Store Suggestions + Tournament + Top Fighters

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Store Suggestions + Tournament + Top Fighters

Post by Buruma on Mon Mar 15, 2010 10:44 pm

Remember to sign up for the tournament! SIGNUPS ARE ONLY FOR THIS WEEK! SO GET YOUR SPOT FAST!

Concerning Stores:

HEY All you creative nuts out there!

Our stores are a bit lacking especially on planets other than Earth.

So give me some suggestions! Keep them within reasonable ideas... I'd
like to see a few items that give certain stat increases (A one time
deal) on other planets.

Think of the lore of DBZ when you're making these items too. I can't
promise you they'll all be approved.. but I would like some more fun
things to edit if needed and place where desired.

ALSO we're going to have a saga soon... SOOOO We might want to think of
some items for the OTHERWORLD STORE. When you die you can't take any of
your training gear with you.. so let's make some for the otherworld
store. Go there to suggest!

Concerning Canons:
Android 17 is now open.

Concerning Weekly Joys:
Congrats to King Cold for getting this weeks Random Member!

Congrats to Cell for getting RP of the week.

Congrats to Invisus for getting the Strongest for this week.

<3 Bulla



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