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Search For Water

Post by Starfire on Wed Mar 31, 2010 5:47 pm

-Upon entering the world she had already made up her mind to prove herself instead of killing the inhabitants. With her mind made up she began to contemplate how she was to do this. As she walked through the planet she began asking the inhabitants where she could find the one that ruled over them and guided them through life. They had directed her to a large building off in the distance, a couple of miles from the town itself. She made her way towards the building, her heart pounded in her chest with every step as she hoped she would impress the leader and get the chip she had come in search of. Her breaths were short and the journey was long, not knowing if she could make it she looked down at the single canteen she had brought with her. Knowing full well that if she did not complete this mission she would not make it through more than two days on the little bit of hydration she had. As she neared closer to the building she kept her head low but her spirits high in hopes that they would not think her a threat. She was met at the door by a large being of whose kind she had never seen. The being had asked what her intentions were and she had quite simply stated...- “ I am here in search of a chip that will allow me to survive on your planet. I have no ill intentions and pray you let me pass.” -The being would let her pass after giving her a friendly glare that seemed unsure of itself. She made her way up the marble steps, her head kept low so her eyes were averted from the leaders themselves. She got down on one knee and introduced herself. “ I am Starfire, I have come to gain your trust and accomplish a mission to get the chip I need to survive on your planet.” -The leader spoke, his voice low and stern.- “ How is it that you plan to do this new comer?” -She had then averted her gaze upwards to look at the leader then.- “ However it is that you so deem fit.” -The leader went in to an explanation of how to get the chip I came in search of after a slight pause. It had felt as though she was being examined.- “ You will go through a series of three tests, the first is to prove your loyalty, the second to prove your trustworthiness, and the third is to prove your respect.” -She would smile softly then as she found herself happy that he was giving her the chance she had asked for.- “ Can you tell me what the tests are or can you direct me to my first one? “ She asked. “ You can find the first one right down the hall, pray my child for these tasks are not ones of ease.” -The note of his voice said that this statement was all to true yet she stood and continued on her way to the first task.-

-Entering a circular room she looked around and found a man standing in the middle of the room. She would make her way towards him carefully.- “ What is my task?” -She asked this bluntly.- “ The task is quite simple for those that are truly loyal.” -His voice was far less stern and she had felt more at ease of the situation.- “ There will be two options in this task and you can choose only one.” -As he said this a core appeared across the room and a injured Polarian appeared on the opposite side.- “ You can kill that Polarian and take the core, hoping you survive long enough to get it back to your place of residence, or, you can help the Polarian and continue on to your next task.” -Her mind began to wander thinking of how she could help this Polarian, it was innocent and she wanted to help it, she knew that if she continued through the quests she would eventually get to the end and get the chip she needed. Why let this poor being die just for a hope of getting it faster when after she had gotten it she could die anyways. Surely their army would have been after her. Quickly dropping the items she had on her person she would run to the Polarian and drop to her knees beside it.- “ What do I do? How can I help them?” -She questioned the being that had given her the task.- “ I will give you this vial, you must convince them the drink it and they will be healed.” -Grasping the vial in her hand she bent back down and attempted to put it to the Polarians lips, they quickly pushed it from them and shook their heads.- “Please, please drink it.” She begged. “It will help, please, I want to help you but it will take us both. I can’t do it by myself, only you can accept the liquid i’m not going to force you.” -The being looked up at her then with squinted eyes, opening it’s mouth it would allow her to poor the bright blue liquid and swallow.- “ Thank you, my friend.” -The being then stood in full health and offered a hand to her. Taking the hand she would be pulled to her feet in a friendly manor.- “Well done, young one. As promised you have proven yourself and may now move on to your next task. Just follow the corridor to your left for about a mile.” -A smirk would have risen to her face as she quickly darted to the corridor, stopping in mid stride as she was swiftly reminded of the lack of oxygen to her body.-

