-Misson- Polarian rescue

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-Misson- Polarian rescue

Post by Neo on Tue Mar 30, 2010 7:35 pm

Quest Name: Polarian Rescue
Quest Powerlevel requirement: Any
Quest Difficulty: Medium
Quest Planet: Polaris
Required Alignment: Any
Quest rewards: 2000 Words - 400 Zeni + 2sp + 20 all stats +1PP
Quest Information:You have just arrived in Polaris and are looking to impress the natives when suddenly word comes in that a a couple of Polarians were captured in a Creature raid, seeing this as your chance you volenteer to resuce them however little did you know that the Creatures that captured them are not opponents to be taken lightly

He heard voices...they...they were talking about him...where was he everything was black..he could'nt even move..Damn it Nova A.I...you betrayed me..you were supposed to understand..you were my sister..wasn't it you who said we should rebel from under Vixen wasn't it you who was so proud of me when i discovered how to reverse the link and possibly free us...you bitch...you turned on me...when I trusted you..you will pay...i will find a way out of this place....I WILL FIND A WAY! Neo said his eyes opening the people standing in the room stepping back.

It has begun...The child...he has awoken..the great evil...the antithesis to our Creator Vance...has awoken...we should warn the others He could hear their thoughts...he could sense their fear..it was all because of him...it was..the past..Neo could gather that from picking their memories..this was Polaris...the Polaris of back then..Vixen had always told him about it..it was plagued with a civil war..the Polarians won in the end and domesticated all of the creatures. He could change this....create a new future...a future where he was king....wait..does that mean..Vixen, Taku..and even A.I were still alive and within his grasp? It was perfect...he could have his revenge on them....nice and slow...not having to worry about Taku's strength or Vixen's cunning as they were still young...weak and foolish perfect to be CRUSHED BY ME!!! Neo thought becoming enraged the Polarian preists cowering in fear

...we must not let him fall in to the hands of the crea------AGGH NOO PLEASE DONT KILL ME NO NO NO--- One of the preistesses shreiked in his language Neo translating it telepathically and getting more pissed off he wanted peace and quiet and this stupid Polarian was screaming her head of..Just die. Neo thought to himself grabbing her head and smashing it into pieces Oh? I almost forgot about their cores..Neo thought bursting his hand through her stomach and pulling out her core Hmm? so this is what makes her tick..Neo thought opening his mouth and taking a bite out of it experiencing his power level jump Aghh...i knew i was weak...from re emerging in the past..but...this...this core..it has returned me..to a..average level...even though...i am still far weaker than i was previously..it is...a start i suppose...Neo thought dispatching the two other preists before exiting the Temple of Origin but not before looking at Vance the God he was the supposed Anti-Thesis of Hmph of course. no being with flesh could ever be equated to myself. Neo thought to himself with a chuckle...

Now..where am I...I must find some sort of civilization so i can regroup..and plan my next attack....and then..i shall destroy..them.Neo thought to himself as he launched himself into the sky..he had been on Polaris before but this was a changed Polaris..scattered across the land were various Hives of some sort..something completely absent from the Polaris he lived upon save one. It was a collosal structure and was surrounded by 5 Polar Peaks each filled to the brim with top military officers apparently to make sure the creatures in the hive did not rebel. He had owned a creature before..they weren't as bad as the Polarians made them out to be..they were organised not mindless killers they had ranks...classes..you could see it was evident the difference between a worker creature and a warrior creature the difference wasn't only in their physical state but their mental one as well. Warrior creature were significantly smarter than their worker counterparts and even had a sence of honour, they would never attack the young of their enemies or any enemy that wouldn't fight back..however as they are easily confused with their more brutal counterparts the Elite creature the only physical difference between the two being the latter has wings as well its non-restricted killing pattern.
Ah...I've found..a polar peak..Neo thought as he slowed down eventually to the point in which he could transition from flying into a brisk walkHmm..the entrance...it is? Guarded? Neo thought reading the energy signatures situated imediately behind the large opening in the polar peak Hmph..i must find a way in...for now I will only fight if they raise their hand against me...because for now...I am weak..Neo thought to himself as he stepped into the polar peak the gaurd's tensing up a bit judging weither he was a threat or not..apparently he passed their test as they eventually relaxed and resumed their duties To easy...i would of had a harder time trying to steal candy from a baby. Neo thought with a smirk walking through the streets, he had to give them credit. A Polar peak was a magnificent structure and although it seemed small and clutter from the outside, the interior was large and spacious accomodating large structures. Each polar peak was unique as well as the Polarians were governed by a system of many city states ruled by the most powerful city states..however the others were independent for the most part and only reported to the current head state once every year. This system of government allowed each of the city states to have their own royalty.. aform of mini government that headed all affairs as often the King was also the highest ranking officer in the military and the Queen holding a particular status as well therefore they were not royalty by just name but by social standing as well. This also eradicated the need of shifts in govermental power as the royalty was respected by the people as they were once ordinary people and were not born into the royalty rather they climbed up the social ladder by themselves and upon reaching the pinnacle they were rewarded for their effort.

What buisness do you have with the King. A polarian royal guard said to Neo as he tried to enter the palace Important buisness. I am a powerful warrior and i wish to aid you Polarians in your campaign against those brutish creatures. Neo said to the guard, in reality he was lying he wanted nothing more than to see to the destruction of the Polarians...they had hid A.I from him untill she was able to preform a sneak attack and reduce him to what he was now...for that they will never be pardoned..Hmph...powerful warrior ey? Well you must first prove yourself. Here. If you can succesfully undertake this misson and return the captives to this polar peak you will be admited into the Polarian guard. Once you have been admited into the gaurd you will preform various missons and if your accomplishments are deemed worthy you shall be admited into the Royal Gaurd no questions asked. We also have a Champion..that title is reserved for the strongest member of the Royal gaurd. But you best hurry. As he is also undertaking this misson. And if I were you i would waste no time and commence the rescue. You do want to get in don't you?

