A lil love note.

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A lil love note.

Post by Buruma on Fri Apr 02, 2010 5:36 pm

As most of my loyal members know I am not able to be around ..much if at all at this time due to being on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy. My husband (Goku) has taken my roll for now.

I am happy with the loyalty of you, however you must do what I was once doing. Please take the time to advertise to your friends or go to other RPGs and advertise on their ADVERTISEMENT forum. Do not do it in their Cbox because that's disrespectful.

To my Novella friends that seem to have left since my departure, fear not I will be back. There are enough people around for you to continue your stories. Although there's more multi paragraph roleplayers keep in mind the man who took my place during this time is a advanced Novella RPer as well. He is someone I have idolized in skill since I was 14. There is still a place for you here. I miss you guys, and know I only left due to extreme circumstances and I have been through a lot in the past few weeks. If you need to relay messages do so through Goku.

Goku has paid for cbox once again due to popular demand. I ask that the members that are here try to help the site flourish and grow. Things tend to die when I have to leave, I put a lot of work into this... keep it alive for me.

There aren't many places online that you can RP with a set of reasonable rules and without tyranny. At least not in the style I RP with. I want to have somewhere to come back to. =P

Until my final return.. which will HOPEFULLY be between July or August (Baby will be full term then). Keep it up.

See you soon.




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