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Polaris Items/Master

Post by Taku on Mon Mar 29, 2010 4:52 pm

Items native to Polaris.

Crystal Coccon
Cost: 1500
Description: A oval shaped Crystal
Stats: Provides the ability to travel to other planets at an extremely fast rate.Has the ability to hold one person and travel to planets in 2 days

Onyx Battle Armour
Cost: 1800
Description: A tinted black crystalline armour made from Creature hide
Stats: Provides excellent protection against normal ki blasts absorbing 20% of the damage from them . Provides normal defence against melee attacks

Sapphire Training Room
Cost: 1500
Description: A Beautiful training room that forces the owner to train inside an extremely dense liquid.
Stats: Grants +35 Endurance and Speed each week

Topaz Royal Armour
Cost: 3000
Description: A orange-yellow tinted crystalline armour made from refined creature hide.
Stats: Provides Un-matched protection against normal Ki-blasts absorbing 50% of the damage from them. Provides normal protection against melee attacks.

Ruby Creature
Cost: 2000
Description: A bright red creature that adapts to cover your weaknesses, its gentic code is extremely unstable leading it to evolve into a stronger creature if it is still alive at the end of the battle
Stats: Ruby Creatures start out with 1/8 your stats but have the potential to grow up to 1/2 your stats if they are not killed in battle. Able to use any basic moves you have as well as learning ONE level two move when it is an adult when its owner has the Core equipped.

Cost: 1000 (is needed for training with Vance)
Stats: Halfs Ki when initially bought, and then grants +20 ki every training session

Cost: 2000 (Must of Trained with Vance for two weeks)
Description: A glowing see-through orb that as the ability to copy ONE level two attack and learn it permenantly
Stats: N/A unless one has a ruby creature. Grants Ruby creature +10 to all stats

Polarian Warcoccon
Cost: 3000
Description: A large Coccon used to travel through space. Can hold a Shappire Training room and travel to planets in 3 days.
Stats: N/A

Polarian Core
Cost: 3000
Description: A core obtained from a dead Polarian that can be implanted in a body to boost energy absorbtion
Stats: Allows the user to absorb 20% of Ki based damage unless the opponent is vastly superior to you.

Master suggestion.

Vance - Polarian God
1. You must complete the following missons Polarian Altar and A God's Core (Note every time you wish to train with him you will have to complete these missons again)
2. You must purchase a Demi-core found in the Polaris store
3. You must have a 10,000 PL
Gains of the Masters
Every week you write your personal roleplay with Vance.you gain the following stats: +10 points to every stat, +100 Zeni, +2 SP, and +5 Move Points.
After Four weeks of training Vance will Award you with a Diamond Creature which is unavalible anywhere else and can be used to assist you in battle. It starts of with 1/2 your stats,and 2 action points in battle.


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