Open Characters [Canons]

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Open Characters [Canons]

Post by Buruma on Mon Feb 15, 2010 6:16 pm

More information will be added on to use wiki, but for your information this is the link: <-- Open characters found here. See note 1.

Note 1
If you click on open characters on the navigation you will see a list of the main canons of DBZ. On this list it will say open or taken. Remember there are rules with character switching so when you apply make your decision wisely.

Note 2
If you click on the character profiles you will find a list of races. Use your best judgement and find the character you play or are looking to play it will say if they are open or not.

When you join you will be apply to apply to be a writer. You are only allowed to edit your own characters page on your weekly update. If you break these rules you will be punished by the main admins.

This is to give you freedom and order in your character development. Do not abuse this. WE are watching you.

For you lazy mofos these are the TAKEN CANONS:
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