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Post by Taku on Mon Mar 29, 2010 8:59 am

Quest Name: A God's Core
Quest Powerlevel requirement: 9000 and you must have completed the misson Polarian Altar
Quest Difficulty: Legendary
Quest Planet: Polaris
Required Alignment: Any
Quest rewards: Legendary: 1000 Zeni +5sp +50 all Stats + 2mp ...5,000 words.
Quest Information: You have sacrificed the Gods core and a message appears in the sky instructing you to complete either one of these tasks,The first being to completely destroy a Creature Hive a fortress teaming with strong Creatures including a Creature Queen,or to completly destroy a Polarian Polarpeak a mini-city that contains massive amounts of Polarians including the Royal gaurd. Which will you choose,Will you destroy the Brutish Creatures or the Intellegent Polarians?

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