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Hey Guys!

Ok, wow. Heh, the internet world. Who would've thought there was actually a world like this beyond the one we live in right? People getting on these fancy computer boxes and pounding away at these little square buttons with the letters on them and believe me, I have to tap these keys veeery lightly so I wont end up breaking Gohan's black button board.

Gohan is actually the one teaching me how to do this world wide web stuff and MAN! It sure is complicated. Lots of pictures and words - Some that are big words and I have to ask Gohan what they mean. He's very smart with that kind of stuff, Ahaha.

So yeah, I'm going to try and use this as a way to escape my real life reality of relationships and fighting.

Where to begin? Phew! What a tough few months I've had. Me and my wife Chi-Chi went through a divorce, she took everything I had....Which wasn't much. She did finally take the house just recently which is why I'm currently staying at Gohan's place.

Videl has been such a great person, a very good cook I might add and she's been very kind to me and understanding of my current situation.

I hope I dont overstay my welcome though. I dont want to eat her out of house and home but with food like she makes, it's hard not too, LOL.......LOL, what a word right? Who would've guessed it meant laugh out loud? Gohan said a lot of inter-net? chatters use that word? I'm still learning this strange web lingo so hopefully I can start understanding others better.

Well! I guess thats it for now.

Until next time, See-Ya!

- Goku

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