Hunting him

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Hunting him

Post by Ser on Fri Apr 02, 2010 2:41 pm

"Neo Arimoto.." Her deep voice bellowed out from her sweet pink lips. Though, they looked sweet it was anything but her character. Her intense pink pupils traced along the city lights below her. Taking in the fresh air of the polarian city, a cold breeze tickled along her skin while she adjusted her eye sight. " Where are you.." She whispered while tapping her foot on the top of the building. Her black shadow could be seen in the vast lights of the city. Strutting forward she found herself looking at the direction of a small restaurant. If she was going to look for him she might as well be amongst the chaos of the Polarians below.

Fiddling with the suit embedded into her skin she transformed her clothing into a black pencil skirt and black button up shirt with red pumps. Ser jumped off the building almost gliding through the air like a goddess. She softly landed on the other side. With the clicking of her heels she went through the roof door and down the stairs. Coming to the back of the restaurant.

At the door she pushed it open walking through towards a table. The owner's didn't see her she was walking to fast as flashes. The only thing that they felt was breezes of air breezing past them.

Sitting at a table Ser began to play with the menu waiting on a waiter. " Hello, welcome to Quisn. What can I start you off with?" Her pink eyes looked up into his as she began to speak. A smooth exotic female voice came bellowing out of her lips while she ordered what she wanted.

" A raspberry ice tea with lemon would be lovely." The waiter memorized by her presence nodded and walked away quickly. Looking at the choices on the menu Ser stopped suddenly. Her body began to sense a presence . Looking up through the stainless glass window Ser spotted him.

" Neo Arimoto.." Her voice became robotic like and her face became steal. She found her target.

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