-After reaching the second room she drank from her canteen and approached the man that stood there just as the first room.- “ What is my task?” -The man grunted some, obviously far more cruel a being than the first. It’s voice was deep and it’s breath stung at your eyes enough to make them water as he spoke.- “ This task is to prove that you are trustworthy to our people and our planet. You must go over there and pick up that core, no matter how heavy it is, and hand it to that Polarian.” -His finger pointed to the Polarian he was speaking of.- “ You could very well steal it or you could do as I have said and move on to your next task.” -She stretched out her arms in one long motion before she would have stood at attention.- “ I will do this task as instructed though I have but one question for you.” -A soft smirk played upon her face.- “Yes?” -The response nearly hissed from his mouth.- “ Please, I beg you..” -She lifted a small silver box from her pocket.- “ Eat one of these mints?” -The being grimaced at her, obviously never having seen one of these before, he would take one and pop it in to his mouth. His lips curved to a smile as he enjoyed the taste.- “ Why thank you young lady. That was simply delectable.” “ No no no” -She said.- “Thank you!” -She then moved across the room and attempted to lift the core from its current position but found it far to heavy to do so. She then began to roll and push it across the room, grunting as she did so. The weight pushed back against her, she was already having trouble breathing and this made it nearly impossible. She would stop every few moments to catch her breath and drink from her canteen, though it quickly became half empty and she stopped drinking from it so that she would have it for her next quest. She finally reached the man and slumped herself down on to the floor, breathing heavily but trying hard to calm it so she could keep the small amount of oxygen she had left. “ Very good, you may now proceed to your next task. It is just next door.” -The man said this will all to big of a smirk on his face and she quickly became frightful of what her next task may be. However, she proceeded down the corridor to the next room with confidence.-

-She entered the room as she had the previous two and immediately approached the man in the center of the room, though she now realized that this one was different... It was a woman standing there.- “ I have accomplished my first two missions. What is my final mission?” - The woman simply smiled at her and spoke in a demonic yet feminine voice.- “ In this final mission you must prove your respect. To do this you must earn my respect.” - As the woman said this a group of 5 beast like creatures appeared in a circle around her.- “ To earn my respect you must fight these five beings and of course, you must win.” - Her eyes would get wide as she looked at the beings that towered over her by nearly three times her size. She reached for the sword at her back. The woman would then interrupt.- “ Oh, also, you must do so with only your hands.” -The only word that escaped her lips was.- “Shit.” -The first being would have then lunged itself at her form, a simple dagger in its hand. She would wait for it to be inches from her face before grabbing ahold of the wrist that held the dagger and twisting it so that the dagger would face from the beings grasp. She would swiftly turn her form in a circular motion swinging her leg out for the knee of the giant beast. Her foot would connect with the knee and it made a loud cracking sound as the beast would have fallen to the floor with a shrill scream of pain. Knowing because of its sheer size the best was now incapable of getting back up she would have moved to the second being. This being was slightly larger and held a sword instead of a dagger. The sword would have lunged at her form but she would have quickly stepped to the side to avoid its sharp edge. The blade would have went past her and before the beast could draw it back she would have had her foot in the air for the jaw of the being. The beast would have grabbed her foot and thrown it to the side but lost focus on her other foot as she swung it forward directly into the beings jaw. Its jaw would shatter in a loud cracking sound as it would then run from the room in pain. She would have moved her form then to the third beast. This one having a club like object grasped tightly in its hand. As it swung at her she would have attempted to move but would not have moved quite far enough as a spike from the club slashed into her shoulder, leaving a rather deep gash. She would have growled in pain as she swung her leg into the air once more and had it connect with the throat of the beast. This would have had it gasping for air before she had swung her opposite leg down onto the back of its head. This would have had it unconscious. She would hold her now bleeding arm for a moment before she had moved her gaze to the fourth beast. This beast would be holding a club as well but attached to the club would be a spiked ball. She knew that the ball would move quickly and she would be hit at least once before taking down the beast. As it swung at her form the first time she was able to bring herself to the ground so that it would pass over it. After the beast had brought it back he would have swung it straight down at her, though she was able to move so it would not crush her head it had caught her back and sliced multiple gashes into it. She groaned out from the pain of it but did not lose her focus. The beast would then swing it directly for her face but she lifted a plated boot up in the air and kicked it quickly back at the beast. This would have had it hit directly into the face of the being and have it dead. Her gaze then moved to focus on the final beast. As it looked down at its dead friends and the incapable others it would swiftly run from the room. She would have smirked some before holding her shoulder and wincing at the pain from her back. The woman would speak once more. “ You have completed all of yours tasks and you may now go back to the leader and get what you have come for. Congratulations.”

-After she had drank the last of her water she voyaged back to the beginning to confront the leader once more. Her shoulders and back still bleeding as she approached him and nearly fell to her knees in exhaustion.- “ Well done my friend.” He said. “ You have proven yourself to me and I am glad to honor you with this chip. I had hoped you would not be injured and regret that you are, however, I am sure those wounds will heal in time. You have done an exceptional job.” -He would hand her the chip she had come all of this way to retrieve and she would have looked to him with a hearty grin.- “Thank you.” -She then turned her form around to begin the long journey back home.-

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Re: Search For Water

Post by Vixen on Wed Mar 31, 2010 6:00 pm

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your a goody goody person which means youve sided with the Polarians in this one. Heres your reward.

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