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Post by [[OFT]]A on Wed Mar 17, 2010 10:57 am

Ina World blessed by magic, laws have been placed to regulate and balance it all, creating a system that overall keeps the world safe. Towns after towns hold numerous citizens with the ability to use this magic, some of which try and master it's many facets, such as Ice, Fire, Wind and water [to just name a few]. With the few that wish to excel in their practice comes tasks and assignments, missions, guilds, all varying in different forms and shapes to challenge a young soul's mind.

But alas, the world isn't filled with just those that strive for self-mastery. Among the Guilds of the world are those that have strayed far from the path, those that deal with the dark arts, those that hold nothing but deep resentment for the Light Guilds. These Dark Guilds plague the Earth, and yet each person in such Guilds has their own objective [be it group or self] they strive for.

But alas, you too are blessed with the usage of Magic. And with your skills, you strive to be the best of the best, whether you do so in a Guild, alone, or with a small band of people. Because in a World ruled by Magic, your power in only limited by your willingness to train in the power endowed upon you.

Because now, oh young one, you are On Fairies Tail's, where the nothing is beyond your grasp.

On a small side-note. Someone by the username of "Bra" [whom I see in the widget on the left] posted your advertisement and requested affiliation. I have granted it, I would like to see our AFF Tag which I have provided in the Ad above as well as the code below. Very Happy

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