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Post by Taku on Mon Mar 29, 2010 8:57 am


We grade when the member tells us their mission is done. They are required to post a word count at the end to make sure they just didn't bullshit insert text into their mission for the sake of looking big.

How to Start a Quest: As simple as one-two-three. Go to your appropriate planet, find the quest that you like and post in "Request." Then Wait for a staff member to come approve or disapprove your quest. They do this to make sure that there is no cheaters, mistakes, and that you fill all of the requirements.

Quests with a Partner: Any quest can be done with a partner, but both players will still need to reach their required "word count" as if they were alone. However, some quests require multiple players, these will provide PP points which can be used to purchase special 'Duo' techniques that can be used in battle.

You may not do "two" quests at once. You must be completely done with your quest before starting a new one. This goes along with Sagas and Battles as well. You are however, able to partake in with a personal RP and quest at the same time.

Quest Limits: Players are only allowed to do only '3' quests a week.

Quest Difficulty:

Bolded rewards are only included with group quests.

Easy: 1000 Words - 200 Zeni + 1sp + 10 all Stats
Medium: 2000 Words - 400 Zeni + 2sp + 20 all stats +1PP
Hard 3000 Words - 600 Zeni + 3sp + 30 all stats +2PP
Epic: 4000 Words - 800 Zeni + 4sp +40 all Stats + 1mp +3PP
Legendary: 5000 Words - 1000 Zeni +5sp +50 all Stats + 2mp +4PP

Some quests may also provide extra bonus's on top of their initial gains.
This means alignment changes. If someone is really evil or good in their mission... give them a + or - to their alignment.

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