Fasha (First Canon Character)

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Fasha (First Canon Character)

Post by Guest on Tue Mar 16, 2010 4:37 pm

Character name: Fasha
Character age: 25
Character race: Saiyan
Character starting job:

Fighters - From mercenaries to hired muscle, these fighters are the
typical problems for planets universally. These few usually have no
regard for what is right and wrong.
Rewards: +400 Zeni +10 Ki

Starting planet: Vegeta

How did you find us: Currently a member
Why do you want this character, and why do you think you deserve him/her? I've played her before in the past, on DBZ Star and it's remake. I think I can play her again seeing as she isn't given much being a movie character who dies before the end of said movie anyway.

Role-play Example: 200-300 words long. (Can be a old RP)

A blast of concentrated blue spiritual energy exploded from the
figure's fingertip, blasting several demons into hunks and chunks of
burnt flesh and gore. Landing deftly on the ground kneeling slightly
the figure rose to his full height. His black hair was long and wild,
his eyes a fierce light brown, and his skin tanned and scarred had many
strange markings on his torso and arms.

His name- Yusuke Urameshi. Former Spirit detective, descendant of the
Mazoku and half demon. Once a savior of the spirit world, he was now on
a journey to become stronger...

'Sorry Keiko- it looks like I couldn't just stay around forever..' He thought grimly as another horde of low level demons rose from the mass of mixed ranked legion. "You bastards just don't give up do you?" The half demon smirked as her lifted his index finger up, his hand in the position of a 'gun' as red energy glowed on the tip. "Then I'll just have to PUT YOU IN YOUR PLACE!- DEMON GUN!"
Another blast came from his fingertip only this one was crimson and far
more deadly, it ripped through three hordes of demons like wet paper as
it finally stopped hitting a far off mountain.

Dust rose from the explosive attack as Yusuke grinned not even winded.
The weaker demons though stupid as hell, seemed to get the hint and ran
for their lives. Sadly though that only meant the stronger ones
wouldn't go down without a fight- they saw Yusuke as a challenge...

The more bold demons rose from the depths of the legion as Yusuke smirked, cocky and amused. 'Man if Hiei saw me right now...'
He mused humorously as he prepared for another bout with the more
stronger demons. Sure they were strong- if he was still the kid he was
years back. Now as a S-ranked demon these B-ranked guys wouldn't stand
a chance! Man what he could do for a challenge right now... Out of the
legion rose a rock-like demon, a golem as it roared and threw it's self
at the Mazoku with all it's strength, soon others like it followed as
they covered Yusuke in a dog-pile of sorts.

"Wow, are you guys TRYING to piss me off?!"
A burst of spirit energy surrounded his body send a shockwave and
blasting the demons back a good few feet as they landed in heaps
obviously shocked. "W-We can't fight him! RUN!" Cried one of the rock demons in a gravely tone.

'Hm. So they can talk?' Thought the shocked teen. Cracking his
joints he rolled his neck a bit before waiting for the rest of the
legion to either attack or run off. Another roar echoed from the skies
this time as Yusuke blinked only to see a bird like demon come sailing
at him, razor sharp beak trying to pierce him through! Quickly Yusuke
grabbed it's head grunting at the bombardment. "Well... now you guys are starting to piss me off!"
He yelled as he formed a spirit punch to it's head obliterating it in
seconds. Grunting as blood oozed from the sudden attack he sighed
rubbing his head. "Well that was more than a little peck..." He said curiously before looking at the glowing eyes of other demons who looked hungry for his flesh....

"Heh." Yusuke smirked as the legion continued their assulat on him... "Let's finish up then shall we?"
He grinned as he formed a Spirit gun in one hand and a Demon gun in
another, having them side to side he grinned almost demonically as he
let loose another attack- this one was sure to take these guys down! "DOUBLE SPIRIT GUN!"
He roared as the blasts were let loose on the pathetic demons, a
massive explosion was heard for miles as chunks of demons rained from
the sky...

And there left in the area- was one Yusuke Urameshi.... "Heh. So how was that for a work out?"
He mused to himself as he finally let a breath out and sat down on the
ground with a sigh. Leaning back onto to the desert like ground he
looked up at the blood red sky... "Meh.. a little rest won't kill me."
He yawned as he soon fell asleep, dreaming of his adventures that lead
to where he was now... and what adventures he would go through in the

Little did Yusuke know.. His latest adventure would soon appear... In a world unlike anything he had ever seen....


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Re: Fasha (First Canon Character)

Post by Taku on Tue Mar 16, 2010 4:40 pm

Approved on my standards.


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Re: Fasha (First Canon Character)

Post by Buruma on Tue Mar 16, 2010 8:30 pm

Are you dropping one of your customs?



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Re: Fasha (First Canon Character)

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