Future Trunks (Character Application)

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Future Trunks (Character Application)

Post by Guest on Wed Mar 10, 2010 1:22 am

Character name: Future Trunks
Character age:22
Character race: Half saiyan/Half human
Character starting job:Protector


Starting planet:Earth
How did you find us: Member referral (Killswitch)
Why do you want this character, and why do you think you deserve him/her?
I'm a big dbz fan, I like dbz rpgs and Future Trunks is my favorite character from the series with the aception of Brolly.

Role-play Example: 200-300 words long. (Can be a old RP)

Example RP: Defending Capsule Corp.
“Have you seen my mother?” Trunks asked the Capsule Corp security guard.

“She left with Vegeta some time ago. They went to speak with the police about the break ins we‘ve been having here. Your father wasn’t to pleased with the idea.” The security guard replied.

“Why am I not surprised? Well there’s no use sticking around her than.” Trunks said as he rolls his eyes as he turns his back and exited The Capsule Corp building.

As he steps outside of the building, a thug ran into him making Trunks loose his balance.

“Out of my way boy!” The thug shouted as Trunks stumbles to regain his balance.

“You! You must be the thief who’s been breaking in to Capsule Corp!” As you could hear the anger in Trunk’s voice

“So what if I am? Your going to stop me? Ha! Let me guess you think that little sword makes you a tough guy huh!? ” The Thug said with a cocky smirk on his face

“Well your half right.” He said with confident tone in his voice.

Trunks tossed his sword down at the Thugs feet. As the Thug looked down laughing at the thought this boy couldn’t possibly appose him. “This boy must be delusional if he really thinks he can take me. Well I guess I’ll have to hurt him.” The Thug thought to himself.

Good, now I can knock that smile off your face!” Trunks yelled as he jumped into the air dead at the thug, kicking him square in his left temple. Knocking the Thug to the ground!

“Wha…what the!” The thug says as Trunks kicks the thug into the air, followed by a spinning roundhouse kick slamming the thug into the wall of the Capsule Corp building, knocking him out cold.

Trunks took off his belt and tied the hands of the incapacitated thug behind his back. Looking down at the thug Trunks realized he was wearing a belt as well, so he took off the Thugs belt to tie up the feet of the thug making him completely immobile.

“This will hold you until the authorities show up. Your days of breaking into establishments are over! Your lucky I got to you before Father did” Trunks said with a wide smile on his face.


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Re: Future Trunks (Character Application)

Post by Buruma on Wed Mar 10, 2010 1:29 am

A few typos here and there but you've been out of it for a long time. We do grade on grammar, just to forewarn you. If you need any help finding anything let me or Killswitch know. Krillin will most likely set up your wiki tomorrow.

Feel free to roleplay around the forums etc. If you want any assistance with your RPs or anything related to the site since you've been out of it for a long time feel free to ask me. I'm going to ask that Krillin or Taku grade your RPs since Frieza is more of the Novella RP grader.

Either way welcome to the site. Smile Krillin will set up your wiki tomorrow when he gets on just keep peaking in on your thread or ask Killswitch since he lurks.

(Krillin my lame internet won't let me save pages on Wiki, just change the open character page and the Mirai Trunks page. Thanks.)



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Re: Future Trunks (Character Application)

Post by Krillin on Wed Mar 10, 2010 4:07 am


^ There's your wiki page Future Trunks, welcome to Ultimate Pride. Please register on the wiki and apply to be a writer, the wiki system we use here requires you to edit your own profile after your weekly update is approved by staff, thanks.


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Re: Future Trunks (Character Application)

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