those paranoia things that Fline had thought
about, but she didn't think nine bottles of water and a three capsule
food ration would get them to their destination; she'd have to try
and conserve them. Even as they emerged from the somewhat-cooled
environment of their vehicle, Omaru's face was already flushed from
the heat and sweaty environment. He wiped his forehead with the back
of his hand, but that remedy was soon voided by the heat. He pulled
out a bright, white hat to try and protect his face and head from
getting burnt and loosened his shirt and belt as he walked along the
desert. They at least weren’t running, which would have been worse.
Like this, just walking, he could outlast anyone, at least in his
opinion, so long as he didn't have to run anywhere, but even then,
Fline and Alex were sweating and panting underneath the heat.
Apparently, they should have charged their cell phones before
leaving. The phones were now dead as well, becoming nothing more than
dead weight, but they held onto them anyway.

Omaru just commented, “This was going
to be one of those days...”

He winced as he shifted the weight of
his pack from his left shoulder to his right. That last fight,
against that Janemba guy had left Omaru in a rather rough shape, just
coming out of that fight a day ago. Now Omaru was steadily sore, but
at least he wasn't bleeding internally or externally, thank goodness.
The punk was still at large, though, but no one cared which irked
Omaru to no end. He brushed that off his shoulders for now. Right
now, he needed to concentrate on not passing out in the desert heat
as he took a swig of water from one of his three water bottles,
thankful for the moisture in his dry mouth. Their legs burned and
back ached as they walked, but they tried to push that aside as they
all trotted on, as Omaru spotted a sign beside the road. On it said
two things: Oaville 16, Riggersville 31

Omaru blinked at the sign for a moment
before sighing. Sixteen bloody miles to the town he was looking for,
but to double-check; he pulled out the flier that he had received a
few days prior to this strange day. Yep, Oaville Karate Dojo, and
unfortunately, it would be closer to get to Oaville and get a tow
rather than try and turn back and get to their home. Omaru removed
his cap and ran a hand through his hair before replacing the white
cap. He looked around and noticed that, besides the road, there was
featureless desert for miles around. With another huff, they began to
tread down the road towards their destination.

How long did this desert stretch out
for? They continued to tread on, down to his last bottle of water, as
sweat continually poured down his face, and his legs ached and
groaned in protest at his constant movement forward. At this time, he
had gone about, 8 miles, he mused, with the sun nearly setting. Had
it really been that long?

However, Omaru thought he heard
something off in the distance. He strained his ears to listen and
noticed that the sounds were growing steadily louder as he walked. He
eventually stopped to catch his breath, panting and sweating as if he
had run a thousand miles. He turned around and saw six, black dots
approaching, which were steadily growing bigger. In the intense sun,
all he could make out was that they weren't cars...more like people
on motorcycles. The next sound Omaru could distinguish was revving
engines and...Whooping? Were those guys yelling and hollering?

Soon enough, however, they all found
themselves getting surrounded by the bikers as they yelled and
whooped, swinging chains and batons as they circled around the police
officer, the stench of burnt gasoline filling their nose and sweat
clogging their vision. Omaru wiped their face clean as they watched
them halt around him.

"Look it what we gots here, boyz!"
One of them yelled, his bald head sparkling in the sun from the sweat
on his head, pointing a crow bar at Omaru. Omaru just sighed, how did
we end up in situations like this? Omaru just got ready to fight
before they attacked.

A man came at him with a chain hitting
Omaru on the head with it. Omaru really did not feel it, instead
Omaru swung around and grabbed the chain mid-whirl. The man’s eyes
widened as he was thrown from his bike onto another bandit. Alex
pulled out a gun of her own and started to shoot, while Fline just
let them do their thing. Soon after that six bandits were down, and
unlucky number seven was next.

The man turned towards them and
yelled,” I’lla git ya yall see,” with that the bandit ran away
with the remaining pieces of his bike.

After severe injuries to many other
people Omaru and the other girls continued to the town and where they
soon found the dojo. The blazing sun beat down on them heavily and
painfully as they approached the dojo. Omaru was relieved as they
multiple water fountains and entered the dojo. The cool air
conditioning was beautiful to them as an old man came across them
from meditating in the back room. Peacefully he walked over to them
to greet them and welcome them to his indoor plumbing.

The old man looked at them smiling and
greeted them as they walked through the door,” On what grounds have
you come here today visitors. Ah young ladies should not be in hot
weather and a growing warrior should not be allowed to come this far.
What are you doing here? Oh yes please go ahead a use the bathroom if
you would like,” the look of graciousness came onto the old man’s
face as he pointed to the two bathrooms; labeled boy and girl.

