Naruto Shinobi Rising

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Naruto Shinobi Rising

Post by Naruto S on Mon Feb 22, 2010 5:35 am

Twelve years earlier Konohagakure was devastated by an attack of epic
proportions; the Nine-Tailed Fox. A creature of massive power and
destruction, it was sealed away inside a newborn baby, at the cost of
the life of the village leader: The Fourth Hokage. This baby was named
Uzumaki Naruto, and he was to become a hero to the village. Instead, he
became the most scorned person in the village as we was seen as nothing
more than the Container of the Kyuubi. He was all alone in the world,
but as he grew, he rejected his fate. Growing stronger everyday, Naruto
works to become Hokage of the Leaf Village, in hopes of gaining the
respect and admiration of everyone.

This is how our story begins. Play as your favorite canon characters, or create your own
original ninja, within the world created by Kishimoto. Follow your own
dreams and ambitions alongside Naruto as he begins his quest to become
Hokage. The site is young and is just waiting for a whole crowd of new
members to join. Many canon characters are available, from members of
the Konoha 9, the Sand Siblings, and even the infamous Sound Five. So
stop by today and take a look at the site. You may even join it before
you get the chance to say that you don’t “Believe It!”

Shinobi Rising

Naruto S

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Re: Naruto Shinobi Rising

Post by Buruma on Mon Feb 22, 2010 6:53 am

Silly forumotion doesn't always agree with the format of proboards coding, but the link has been fixed. Thanks for advertising with us. <3 Your admin Rocks.



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