Aye...In that case...I shall be off..Neo said taking off into the air astonishing the gaurd as he had never see anyone fly before save for the Elite creatures Hmm..he has potential...now lets see how he uses it...ah yes what do you want messenger? What?! The priests at the temple were slaughtered? This...this is an outrage...the creatures they couldn't of done it they would never step within a mile of the sacred ground...it has to be an inside job..but who would be so..evil..so heartless than to slay defenceless priests..I...I must inform the king...The gaurd siad after receiving a message from a polarian larva,the gaurd making great haste and rushing into the palace grounds...

Hmph...they didn't even give me the co-ordinates to undertake such a task...damn primitive idiots..how am I supposed to find which hive did this...that gaurd he did this on purpose he wants me to suffer and let that Champion of their find it before me...Hmm? what is this....so that is their champion a female? How abusurd..a female as their champion. Only a backward society like theirs would ever consider women to be equals and give them a chance to hold prestigous titles such as that...they have made a mockery out of me...and for that i will..destroy their champion..maybe blame it on the creatures Neo thought to himself as he followed the supposed Champion he was so immersed in tailing her he didnt even notice that he was being stalked by an elderly Elite Creature Neo realizing soemthing was wrong to late the creature striking an making him plumet to the ground knocked out cold.

Hmm? where...where am I Neo said a small humanoid creature sitting before him if was damp and dimly lighted all around him..He was in the creature..hive that was it..the Creature that had attacked him had seen that he was..different than the others and brought him to their Queen..
Ah....I see you have awoken..Very well i shall inform you of why you have been captured...Did you or did you not murder the Polarian preists on the sacred ground? The female asked telepathically Neo now understood how the Creatures communicated..it was amazing..the Polarians hadd no clue what they were dealing with..the creature's mental capacity was so advanced that they had no more use for language but instead transmitted their knowledge through a complex telepathic system..similar to his own..it was destiny he was made...to become a part of them to assist them on their endevors..
Yes...yes i did..i had just awoken from my slumber.and was weak...I needed..food..Neo said telepathically looking down at the floor as he did not know their customs and didnt want to risk offending the Queen..
Heh. Then you have proved yourself worthy of holding our Champion title...as much as we tried us creatures could never step foot into the Sacred ground..it was as if some invisible barrier had prevented us entry..but you..you were able to not only enter..but kill their God's blessed your power...must be unmatched..and therefore..you shall become one of us..or would you not like that? The polarians will find out about your charade..eventually they always do..and then where will you run to? Why don't you just join us..and we shall accept you as one of our own..You wil live like a King..the champion title is a title well respected in our culture...Oh yes..and I am not the Queen.silly. I am the crown princess.don't get it twisted.but my mother would never see anyone save for her mate no matter how high up they were in our social ladder. The princess said with a smirk making a swift movement a few polarian workers bringing her food and drink

Th-Thank you your highness...but before..you accept me..I have to inform you that the Polarian Champion is on her way...to rescue the captured polarians..Neo said looking up into her eyes the Princess blushing and looking away

Ah...ok...um..well i shall warn my Warriors..unless you wish do dispose of the nuisance..personally? The princess said unable to look Neo in the eyes making another motion her workers carrying away the food and drink that she summoned earlier one of them standing behind and listening to the princess and then suddenly dashing away so that he could spread the message to all of the warriors to be on high alert

Yes...I shall see to her end..Forgive me Princess..but I shall be leaving now..I was a pleasure..meeting your aquaintance Neo said taking a short bow before exiting her quarters.

The pleasure was all mine Neo..The princess said while she was still within earshot..

WHERE ARE THE CAPTIVES YOU CREATURE SCUM! The polarian screamed as she dispatched several of the Creature warriors How dare you savages steal our people. HAVE YOU NO DECENCY?! she shouted dodging a lunge from an elite Creature and replying with a smash to its head shattering both its skull and its core into a million tiny fragments RELEASE THEM NOW OR I WILL DESTROY THIS WHOLE HIVE. MY ARMY IS WAITING ON STAND BY SO IT WILL BE WISE FOR YOU TO GIVE IN. she bellowed out intending for the princess to hear here and submit to her wishes

Then let their be war. Neo said walking outside and confronting her the rest of the creature warriors slinking back into the shadows. Oh and why don't you stop screaming your head off. No one is listening you know. Eh whats the point scream all you like..you'll be dead in a few second anyway. He said with a smrik cracking his neck

Who? What are you? You are no creature? Are you mad? Your joining with them? They will kill you while you lay asleep and feed you to their young? Have you no sense at all? The Champion said no understanding why Neo would join the creature her knowledge of them limited to them being barbaric savages and mindless killers

Maybe I am mad. Well thats better than being dead in my book. Dont cha think? Neo said with a laugh turning around and walking away It was nice meeting ya oh and tell those preists I killed I said this is only the begining. Neo added before walking back to the Hive laughing to himself the whole way.

What? What do you mean by that? Come...Come back THIS MATCH ISNT OVER!!!!! She screamed no noticing the cracks that now spread across her core.

Actually. It is. Neo said not even looking back to speak to her as the Polarian champion's core exploded causing a chain reaction that shattered her into a million pieces, the fragments floating aimlessly down to the floor......

Word Count. 2,235.

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Re: -Misson- Polarian rescue

Post by Vixen on Wed Mar 31, 2010 3:40 pm

Approvo cause Taku is lazy and doesnt wanna do it -.-
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