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Taku's Daily Hell

Day 1 Blog 1

Welp...Today in the house absolutely sucked. Not only is Vixen on her period but also Jane and Puar. And you can already guess the hell I'm going through. And Anika gone on a full blown rampage with drankin all my damn apple juice.

They do it to spite me I tell ya...And those damn little robots.....If only they had "Asses" I'd be breaking my foot off in them.

(Something breaks in the background.)

Ahhh god dammit....Here we go again.....

(Taku yells out to Bot and AI threating to whoop their metal asses.)

.....Damn kids....And where the hell is that Lance? That bastard owes me money and he's been drinkin mah damn beer too.....Son of a fuckin bitch....I need to get outta this house for a vacation....

Then again....Maybe I should grab a case of cold beers and go fishin....Yea, that's right fishing...That'll solve it all.


"Survive....If I let you.."

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Post on Fri Apr 02, 2010 12:07 am by Guest

hi taku i rlly feel ur pain! i remember when gohan was little i couldnt keep any juices n the fridge becuz he would always drink them b4 i got 2 them and chi-chi tho. she would always break stuff when she got mad at me.


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Post on Fri Apr 02, 2010 9:51 am by Anika

That's right i drank your apple juice. & I ate your chips dickwad

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