Mysterious: A Detective Conan/Case Closed RPG

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Mysterious: A Detective Conan/Case Closed RPG

Post by Chris Vi on Mon Mar 15, 2010 11:28 pm

After having gone missing for decades, the phantom thief Kaito Kid is back and his heists have become more spectacular than ever! Of course, that’s all in civilians minds. The police force has found the phantom thief to be troublesome, as no one can catch him and he seems to enjoy making a mockery out of them! It also doesn’t help that this seems to be a favorite topic in the media, save for the high school detectives that have been aiding the police lately.

Kudo Shinichi is said to be the modern day Sherlock Holmes, and solving cases has become his lifestyle choice. He’s even being called the “pride of the police force” and Inspector Megure seems to enjoy it when he’s out there solving cases. But when Shinichi visits Tropical Land while on a date with his childhood sweetheart, Mouri Ran, he finds himself involved in a blackmailing case shortly after a murder was committed. The case, involving the malicious Black Organization was completed as before Shinichi could do anything, he was discovered by the mobsters that go under the codenames of Gin and Vodka. He’s force-fed an experimental poison called the APTX-4839, and he becomes unconscious! When he wakes up, he finds himself to no longer be in the body of a high school student, but in the body of an elementary school student!

He’s forced to live with Mouri Ran and her father, Mouri Kogoro, an incompetent detective, under the pseudonym of Edogawa Conan. Thanks to his help though, Ran’s father has become a renowned detective, and with each case solved its one step closer to the organization that shrunk his body! Not to mention, under this pseudonym he seems to find himself battling against Kaito Kid and solving his own cases alongside the Detective Boys group.

With Kaito Kid and the Black Organization secretly lurking in the shadows, Japan is no longer safe. Kaito Kid may not be a threat or intend on harming civilians, but the Black Organization certainly does intend to. Their organization is global, and barely anyone knows about them! Well, save for the FBI and CIA. They’re aiming to infiltrate and destroy the organization from the inside, but it sure doesn’t help that civilians and the Japanese police are unaware that this is all happening. Not to mention, with them as a threat now, there might come a time where YOU might find yourself dead the next day.

It’s simple, really. Live your life as you normally would, and make sure that you remain cautious of those dressed in black with coldblooded personalities. But the number one rule here? Don’t dial the number that resembles Nanatsu no Ko on your phone. It might lead to the end of you!


From murder cases to everyday living, MYSTERIOUS is a play-by-post intermediate to advance Detective Conan and Magic Kaito RPG where no knowledge is required to participate. We accept canons and originals, and we use the basic storyline of both series as our storyline and we are completely character and player driven. Plots, murders and events are created by our members, and there’s room for characters of any age, occupation, nationality and allegiance here. Celebrities are used as our face claims instead of animated, but they are not mandatory. We do however; require a minimum word count of 250 words per post. We’re also self-hosted, using MyBB (an almost exact equivalent to Invisionfree) as our forum provider and we have an informative website to host our game information. But in a game that revolves around Sherlock Holmes styled murder cases, do you think you can survive?

  • Characters of any nationality, age, religion, gender, occupation and sexual orientation.
  • Detectives, police officers of all types, lawyers, judges, FBI and CIA agents.
  • Murderers, everyday criminals, and Black Organization (organized crime) members.
  • Students of any age and grade.

Chris Vi

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