Omaru looked at him, smiled, and
bowed,” I was looking for training from you I was hoping to gain
more power to get a little stronger,” He happily lowered himself
before the old man as a sign that he was a humbled warrior if not a
strong one.

The man retorted quickly in such a
harsh manner,” You do not have what it takes to endure my training!
Get out and stay out. The last man who was able to endure died two
hundred years ago, and that man was a true warrior.”

Omaru looked at him and smiled,” He
is not dead, you know he is immortal,” Omaru looked at the girls
that retreated to the bathroom and then to water fountains.

The man looked at him,” You knew him?
Impossible,” said the man angrily as he turned to face Omaru,”
You… you look just like him...”

Omaru smiled happily and bowed before
the man,” I am his great, great grandson. I would be honored to
receive your training so that I may make my ancestor proud.”

The old man came from amazement to
anger,” You are no where near ready you must come with me if you
wish to become that all mighty.”

Omaru smiled as he saw the old man’s
true intention disguised in his words. Fline and Alex just smiled,
for they had gotten a healthy supply of water.

The landscape that Omaru was an
uninhabitable territory slightly east, marked with a scare source of
cacti, rocks and animal skeletons. From the center of the scene a
lone male shape dummy comes into the horizontal view. Through the
post-apocalyptic looking wasteland walks the four of them, Fline,
Alex, Omaru, and the old man through the ruins of a once proud land
devoured by the sun. Through the dehydrated land, there was a once
proud individual, now weakened to a sun beaten, dark hunk of muscle
and brawny rage that boiled up and brimmed to the top of full on
angst and misery. Brought to the dark place for training and the
hopes of more power at a greater means of success, Earth would bare
the new life of this proud warrior.

The strongest of Earth’s heroic
fighters, too his own knowledge of course, Omaru contemplated his
future plans. Patting his swollen knuckles onto his worn in thick
palms he punched and punched at the dummy. The muscles through the
arms fluctuated to the intense solar rays of the powerful sun; the
old man paid no attention to his spasms. Omaru stopped, turning a
half beat to his left and looked into the air, slowly clenching his
fist his eyes traced the scenery, and slowly they came from the left
to the right in one complete sweep of the area.

The old man smiled," This is the
place...the training will begin. The failures of the fight with the
two people you described will be corrected today." The old man
said with a clap of electricity from his own body into his hand. The
surge bolted out into a streak of energy that flowed up his palm
through his arm that went down and engulfed his own body into a fiery
burst which reflected his abilities.

Omaru and the girls looked at him in
amazement,” Incredible how did you do that? That was great
transformation of ki energy.

"I have been a live much longer
than most people have in generations... a simple parlor trick that
does nothing but makes you look more imitating. It is wisdom in which
I have created the techniques that you have seen. You must be ready
for you will know training incredibly burning," The words came
out of the honorable man's mouth like a bugle horn at the end of a
victory,” Your first training will begin with another student of
mine go over there. Fight him and you will become much stronger
pupil. We shall be watching from a way away,” So the old man
pointed in the direction of the fight.

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Re: Tares the legendary saiyan

Post by Buruma on Mon Apr 05, 2010 2:11 pm

Since this is Polks Brother and not Polks, you are required to supply a rp sample before we can accept and it must be of your work.



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Re: Tares the legendary saiyan

Post by Taku on Mon Apr 05, 2010 2:18 pm

I was assuming he wasn't finished at all


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Re: Tares the legendary saiyan

Post by Tares on Mon Apr 05, 2010 4:02 pm

hell no I wasnt finished

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Re: Tares the legendary saiyan

Post by Taku on Mon Apr 05, 2010 4:09 pm

Then get to work and you had better "Wow" me on your sample RP, since you want to be a Legendary Saiyan


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Re: Tares the legendary saiyan

Post by Tares on Mon Apr 05, 2010 4:17 pm

Oh shit this damn thing messed up my rp... it looks all...... weird....

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Re: Tares the legendary saiyan

Post by Tares on Mon Apr 05, 2010 6:10 pm

*Repost* done!

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Re: Tares the legendary saiyan

Post by Taku on Mon Apr 05, 2010 7:13 pm

Ok, you are approved. And you retain the title of "Dusty Old Fart"


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Re: Tares the legendary saiyan

Post by Tares on Mon Apr 05, 2010 7:21 pm

No I don't.... Hes still in his 40.... which is 20 in saiyan years.... so no 80 here...

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Re: Tares the legendary saiyan

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