Great Android Terror(Gatz)

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Great Android Terror(Gatz)

Post by Guest on Sun Feb 28, 2010 9:12 pm

Name: Gatz

Race: Bio Android
Gender: Male
Planet: Earth
How did you find us?: Taku
Sample RP: Gatz entered the forest, with his arms folded. He found a spot he liked and stretched out his arms, giving a powerful yawn. "Alright..". Lifting his right leg into the air, he pushed his foot against a tree, applying pressure to his leg, stretching it out and doing the same to the other. After he finished his stretches, he jumped up, grabbing a tree branch with his hands, and began doing pull-ups. With each pull, his muscles tightned more and more. He finally stopped after about 200, then let his body fall to the ground. Not wanting to land with too much pressure onto his legs, he roll onto his back after his feet hit the ground, then kicked his legs forward, the momentum forcing his back to lift off of the ground and landing on his feet.

He sat down crossed legged, his arms resting on the sides of his knees. Cosing his eyes, he began to slowly raise his power level, doing his best not to go fast or slow, but at a steady pace. He gritted his teeth, doing his absolute best to hold back his energy from just expanding at it's own will. Sweat began to drip down the side of his face. His power level cntinued to rise, at his will, just now surpassing 400. His hands now became fists, his muscles bulging and his veins sstretching out against his skin.

Slowly, his power level rose, higher, higher..

Suddenly, he could no longer go at the pace he was at, once his level reached around 600, he unleashed everything he had. With a swift push to the ground, his body moved from the crossed legged position, and into the air, curled up in a ball. Waves of his energy went out in all directions, causing dead dry leaves, and bits and peices of dirt and gravel, to lift off of the ground uncontrollably. He could feel every muscle in his body twitching, he could feel the blood rushing around in his veins. His head ached with a pain so sharp that it was almost unbearable.

He couldn't hold it anymore.. his eyes opened wide, "AhhhHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" he was no longer in a curled up position, but instead his limbs outstretched, his head tilted back and he screamed as loud as he possibly could, it could probably be heard miles away. His energy was enormous, causing not only just dirt and gravel to fly around, but the trees in the area were starting to lose grip of the ground, some even falling over completely. His power level now reached 1,000. He stayed afloat his body no longer pulsing, although his breathing was a bit deeper now. Bending his neck to the side, he caused it to crack and did the same to the other side. "And now, the training starts." he smirked.

With a blur of movement, he flew towards a different area of the forest where the trees were not yet destroyed. He flew low on the ground, his energy causing a path to form on the ground in the direction his was flying. He stopped quickly in front of one tree, bringing his right fist quickly for the center, he pulled back just as his fist made contact. Then, with a quick turn of his body, he brought his right knee up to his stomach, before extending his leg and striking the tree with his foot. He used the momentum, to force his body into a backflip, before extending his left hand at the tree. With a bright flicker from his palm, he released a thin Basic Ki Blast towards the tree, turning his body just as the blast left his palm. Once he made a full rotation,he brought his right hand forward, releasing a larger Basic Ki Blast towards the same tree. He left his hand outstretched, and looked on as he saw a peices of the tree finally hit the ground from his first punch and kick. The first Ki Blast, struck the tree, peircing right through the center, followed by the larger blast, eliminating the tree completely. He landed softly on the ground, adjusting his gloves. "Terrible.." He shook his head, as it still wasn't fast enough for him.


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Re: Great Android Terror(Gatz)

Post by Taku on Sun Feb 28, 2010 9:18 pm

Approved. Welcome aboard.

Either Krillin or Bra will create your Wiki

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Re: Great Android Terror(Gatz)

Post by Buruma on Mon Mar 01, 2010 9:42 am


You've been added to the Wiki
Is your personal page. Feel free to change the image as it's simply set there by default.
Apply to be a writer, go to...
Character Profiles ---> Androids ---> Gatz

Do your weekly updates on Sundays for the updaters and you should be able to update by Mondays.

If you have any questions you can ask us in CBox or on the question forum etc.



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Re: Great Android Terror(Gatz)

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